Dude. Check out these testicular treasures!

Hey. It’s Ben. “Dr. C” called me last week and said he’d like to come down to the lake for a visit. I told him that’d be great. He came on Thursday and observed at our school all day. After school was over, he told me “Ms. Evelyn” had contacted him and offered to donate an 80 acre plot of land for a new school. So, we got Jim and went over and looked at the land and Jim said “Holy shit. This 80 is prime property. It’s worth a small fortune.”
So… we have a site for our new “Table Rock campus” (as Dr. C calls it). Tonight, I’m not sure how I’m feeling about the whole thing. I mean, I’ve always known we’d have a “real school” down here someday and that’s good. On the other hand, what Chad and I have been doing is “home schooling” the kids and we’ve been quite successful at it. All the kids are performing far above their grade levels – and honestly, how many 9 year olds do you know who are reasonably proficient in English, Spanish, French and ASL?
Having said that, I read that Pfizer has started clinical trial testing its Covid-19 vaccine on healthy children aged 6 months to 11, and we know the pandemic will be over some day. We have a waiting list of kids and can handle several more in our current building. Our kids will be excited to have more students in our school and it’ll be an opportunity to further develop their social skills. Of course it’ll be at least a couple of years before we have a building over on the new site.
Lots of changes on the horizon… but for now, we’re just hoping for some nice, warm weather so we can get the boat out of storage and get out on the lake!

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  • Alexander


    Congratulations on the good fortune. Change is hard. Both you and Chad have done a superlative job with the kids.
    I think you have crafted a system of learning that works for everyone.

    There will be tough decisions ahead. Confidence tells me you will make the best choices. It’s none of my business…but how old is Ms Evelyn? Is she preparing to shuffle off the earthly plane?

    Soon it will be time for Dub to plant the garden. Enjoy the warm weather and go have some fun on the lake!


  • Denny

    As Jerry Lee Lewis sang – “Goodness!!! Gracious!!! GREAT balls of FIRE”!!!!

    #9 – I wanna see “all THAT” crammed in those jeans!! Then I wanna go for a walk with him down a busy city street somewhere – and watch women’s tongues hang out, and men, gay and straight, run into telephones and get concussions and not even care.

    #12 – he’s givin’ ya the “go ahead” look. DO whatcha wanna do!!”

    #20 – ok now – bw? Jingle? Is that even real?

    #24 – Nice bush, pretty titties with hairy borders – and beautiful, normal size equipment, yeah, I’d take it all.

    #45 – DAYUM!! LOOK at the HAIR down THERE!!! He’s kinda young tho’. I just hope NO ONE ever convinces him to manscape one single hair.


    Ben, I bet “Dr. C” wanted to come down and give you the good news in person – just so he could watch your jaw drop and your knees crumble under you as you slowly fell to the floor. LOL

    Damn!! 80 acres of prime land – and then, I presume, Ms. Evelyn will be footing the bill for construction of the new school? I can only imagine how your head must have been spinning!!! And prob’ly still IS !!!

    No worries. It will all happen in due time. Meanwhile, get that boat into the water, relax and enjoy the good times ahead.

    This is sort of off topic, but I’m curious. How are Nathan and Diana doing? I forget when her due date is. Any news?

    Thank you for the post!!! XOXOXO

    • Denny

      small correction on #9 – telephone *poles*. duh. lol

    • Hey, Denny. We get regular updates on Nathan and Diana from Alex because he and Nathan work together every day on the new project. Diana is due at the “end of June or early July” and Nathan says she’s getting huge. Because of their religion, they don’t do ultrasound testing to determine the sex of the baby – or if there’s more than one. Nathan says she’s “big enough to birth a litter.” He says outside of occasional morning sickness, she’s healthy – and happier than he’s ever seen her. We’ll keep you posted.

      • Denny

        Thanks for the update David!

        If Diana is THAT big, wouldn’t it be a hoot if they had twins! I’ll bet Nathan is happier than ever too!

        The Gang will have to confer to decide what kind of gift you can get them that will totally blow them away – put on your thinking cap, Alex!


  • FredinMotul

    Both this post and this news are noteworthy! Excellent Post and Awesome News. Look, you have to know that, while this will mean major changes for you, it is all change that you men can handle and do wonderful things for both your children and other peoples children. Whenever given that opportunity, it should be considered seriously. Very excited for the prospects. Please keep us updated, and should there be anyway we could help with this, let us know. Another awesome rallying cry for this diverse community.

  • Larry

    I love the phrase “testicular Treasures Clever. I will take the hanging ones on 13 and 15 thank you.

  • ray

    In colloquial German, testicles are called “eggs” (“Eier”). Some of these treasures are “ostrich’s eggs”! Thanks and good luck with your plans!


  • Jingle

    Mmm… Mixed Nuts!! What a tasty treat!! Delightful!! 😋

    Dearheart, cancel any plans you might have had with 9!! He’s all mine!! A gift from Buff!! Don’t believe me??… Check him out again in #35!! 🙂 🙃

  • bw

    No 9 & NO 35 – a semi-pro porn pup – Deviant Otter. No. 9 has been shopped, but he does have big low hangers and the ‘modification’ was not necessary. No 35 (and NO 17) are the real ones.

  • bw

    What a pick-up to a stormy dreary Saturday morning – but we need rain so I am not complaining. I love to look a big low hangers – maybe because I don’t have them.
    Nos. 8, 40 and 45 – I can’t tell you how much I would like to crawl up between those thighs with my tongue hanging out like a thirsty dog – and they are all younguns! NO 1 is Andrew Stark, a one time porny, who now sells pussy porn on Onlyfans. No 20 – I don’t think has been shopped – it was a deliberate camera angle.
    I know the unexpected offer of land for a new school was discombobulating, but there are so many kids in the area who could benefit from this type of educational environment that it will be a wonderful thing.
    Now, I need to go study No 45 some more.

  • Jingle

    I have looong maintained that it’s a 3-Piece Set, and when you’re lovin’ up on a man, you should show some attention to The Boys!!

    The bw-identified #1 is fantastic!! And his great balls are “wie zwei Eier”!! Right, lieber ray?!?! 🙂
    Some nice TJM here… Not the least of which is fuzzy furry hunky humpy, bangin’ hot #2!! #4, 9/17/35, 10, 12, and 21 go in the mix, too!!
    Smooth and hunky #5!! WOW!!
    Insanely hot #7 is just the first of three Badass Fuck Machines presented to us!! The other would be #25 and #39!! (Love FCCO #39’s perfectly done, and aggressively jeweled PA!!)
    I heartily agree with dear friend/brother/lover bw’s assertion that #20’s prodigious, gorgeous junk is a trick of the camera angle!! If you study the pic a bit, you’ll see that he’s sitting at the front of a boat with an open cutty!! Now that’s a fine Bow Sprint!! 🙂 haha
    Outdoorsmen #22 and #33 are scruffy-cute and scruffy-hot!! As are their indoors friends #28, 37, 38, and 42!! 🙂
    Slippery when wet, junior hunk stud, #31 is crazy HOT!! Wouldn’t mind joining him in his tub!! WHEW!!!
    Off topic from the main theme, but I really dig the helmet head on #32’s dick!!
    #36 is MAGNIFICENT!!!!!
    Only true, natural blonds have the silky-soft, golden fleece that covers bw’s #40’s legs!! Too bad it doesn’t extend to his chest and back!!… (I have a really good friend-with-benefits who has soft blond fur everywhere!! And I do mean EVERYWHERE!! I call him my “Fuzzy Little Monkey”!! 🙂 )
    Awww… #41 is a d-o-l-l, doll!! Special Props to him for his pierced ears, nipples, and cock!! 🙂
    Great POV of #46!! Awesome junk!! And his drawn-up balls would suggest that he’s about to nut!!
    Fetching #48 is a fine finish to this great assortment!! 🙂

    Nice big bowl of Mixed Nuts!! Yummy!! And in spite of Buff’s generosity, and Denny’s good sportsmanship… I gotta admit my especial fondness for #2 and #7!! Oh… Hell… Yes!!

    • Roberto

      Your scruffy-cute and scruffy-hot #33 is Devin Franco, whom we’ve seen on other occasions. Scary scruffy hot indeed!

      #4, your #7, Jingle, #10, #12, #16 (the most pitlicious in the set?), #20 (for the dude himself, ’cause I can’t believe the pic is not fucked up), #24 and #48 (talk about a Grand Finale!!) put me in a helluva quandary… I guess #19 is naturally not furry on the pits and has too many assets for me not to include him as well. The youngsters picked by Larry (#13 and #15) and bw (#8, #40 and #45) – plus I’d include #43 – are all bushy and delicious. And I freaking love how #14 ostentate his full bush. 🙂

      #34 is crazy cute and so yummy – put a bush there and he’s instantly on my top list.

      As nobody else mentioned #16, he should be my pick, but I confess I’d like to make it at least four with #10, #12 and #48. 🙂

      Stunning post, Ben!

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