Dude. Check out these fit, flexible guys!

Yesterday, our friend “Phil” commented on Rick and Keon’s “gay photo poses” post, saying: “One of the things that always intrigued me and turned me on was flexibility, so a lot of these are yummmmmm”
That got us thinking about hot, supple, flexible guys – and this is the result. Hope you all like your guys fit and flexible!

We’ve had some beautiful Spring days and Ben has had the kids outdoors most afternoons. They’ve identified and collected leaves from a whole bunch of trees… got to see (and photograph) some deer and wild turkeys… and helped Dub plant his garden. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and Thursday, so Dub is really happy to have everything planted. Spring is beautiful in the Ozarks and the kids are loving being out and about! xoxo David and Ben

12 comments to Dude. Check out these fit, flexible guys!

  • Jingle

    Holy Cats!! These guys are insane!!

    I wonder if bangin’ hot #29 could do the splits like that impaled on my dick?!?!

    • Roberto

      Most of these fellas must be amateurs, but you went right for the pornstar, bro: #29 is Adam Killian.

      At a quick glance, all-furry #1, #6/14/19/27/36/37/41 (what a delicious privilege to see his body from all those angles), and #9 (I think he was my pick in a post ages ago) are inspiring me to do all sorts of poses and stretching, but with some… contact. 😉 (Or maybe they drive me to meditate like #3.)

      Thanks for inspiring this post, Phil, and thanks for the superb execution, David!!

    • Roberto

      Hell, #46 is a dream turned into a living statue!! Face, body, fur – everything is to die for!!

      Don’t know which I love most: #4’s plank or #5’s ingenious pose to show us his juicy hairy hole.

      Buzzcut #21, #24, #32, #40, #42 and #48 are one more delightful than the other! #10 and #30 look deliciously natural as well.

      Aha, just noticed another porn pup here: #12 is Pierre Fitch.

      Freaking love this post!

  • FredinMotul

    David and Ben!
    You guys are just spoiling us! All these wonderful Posts with such fine young men! Thanks for the diversion! Really nice Post.

    Better news for us! We both got our second dose of Vaccine today, two days early. Hubby went by to check exactly what papers, etc, they wanted us to have for Thursday, and a lot of the Tuesday folks had not shown up, so they got him and me in today. DONE and in 10 to 14 Days, we can start doing our daily 5 K Walk without a mask!! It will be heavenly!!

    Stay safe, well and Flexible Men!!

  • ray

    Incredible!!! One is more beautiful than the other! As to spring: one would freeze to death here outdoor in one’s birthday suit, 48 grades in daytime on a cloudless day in the end of April…

  • Bill S

    Clicking on the ones that first grabbed my attention, I clicked on #27 and I said to myself, “I wish I could see MORE of this guy!” And abracadabra my wish was granted! He is #6, #14, #18, #27, #36, #37, & #41. How cool is that?!?! (-:

    I’d like to paddle up to #9’s kayak!!!

    And look at the “meat & potatoes” under LUCKY #13 Yum!!!


  • bw

    I’ve never been this flexible – but I’m thinking gentle yoga might be good for my creaky lower back.
    No 29 – Adam Killian is a big boy – it’s impressive he can do that split. And the Asian lad – NO 23 – is not only limber he’s got a nice willy.
    It’s going to be 80 here today, but the nights are still cool, so no heat and no AC. Sorry Ray…..

  • Denny

    “Flexibility” – what a great idea for a post!! Our thanks to Phil for the suggestion.

    I have a couple of *groups* of favorites –

    1st: #15, #20, #28, and #38 – guys who are able to do something I tried and tried to do ever since I was a teeny bopper and never could !!

    Then we have: #8, #12, #21, and #30. Yeah – guys who can do THAT!!!

    However, the one I admire the most, the one who impressed me the most, the one whom I see as being in a class by himself, is #37! And, to be honest, until I read Bill S’ post, I hadn’t looked closely enough to realize he was all OVER the place in this post with his flexibility!!! Thanks, Bill!!!

    And, Beto, great thanks to YOU for the additional input on our bad boy #37!!!

    David, thank you for the update on Ben, Dub and the kids! I’m glad the rainfall held off until Dub got everything planted in his garden – to his satisfaction!


  • mahtinp

    Just got back here, and thanks for the post guys … Now to think about what to do with these other very supple men.

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