Dude. Check out this bunch of multitasking fuckers!

We had a comment from our buddy “Beto” saying:
“Just a little idea for sometime (brought to me by awesome pic #23): a fuck post in which every fucker pleases his partner in an additional way — e.g., jerking him off, sucking him, licking/sucking/biting/pinching his nipples, licking/sniffing his pits, licking/sucking his toes (or fingers), fingering his mouth, licking his cum on his chest/stomach, just kissing… well, I guess the sky is the limit for a “multitasking fucker”. ?
This was tougher than we thought it would be. David and I have both worked on it for quite a while… and we’re a little disappointed that we couldn’t meet all of Beto’s fantasies. I guess it doesn’t matter. There are a bunch of hot dudes here. All of ’em fucking. Most of ’em multitasking. All of them yummy.
Hope this works for you, babe!

13 comments to Dude. Check out this bunch of multitasking fuckers!

  • Jingle

    Oh my!! I don’t think Beto, or anyone else, is gonna be disappointed by this!!

    SCREAMIN’ HOT!!!!!

    HOT dudes!! HOT, athletic, man-sex!!

    Can’t wait to drool… and jerk off, over this amazing post!!

  • Roberto

    Dear Ben & David, you know what? It’s time for your disappointment to vanish — ´cause I FUCKING LOVE EVERY SINGLE PIC IN THIS POST!!! 🙂 It’s like Jingle said: not only the action but also the dudes who are performing it are all crazy hot!!
    The funny thing is that I provided the examples — I actually had more possibilities in mind, but then I thought: “Enough, they got the point. Plus, If I keep going, they might think I’m a sexual freak or something!” — in order to give you more ideas and thus make your research easier, not the opposite! 😛 And most of them are real experiences rather than fantasies, haha — although we can keep fantasizing about everything, of course. 😉
    Also, you guys have no idea about how excited I am to see these hairy pits, junks and legs after the previous post — not feeling like an endangered species anymore! 😛 Now, seriously: these dudes are superhot!! I also love the variety of sexual positions! And I knew you wouldn’t resist the temptation to include threesomes — amazing as well!
    Very nice of you to include #4 — oh yeah!! —, and #43 features a possibility I actually hadn’t thought of!
    Brad and I were talking about flexibility yesterday, so… we gotta love the top in #30! And pics #23 and 40 show how being light can be a hot advantage! 😛
    Mmm, those nasty tongues in #3 and 12!!
    Who is hotter in pic #9, the top or the bottom?! WOW!!
    Awesome action on that couch in #31, and I particularly love the bottom!
    The incredible bottom in #36 is in charge!
    Gosh, #37: the rapturous expression in the bottom’s face while he feels the top playing with his cock and entering his hairy hole, all at once! And I love his pubes!
    It seems the bottom in #8 is the top in #18 (the pierced nipple!)! Oh boy, he is amazingly hot!!
    Now, I’ve got to point out pics #41 and 42!! The former because of that delicious cum all over the bottom (mmm!!!)… and because of the bottom himself — gorgeous, stunning! The latter because of… oh my, do I have to say anything?! Oh my, the dudes, their cocks (the bottom knows how to take a cock!), bodies, hairy legs, the overwhelming sexual tension! And, with the top enjoying the bottom’s nipple like that, I will not be surprised if my buddy Jingle (waiting for his in-depth hot analysis!) chooses this pic!!
    Ineffably hot post!!! Thank you so much, guys!!! Totally a favorite!!!
    Love you!!!

    • Roberto

      Couldn’t help but come back to add a couple of thoughts…
      Well, I think each middle guy in the three threesomes (#16, 17 and 19) deserves a multitasker trophy! The first is fucking and jerking one partner off while sucking the other one; the second is fucking, getting fucked, jerking off and kissing; and the third one is fucking, jerking off, kissing and getting rimmed! Those who think multitasking is for girls know nothing about guys having sex!
      Another thing that I love about this post: most of the fucking is bareback! 🙂

    • Jingle

      You mentioned that the “amazingly hot” bottom in #8 is the top in #18, and you’re so right on all accounts… But there’s another versatile dude here!! Look closely at the “in charge” bottom in #36, then look at the top in #2/28 (same pic)!! Different partner, different setting, different haircut, clean shaved; but the cyrillic tattoo on his sternum is unmistakable!!

      Who’s hotter in #9?? Babe, that’s more perplexing than the Riddle of the Sphinx!!

      The top in #4 is INSANELY hot!!!!! And those nipples!!

      • Roberto

        Incredible, nothing escapes your eagle eyes! That’s why I always count on them!
        Oh yeah, top #4 has got big nipples for you to suck on! 😉

  • Denny

    No disappointments here, Gentlemen. What we have here is a bases loaded, outta the park home run.
    As I tried to pick a favorite, slobbering all the while, I decided hell, I’m takin’ ’em all and slobbering over ’em all, pic by pic.

    David? Ben? Take a bow!!

  • Brad

    Let me join the chorus of very satisfied URD viewers…This post is outstanding for all the reasons that Jingle, Roberto, and Denny have stated plus almost all are naked H2T pics! 😉

    An awesome idea, Roberto, and a great collection, Ben and David! You have never disappointed us, and I doubt you ever will… 😉

  • ray

    There is nothing left to say on this, I agree completely with all my fellow commenters! The sexual impact of this post is incredible!

  • Tim from MO

    Excellent idea for a post from Beto!
    These are so hot!
    Three thumbs up!

  • Jingle

    What else can I say?? Directly to the “Best of the Best” folder!!

    • Roberto

      Bro, I don’t wanna push you, but I did miss your analysis on this “off-the-charts hot post”, as you’d put it!! 😉

  • Larry

    Wow! Hot post. Every pic a winner. There are some really good “fuck faces” here as well such as #12 and # 38. I would love to hear #38 getting fucked.

  • Roberto

    Exactly 4 years later I found the video of pair #12 and thought it was worth sharing: https://www.xvideos.com/video12016509/bra_-_garoto_dotado_e_desbocado (“Hung and foul-mouthed boy”).


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