Dude. Check out these “fun size” peckers!

On our last post (balls ‘n boners) b.w. commented, saying: “I think you should insert the word “big” right before boners – most of these lads are rather gifted.”
Then, Denny said “This post could easily be subtitled “Land of the King-Size Cock”
… which got us thinking about dicks and how size really isn’t all that important. So, here are some “average joe” type peckers that we’re betting would be lots of fun to play with 🙂

7 comments to Dude. Check out these “fun size” peckers!

  • Jingle

    For whatever reason, my eyes went right to super-handsome, super-sexy, super-cool & chill, super-rockin’ HOT #11!! WOW!!

  • ray

    If you are not a porn star, size really isn’t that important. These guys are beautiful!

  • bw

    I think Ray is right – and porn distorts your perception of what “average” is. Some of my favorite porn pups over the year have dicks that look like my own – of course, I do like the big ones too LOL.
    I’m off for a quick turn-around trip to the beach to visit my second family and oldest and dearest friends. I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!

  • Bill S

    I think of “average size” as ALL DAY SUCKERS! LOL Look at #12 for a beautiful example (although both men are very well endowed, and gorgeous)!!!

    And I would like to try the all-day thing with #40. (-:



  • Alexander

    Dear Guys,
    Thanks for the full panoply of erotic Peter’s!
    Happy fourth of July. Hope there is an endless supply of hand cranked ice-cream. Is the father’s day quarantine still in effect? Where’s Nathan’s. baby?
    Thought was to be a 4th of July baby.

    Bill said it best. Happy Birthday America!


  • Denny

    While this blog continues to satisfy our wildest fantasies, it is good to be reminded from time to time, that every sexy hunk does not have a 10 inch dick.

    #1 demonstrates exactly that – with his rippling abs, his perky nips, bulked up shoulders and handsome face – he, like most of us, has an “average-joe” cock, which I am enjoying, almost as much as HE is!! 🙂

    #2, with his hairy pits, tatts and sexy face is just as hot as #1 – woof!!

    Others who get my motor running here are #9, #38, and #47.

    I am LOVIN this post!!!

    HAPPY 4th of July to all of us here in the Grand ol’ USA!!!!

  • FredinMotul

    Excellent Post Men proving once again, it is not the size, but how you use it that counts!! Great looking guys. Thank you for the Friday diversion. Much needed after a CRAZY week here. Thanks

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