Dude, do you want me to get out the belt?

On Sunday, our buddy “Jingle commented, saying: “Hey Buff!! Apropos of nothing, I had an idea for a post… Belts!! I don’t think you’ve ever done one on any of your Blogs?!?! Certainly not URD!! Whatta ya think??… Might be fun, especially the way you treat a topic!! 🙂 haha”
We commented back, saying :”Yup. You’re right, babe. Never been a “belts” post on any of my blogs. Sounds fun. Why don’t you send me a pic or two to make sure we’re thinking the same thing. xoxo David”
So… Jingle sent us a bunch of pics (some of which are included here) and we added some and here you have it. “BELTS”. Thank you, John… for the post suggestion, the photos, your invaluable contributions to URD and your wonderful friendship. We love you!

16 comments to Dude, do you want me to get out the belt?

  • Jingle

    I just knew you’d run with this!! And it would be awesome!! 😀 Thanks!!

    I gotta go for now!! But I’ll most certainly be back to carefully check out the hot dudes, and their Belts!!…

  • Bill S

    I’m really enjoying this “inspired” post!

    So many guys here are asking me to suck them off and I’m sure willing!

    #22 that’s a beautiful, suckable cock you’ve got there!

    #24 is scary-hot! #32 is out and ready! I’m on my knees for your tool (belt?). (-:

    By now my knees are hurting, so I’ll sit next to you (#39) and squeeze my head under your arm and get to it! Yummy!!!

    Which pictures did Jingle submit? Just curious. Fun post!


    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Bill. Glad you liked the post. Pics #14 and #25 are from Jingle. He sent several more that will show up on future “Belts” posts.
      On another subject, yesterday I ran across a folder titled “Vintage dudes for Bill S.” Did you request a vintage post? Refresh our memories?

      • Bill S

        If I did, I don’t remember either! LOL


      • Denny

        David, if you have a folder of vintage dudes ready to go (or ready to cum, as the case may be :-), I for one, would love to see it!!

        Looks like, from the tags, it’s been over 3 years since we had a vintage post – could that be possible?

  • FredinMotul

    Jingle!! Excellent Suggestion. URD Awesome execution. Fine work on everyone’s parts. Thanks. This is great!! #2 really jumps out at me. Thanks for sharing. This one will keep me well entertained for quite some time. Thanks!!

  • ray

    Honestly, without the title I wouldn’t have noticed the belts…

  • Kent

    Great idea for a post, Jingle, and well done URD. Seeing the belt undone and jeans open adds some spontaneity.

  • Roberto

    I’d be more than happy with either #11 (obvious) or #47, but I can’t stop enjoying all the other temptations along the way.

    Fred’s fuzzy #2 is adorable; #5, #13, #15 (that hairy torso…), #26 and #35 get extra points for their sexy buzzcuts; #14 and #33 are strikingly good-looking and nasty crazy hot (my guess is that the former shaves his pubes, but he’s welcome to prove me wrong); #18 and #40 stand out for their… openness. 🙂 As for faceless #27 and FCCO #43… yep, no need to show more, they’ve already convinced me. 🙂 Love the other close-ups.

    Thanks for this wonderful belt potpourri, Jingle & David!

  • Denny

    I got a kick out of Ray’s remark too – had me grinning from ear to ear! (WHAT belt???) 🙂

    Belt or no belt, I gotta say, this, in my opinion, is one of the finest collections of hot cocks and hungry holes and downright all around sexy guys I have ever enjoyed on URD!!!

    My favorites are #5, with his pretty titties and hot cock peeking out from his unzipped jeans;

    And then we have that super hot bubble butt on #10, headed for the last stall in the men’s room, where, if you accept his invitation, you get to see him bare ass naked. Whew!

    Beto, it will be no surprise to you that I share your pleasure in hairy dude #11, who invites you to join him and maybe lend him an extra hand in his endeavors.

    Jingle, your #14, with his massive male organ all ready to go, is just waiting for you to get on it and swallow every inch!!

    And #44 – hot DAYUM!!! He’s the kinda guy who makes you wanna break everything in your house, just to have him over to fix it!!!

    This post was a great suggestion, Babydoll! And David, thanks for the quick follow up. I see you already have it tagged “belt” – where I can return to visit over and over again!!


  • Bill S

    A shout-out to bw Today you are scheduled to get your second Moderna shot. Please get it and be well. Dr. Fauci got his two Moderna shots and says that you should too!


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