Dude. Check out these “holes ‘n toes”!

Last Wednesday, our buddy Phil commented (in part): “Also there has not been a holes n’ soles post since January 9, 2019 (subtle hint).”
I was amazed it’d been that long, so I started looking for pics. I went through David’s “posted” folders and found he’s done LOTS of “holes and soles” posts over the years, but I noticed none of them concentrated on “toes”. Since I’m personally very fond of toes, I thought that’d make a nice twist on the theme. So here you have it. “Holes ‘n TOES”. I hope you guys find these pics as yummy as I do 🙂

11 comments to Dude. Check out these “holes ‘n toes”!

  • FredinMotul

    Oh my word! The possibilities are endless here! Awesome Post Men. Thanks very much. Yet another one for me to look forward to when I can be more private than I currently am!!


  • Ryan (archangelus55)

    Oh man! Guys these are like some of my favorite kinds of photos. Although I’m a total bottom, I’m an ass man and I also have a foot fetish so this kind of stuff is right up my alley! Love it!

  • Jingle

    This collection of pics reminded me of an old episode of “Will And Grace”, when Karen Walker admonished someone to…

    “Get on your Back, point your heels to Jesus, and think of Designer Handbags!!” 🙂 🙃

    Now then, what would the gay man’s equivalent be?!?!

  • Larry

    Yummie is a good description. I am not so much on toes although h I like clean feet, but the many hairless holes are beautiful. I had a gard time gettng past 2, but loved 7 and 12 also. Ang then there is 46. I haven’t had time to study in between.

  • bw

    When you lead off with a hot lad like No 1 you know it’s going to be a good post….There are too many to mention, but somebody tell NO 8 to stay right there and I’ll plant my face in his crack and wipe that frown off his face. But this leads to a rhetorical questions – after looking at this, why would any man, gay or otherwise, shave his butt and crack?
    Fun fact: all the big studios have a production assistant who at the start of every scene or after a break, rushes in with wet wipes and cleans the models feet – see No 32 for why. I wonder if there is a way for me to apply for the job – I don’t care about feet but I do like what they are attached to.

    • Larry

      The answer to your question is that some of us think it looks better shaved or trimmed. Do you cut your hair or shave your face (or trim your beard)? Most of us do not want to look like the member of the Oak Ridge Boys with the long hair. And to be blunt, it is easier to do oral sex. I don’t want to chew the hair on your head or in your crack. I know most of the URD CCC agree with you, But I prefer smooth Cracks.

  • Denny

    Tonight, on Jeopardy, Jonathan becomes the first player of all time, to defeat an ultra-champion (10 or more games won) and become an ultra champion himself.

  • Ben (at least I think that’s who made this)
    I too enjoy toes so I appreciate the focus of this post … too many to highlight all of them, over it and back again #2 still really strikes me. #31 who’s realizing like I did, that he’s got too much beautiful hair on his legs to ever be a real twink … and #35 who we can quite literally stare into his soul.

    Much Love, and thanks for this. Needed these gorgeous guys today.

  • BobbyB

    AssHoe🍑Mmmmmmmm Sweet Delicious AssHoez

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