Dude. “Heads – or – Tails”?

Hey, guys. It’s Ben. One of my favorite posts ever on URD was done by Rick and Keon back on August 15, 2018. They called it “ A Friends Friday” check of the “fore and aft.” and I thought it was great. So… a long time ago, I began saving pics for a similar post. This is the result. I also got a huge “kick” out of our buddy Tim’s comment on Rick and Keon’s post, and a lot of the “TAGS” here were suggested by him. I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I do.
On a separate subject, I want to thank you for your comments on the birthday post David did for me on July 4th. I’ve thanked each commenter on that post… but I realize you’d have to go back there to see my “individual thanks.” It was a wonderful birthday and you guys are awesome. THANK YOU!

We’re back from a fun – and productive – week at the Lake. We love being down there but it’s also good to be home. I’m pretty sure Keon and Rick will want to give you details on their “new” cabin, so I’ll just say it’s awesome… and we had it finished by the time the kids and grands arrived on the morning of the 4th. As “Chad” said, “It’s amazing what a bunch of gay boys can do once they set their minds to it.”
A couple of things about our week:
-First, there was the matter of the fireworks and the dogs. It seemed like everyone at Table Rock was having a contest to see who could make the most noise, and the dogs hated it. Realizing how bad it was going to be, Dub decided to take the dogs to our storm shelter. It’s built back into the side a hill and honestly, from the back of it, you couldn’t hear a single “boom” or “pop.” The dogs were happy in there but they missed being around their people, so Dub, Tra, Austin, Bella and Kylie spent a lot of the weekend in “the cave” with them. The boys even decided to spend Thursday night there. It’s equipped with cots, blankets, battery-powered lights, bottled water, etc., so it wasn’t like they were really “roughing it.” Austin, in particular loved the idea. He said they could pretend there was a war going on outside – and that’s kind of what it sounded like. Bella and Kylie wanted no part of spending the night in “the cave,” but the boys thought it was great fun.
-We all got a big surprise after dinner Thursday evening when Cal told us Bella had some news. She said, “I might be getting a new “brother.” He may not be my “forever brother,” but we hope he’s gonna come live with us – and my Dads say maybe we can adopt him some day.” That little shocker took some explanation by Cal and Alex. It seems that Keon, Rick and their attorney helped them apply and complete the “Specialized Training” that’s required by the Missouri Dept. of Social Services. They were approved as foster parents about a month ago but hadn’t told anyone except Keon, Rick (and, of course Scott and Denise). They hadn’t even told Bella until Thursday. It’s a long story but I’ll keep it short. Last week they got a call from Social Services and they have this six-year old boy who needs a foster home. His name is “Chance” and Cal and Alex have already met him (they showed us his picture). The problem is he has “Profound hearing loss,” and Social Services would prefer to place him with foster parents who are deaf and/or proficient in sign language. Social Services doesn’t have that kind of foster parents available, so it looks like Cal and Alex may be his new foster parents. They’ll find out sometime next week. I’m sure they’ll let you know what’s happening. We’re all really excited for them and keeping our fingers crossed!
-It was a grand week at the Lake, complete with all the Northland gang, the Grandparents and Jim and Carol. There was boating, skiing, wake boarding, lots of good food, drinks and even some smoke. I’m sure it won’t be long before we’re back down there partying and enjoying the summer! xoxo Ben and David

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  • FredinMotul

    Excellent Post and more wonderful news from the Charmed Lives of the Northland Gang and its ever expanding numbers. Guys, look at and listen to Nyle Dimarco. Deafness was not even considered a disability until recent years. Simply part of the community. If this happens, it will be another wonderful addition to all of your lives, as you will learn more about basic communication and help another child into a better situation. Not easy, but worth it!! You got this!

  • ray

    Ben, thanks for the detailed informations, I’m glad you had a good time!
    As for the post, I am fascinated by #14’s low hangers…

  • Jingle

    Awesome fun sexy post!! Can’t wait to get a really good look – front to back – after work this afternoon!!

  • bw

    Great bunch of lads – and the hands down winner for best hairy ass has to go to NO 26 – pretty Diego Sans.
    Since we are talking about naked boys, Zack Randall came to mind – he’s had a long prolific career as a porn pup with his profound hearing loss and double hearing aids. So with support, young Chance will do whatever he wants. One more time, part of the gang becomes heroes to me for doing the right thing.

  • Larry

    I should know better than to take one last look at URD when It is time to go to bed. I did this last night and got stopped in my tracks at #4.

    I really needed to get some sleep so I came back this morning. I am in lust with #’s 20, 22, 24, 28 and 36, but my fav is # 25 because he is uncut.

    I am guessing that Dub will lead everyone in learning ASL.

  • Denny

    When Chad commented on “a bunch of gay boys”, I’m curious – did he seem to be including himself as “one of us”..? Just curious. You didn’t mention Raef. Was he there?

    Super mega bonus karma points to Alex and Cal for giving Chance a chance! Alex and Cal!! I wish you well!!! Travon and Austin found their saviours within the loving embrace of the Northland Gang, please God, let it happen for Chance!!!

    And just wait – Dub will be fluent in American Sign Language in about two weeks, taking Chance under his wing, showing him all his plants and baseball caps in his room, and showing a scared little boy that there IS hope.

    Cal, I KNEW you had this in you from the time at the lake very early one morning, when you couldn’t sleep anymore, and you went down to David and Ben’s boat, where David was up early too, and you asked David about the cigarette burns on Austin and you were ready to kill any bastard who could do that to a little kid. God Bless You and Your Husband!!!


    Great post, Ben! Every gay guy, when he sees the front, wants to see the back, and when he sees the back, just has to see the front- AND HERE WE ARE!!!

    bw, who is #36? He has grown up nice. He’s been around a long time. Must have started in gay porn the minute he turned 18.

    My faves here are #18 – looks like he started the party all by himself, #23 – Hairy Nice!!, and #27 – breathtaking, front AND back!!!

    Thanks for this entire post, Ben. A heavy schedule kept me from commenting yesterday and I didn’t there would be a birthday post for Larry today. Hope you find this!!

    • bw

      Denny, that is a very young (and not so great photo) of Jake Bass. He’s left porn but still models so you can google him and see him all growed up. You might remember his claim to porn fame – one of the best shooters in the business.
      BTW, I had the same reaction to what Chad said. And by now, Dub has watched a YouTube video on ASL and is probably fluent – there is nothing the lad can not figure out.

  • Brad

    This collection gives these guys an added dimension that I really enjoy… 🙂 Thanks Ben!

    It appears that Denny and I are thinking alike again with several favorites in common… 😉 Here are mine: #5, 8, 12, 18, 23, 26, 32, and 42 with #23 getting my Dude of the Day honors. Denny has it right–“Hairy Nice!” I would add “some nice tattoos!” 😉

    Happy to hear that the renovation week went well at Rick and Keon’s cabin… 🙂 I knew the Northland guys could pull it off! The Northland gang gets larger every year, and that’s a great thing! I agree with bw and Denny…Dub will make sure Chance feels welcome! 🙂

  • mahtinp

    What a wonderful story and expansion for the Northland Gang …

    How long do we give Dub and the rest of them to learn ASL?

    Much Love,

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