Dude. Check out these “Stand-up twinks”!

About three weeks ago, we received an e-mail from “Lloyd in Canton, OH.” We’ve been e-mailing back and forth since. To summarize, “Lloyd” is a 25 year old single gay guy who came out to his family and friends recently. He says everyone has been “great about it,” although his parents are very disappointed because they’ve always wanted grandkids. The thing is, Lloyd has a “close lifelong female friend, Karen.” They went through school together and were raised in the same church. They even went to their high school prom together. Lloyd says she’s known he was gay for several years and never told a single person. The issue is… Karen wants to have a baby and has asked him to be her sperm donor. He says her family has money and she’s not asking for marriage, money or anything other than his sperm. He asked us what we thought he should do and we told him we’d run it past you guys. Anyone have thoughts or advice for him?
While we’ve been e-mailing, Lloyd has told us he likes young, smooth guys who don’t have tattoos or piercings. He said “You know… guys like your friend Larry likes.”
Since we haven’t done a “stand-up dudes” post for well over a year, we thought we’d post some “stand-up twinks. We know these pretty boys won’t appeal to everyone, but we’re pretty sure Lloyd (and Larry) will like ’em!

We were pleasantly surprised when we heard there’ll be two new Jeopardy hosts. We think Mike Richards will do a good job. Since Mayim Bailik will host a “prime time Jeopardy program” Dub said “I guess maybe I was half right.” 🙂

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  • Shishio

    Don’t do it. Even if your state has laws concerning sperm donor legal agreements, the fact that they are both friends means their relationship will make things messy eventually. People change with age, and there’s no way to know that Karen’s personality maight not change with motherhood and decide she wants to sue for child support, or guilt trip into getting “more involved”, etc.

    • ray

      This. Lloyd can’t know how his relationship with Karen will be in a few years and might regret his decision bitterly, and then there is the possible financial side of it. He schould read about sperm donation on a men’s rights side.

    • Larry

      I tend not to give people advice on how to live their lives, but since he asked, he needs to take Shishio’s advice and join Jingle in running away.

  • Jingle

    I would run – not walk – away from this one!!

  • bw

    I think I’m with the others – in almost all states they could sign an agreement any family law attorney already haves that absolves Lloyd from any responsibility whatsoever for the child – but still this child will be around (unless Lloyd moves away) and he and the mom will know it’s his. At best awkward, at worst traumatic for the child some day. I think the conversation might be hard, but along the lines that he is grateful she thought so highly of him, but he does not want their friendship to be at risk.
    This post has me all worked up right before I go to the office – and it includes some of my Asian lads. I will be back to review further. But the bookends (NO 1 & No 48) are just beautiful.

  • Denny

    Lloyd needs to focus on himself as a young gay guy who has recently come out to family and friends. He needs to find himself a boy friend and discover his own sexuality. The LAST thing he needs right now is to get entangled in his gal pal’s motherly desires. Don’t do it, Lloyd. Just DON’T. If Karen is really your good friend, she needs to find some guy to marry her and THEN have a baby.

    I am quite enjoying this post! So these guys aren’t hairy-chested – I do enjoy seeing a boner in a bush! 😃

    Mike Richards and Mayim Bialik are going to be GREAT for Jeopardy! What I am most excited about is Matt Amodio winning over half a million bucks and still going strong. He is now the 4th highest money winner of all time, discounting those whose winnings include winnings from various tournaments.

    • Bill S

      I’m hoping that Matt Amodio wins today and then we’ll get to see him go on to win even more in September! That’ll be GREAT!


      • Denny

        I totally AGREE,Bill!

        He said when they asked him his plans for his winnings that he wanted to buy a house. Each time he wins, I just see that house getting bigger and bigger!

        It’s good hearing from you! 🤜🤛

  • Bobby b

    Hard😍On Hottiez

  • Larry

    Since my name was mentioned, I will comment on the post. Outstanding.

  • Alexander

    Dear Lloyd in Canton Ohio,

    This time it is a big NO to your question. However disappointing this may be for you….nothing good, something or someone you will love more than you ever thought you could…..happens easily.👎

    You will have a child in the future, inside a better set of circumstances, and without detriment to the child.
    Be well…be happy…and don’t ever do anything because it is easy.


  • bw

    Seldom have we seen such total agreement on anything here amongst the URD gang (other than appreciation of pretty lads). Young Lloyd should have a talk with his friend, and if she is determined to have a baby now, offer to go along the journey with her finding a specialist and then checking out donors (which might be fun).

  • Dear Lloyd,

    My partner and I happen to share a hometown with you and would love to strike up a conversation and friendship with you. I’m 30 and he’s 27, and we’ve been together 7 years. I’m in healthcare and community activism, and he’s in car sales. As you know, our LGBTQ+ community is smallish, but growing in visibility, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to it!
    I’ve followed here at URD since 2013 for both the visual appeal, and the inspirational camaraderie that these guys have built here. I love that you’ve reached out to them for advice. I will reserve my advice until I can hear a little more of your side of the story, because I can probably help connect you with resources to do this the right way if you want to move forward.

    Admins: If you can connect me with Lloyd if he doesn’t respond directly here, I’d love that. Also, thank you guys for this post that will probably tickle my fancy as much as it does Larry’s (though he will always receive all the credit here for love of twinks).

    Much Love,

  • Denny


    Be prepared to say hello again to Matt Amodio, Sept. 13th, 2021, when Jeopardy begins its 38th season!!!

    • Bill S

      I wouldn’t doubt that those shows are being taped, starting THIS week! And everyone will be sworn to secrecy. I hope there are no leaks! LOL
      And I think Matt Amodio should get all the credit for the good ratings the new season is sure to get!!! I’m excited about it! (-:


  • Jingle

    It concerns me when there’s a looong interval with no new post!!

    Everything alright??

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