Dude. Check out these vintage boners!

On Tuesday, our buddy “Jingle commented, saying:
“Good Morning!! 😃Hey, I had an idea for a post… Vintage pics!!
Might be fun?!?!…”
We haven’t done many “vintage” posts, but there have been a couple (check the tags). We think it’s a great idea. The only problem is there are millions of retro pics on-line and it’s kind of hard to decide what to include. So… Ben and I talked about it and decided maybe we’d try doing some vintage theme posts. Today, we’re starting with “vintage boners” and, if you guys like the idea, we’ll do another theme each week for a while. Maybe some of you will have suggestions for “themes”? We don’t know who most of these guys are, but we’re betting “bw” and some of the rest of you can tell us 🙂

Monday was Presidents’ day and we’ve had sleet, frozen rain and ice to deal with, so there’s been no school this week. Dub has been very upset. He says every day of school he misses, he’s not “learning the stuff I need to know.” So, Ben decided to set up a classroom in the basement. Dub, Austin and Erik have been “attending,” and Ben tells me he’s been working with them four hours per day on math, science, language arts, humanities and technology. Dub and Erik are happy about it… Austin maybe not so much, but he’s being a good sport.
Travon and Izzie have been at Ms Pam’s day care every day, so none of our “little scholars” are being neglected. We’re hoping for a “thaw” so there’ll be regular school again tomorrow.

26 comments to Dude. Check out these vintage boners!

  • Denny

    It’s prob’ly just me, but not all of these guys evoke the “vintage” look for me, (#13, #23, #27, #28, #41 for example), but they are all sexy as fuck. So, just as I invoke at times, my “no hair, don’t care” policy, let me just say “vintage or not, these boners are HOT”! With all that blather in mind, I’m making #25 my Dude of the Day. LOOK at that BODY!!! Then look at that sexy dirty expression on his face…the bad boy stare…the dimpled chin…you just know he’s gonna fuck you into next week! 🙂

    What I would like to see in a vintage post, is guys with massive, untrimmed pubic BUSHES!

    Now tell me Daddies – have you ever even heard of a kid so disciplined, so hungry to learn all there is to know, as your own SON??? Ben, thank God you were destined to become a teacher – now you know why!!! None of my business, but did you guys ever get him a globe, or a large world map for his bedroom wall, so he can learn all the continents, and memorize all the countries on those continents?

    Your kid is not going to be interested in being President of the United States. He is going to find a cure for cancer, or find a way to bring about world peace, or a way to grow vegetables in the desert so people don’t have to die of hunger.

    Thanks for this post, Guys. And thanks for sharing with us, all the tidbits we so enjoy about the Northland gang.


    • Bill S

      For what it’s worth, I agree with you about Dub’s “someday-work.” Especially the last idea about growing food for “future-world.” That would be his style!

  • A Bear

    Love the vintage theme! Bring it on more often I say.

    Loving all the guys in this post but #45 and 47 probably just that little bit extra

    and I agree with Denny…bring on the bushy pubes!

  • ray

    Good old times are back again…at least for a moment. And all the hot men looked so different in the style of those days…Looking back now, it seems almost unreal to me that life in the 70ies and the 80ies was so fundamentally different. More of these, please!
    Private school in the besement, how cute!

  • Jingle

    Awesome!! 🙂 And you had me from the git… Fuzzy furry hunky humpy #1, in his cowboy bath, is fantastic!!

    As I happily strolled down Memory Lane, I couldn’t help but wonder – What do they look like now??

    But ya know, fads come and go, styles change; but a handsome face and a pretty cock is ageless and timeless!! 🙂

    Back later for more nostalgia!!…

    p.s. For some odd reason, #22 and #23 are inverted!! The pic numbered #23 is probably too recent to really be considered “Vintage”, but what the fuck – the dude is insanely HOT!! 😋

  • Jingle

    One more Quick Peek before I leave for work…

    OMG!! What a coy teaser sleazy slutty fetishy hot and handsome #34 is!!!!! WOW!! And the pierced nipple(s) is just a bonus!! Musta been pretty scandalous back in the day!!… Still is!!

  • Bill S

    bw — I have a post idea but I need your help with it! Please!

    List the names of 8 VINTAGE PORN STARS and David & Ben can “find” 6 pictures of each and that can be the post…..

    Thank you!!! (-:

    (C’mon! I used the magic words! lol)


    • bw

      I’ll take that project on – but I must comment now on No 14 & 31 – Jon King. He was one of my first porn crushes, and his hairy hole was the star of many scenes, starting in the no condom, 16 mm film era and working just a bit in the safe sex era. Like so many of the porn pups of this time, he had a drug problem that eventually got him thrown in the slammer for a period, and like almost all my first porn loves, he died of HIV. He had big brown eyes, nice fur and beautiful thick curved dick.
      I’ll work on the rest of your request – there are a bunch here I recognize but will need to work on their names.

    • Denny

      Bill S –
      Another great idea from our ruling Request King!
      And bw, I’m glad you took on the job! All the background info you provide is endlessly fascinating! And I thank you! (more magic words.lolol)

    • Denny

      If you are looking for some names of hot vintage porn stars, how about Al Parker, Jack Wrangled or Jeff Stryker.
      Those guys could light my fire quicker than a matchstick!

  • bw

    Hey Babe – your lust target is Logan Reed – not really vintage but retired from porn for a while now – versatile but mostly bottom, and a fine looking man. He resisted the pressure to shave his chest but sadly did usually shave his butt.

    • bw

      I should have posted this under Jingle’s post – this is NO 34.

      • Larry

        I am sorry to disagree, but I don’t think # 34 is Logan Reed. I just looked him up and can’y find any pics with pierced nips. He also almost always was clean shaven and had more hair on his stomach.

        I think # 33 is Tim Kramer, a really big porn star in the 1980’s. (Falcon) The net says he died of AIDS related complications in 1992

        I recognize #32, #39 and # 46 but can’t remember their names. They really are vintage.

  • Jingle

    Soo… I had every good intention of continuing my stroll down Memory Lane yesterday afternoon, but those plans fell by the wayside when a buddy showed up unannounced on my doorstep!! 🙂 Oh, and he brought a friend!! Well, what could I do but invite them in out of the cold?!?! 😋 haha

    I’m really enjoying #39!! LOVE how that hunk stud is cleverly using the footboard to encircle, frame, and showcase his gorgeous junk!! 🙂
    And how about fuzzy furry hunky humpy bangin’ hot #13/20?!?! A classically handsome and hot male beauty for all time!!!!!
    Check out the backgrounds of “real” guys #29 and #42… Isn’t that the same room??

    Barring any unforseen, but completely pleasurable, interruptions; I’ll continue on my stroll, and musings, this afternoon!! 🙂

  • Bill S

    I thought of another theme you might like to try: Vintage Cars!

    You know, vintage pictures of guys in cars. The cars are now vintage, right!?

    I think it would be fun, but is it doable? Hmm, may be a challenge…. but you guys can handle it!!! (-:


  • bw

    I’m up to seven, not counting two I consider non-vintage. My arbitrary cutoff was pre-condom for vintage.
    This is a twofer – Lee Ryder (NO 6) and Rod Phillips (No 25) – they were a power couple back in the day. Ryder was the all American boy with a big dick, and Rod Phillps was the cute California blonde. Ryder was only top on film, but supposedly off camera was a big ole bottom, and it was Rod’s fattie that originally attracted him.
    Chad Douglas (No 38) – furry, pretty dull, top only but nice dick. Off screen, supposedly was a nanny and a voracious bottom.
    Tim Kramer – No 33 – never one of my favorites, but a reliable steady performer who did quite a few flicks.
    Matt Powers, NO 8 – pretty boy, big dick, was supposed to be a superstar but made a few videos and disappeared.
    Two pretty famous non-vintage: a very young Rod Barry (NO 41) and Blade Thompson (NO 39). Both blue eyed studs and uncut when probably 95% of the porn performers were cut.
    Some of these I vaguely recognize – like the handsome stud with the pornstache(NO 46) who worked for Falcon but I don’t know his name. And No 42 is from a photographer known as Old Reliable – he shot average dudes, many on that same sofa. He’s long dead but some fans having been putting his stuff out on the internet to make it available.
    This was a fun project that goes back 40 years to my first gay porn experience. Thanks for letting me relive my youth a bit.

  • Kent

    Many of these men were my introduction to gay porn. I had figured out that I was gay, but seeing two guys fuck and breed cinched it. I have a collection of Catalina and Falcon VHS tapes from that era I need to find a home for- they’re too good to just throw away.

    Dub and his merry band of friends just continue to amaze us. And so do their new parents. I wish I could give all of you a big hug.

  • Vintage, longhairs, red, and FCCO?
    Dude, it’s like you are reading my mind!
    You make my cock raw from stroking, but I love it.
    — Jimmy

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