Dude. Here’s a bunch of Latin “bones” that look like they’d be yummy to gnaw on!

Hey guys. It’s Alex. I wanted to update you on the Koala Cove project. I asked David to do a post for me to “tag-on” to. He said “Got a subject?” And I said “I would’t mind some Latin eye candy.” So here you have it.
To date, we’ve (Denise has) sold 11 of the 14 villa units. We’re down to the one she and Scott are temporarily living in and two more. The prices have been creeping up, and the last one sold for a bit over a million-six. Obviously these buyers have more money than God!
Nathan has three crews working full time on the project and their work is beyond amazing. Each unit is being crafted like a frikin’ palace. We were originally concerned about the limited number of boat slips available, but it turns out that most of the buyers want to just be at the lake – as opposed to going out on the lake. When we first started the project, Denise said she thought a “community deck” would be nice for the owners to have as a gathering place. So I got with the architects who designed Ty and Damien’s “cabin” and now the deck is almost finished. It’s wonderful. It’s a two story deck with a perfect view of the lake. It’s big (20′ x 42′) and is built on two levels. The upper is a “sun deck” with a partial wood pergola and the lower is enclosed with “Untra view invisible screen.” Each level has plenty of room for tables and occasional furniture and the buyers love it.
The contracts specify that none of the units can be occupied before March 1st, 2021. We did that so we wouldn’t have owners all over the place while the other units are being built. We’ve carefully gone over the numbers and we’re excited that we’ve already sold enough villas to more than break-even. The last three will be pure profit. This is the first project I’ve participated in owning and it’s a good one.
The kids are great. Bella continues to work with us on colors and textures for the units and I swear I think she has a future in graphic design – or decorating – or architecture or something like that. She’s a very talented (and sweet) young lady. Chance isn’t as out-going as his sister but is a Joy. He, Dub and Austin have been reading “Lord of the Flies” and loving it. It’s a tough read for boys their age, and it’s been a struggle, but Ben is helping them work through it. Chance’s hearing continues to develop and he essentially hears just about everything – except, of course for Bella who he tends to “tune out.”
So that’s what’s going on with us here at the Lake. Our little quarantine bubble is very much intact – until this madness ends. xoxo Alex and Cal

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  • Jingle

    Oh, Holy Hell!! Eye-popping, jaw-dropping, collection!! From majestic #1 to phenomenal #48, one delight after another!!

    I only have a few minutes to spend with this outstanding post right now, but I’ll definitely be back!! If not after work, tomorrow morning!!… I better make sure I have enough Dark Roast on hand!! πŸ™‚ haha

    In the meantime; dibs on fuzzy furry hunky humpy, bangin’ hot #7; for reasons that would be obvious to anyone who knows me at all!! πŸ™‚

    Hasta luego!!

  • ray

    Liebster Jingle, I am sure you appreciate his friendly face πŸ˜‰ Still,I find #4 even hotter, and that means a lot in this buch of desirable men!
    Alex, thanks for updating us on your family and your business activities! Before too long, you will be millionaires, too – or billionaires, as these days a million isn’t any more what it used to be…


  • Bill S

    Koala Cove sounds BEAUTIFUL!!! Makes me think it will be like “The Hamptons of The Ozarks.” (-:

    I love hearing that Chance tunes out his sister — sounds like a normal brother-sister relationship to me! lol

    The air around here is beginning to clear after more than a week of unhealthy air. I have cabin fever! Jeesh. Thank goodness for URD and the CCC! Thanks all. And I’ll be praying for Australia for a safe season as Summer returns to Down Under!


  • bw

    I’m a bit astounded at the project – I think of lake ‘cottages’ as being in the $200 range…..These must be really special. But as for Nathan – he and his crews are an asset that is beyond valuable – are you going to be able to find enough work to keep him busy after this? Plus he has to finish training Dub to be a carpenter.
    This is a lovely collection of Latin lads, and it could also be a “fatty” post – there are lots of thick dicks here. And hairy legs that almost always lead to a furry butt and all kinds of goodness.

  • Denny

    Alex you made a great suggestion for a post featuring Latin eye candy, and David came thru like gangbusters!!

    It’s hard to pick a favorite here, they’re all so sultry HOT, but I could begin with #13, offering up the goods for his AND our pleasure!!

    Then we have titty player #16. Sometimes ya just gotts do the No hair Don’t care thing,ya know? πŸ˜‰ He looks like real FUN!!!

    After those two hotties, I’m ready for #24 – badass big boy wants to PLAY!! NOW!!!

    Alex, this is a fantastic catch-up on what’s happening at Koala Cove!!! With THREE of Nathan’s crews working there, he will be responsible for keeping his entire Amish community warm and happy all winter long!!!

    Who would have thought this project was going to turn into such a GREAT money maker!!! Who is buying these million dollar plus beauties? Are these a lot of the folks Denise and Scott knew back in The Northland, or are local folks responding to your advertising? My guess is, you are not far from Branson and a rather large community of talented musicians and singers, who have lots of cash to indulge themselves in the latest and greatest in cushy holiday homes. At a million 6 and climbing, these folks aren’t looking for the latest in campgrounds!!!

    Alex, I am happy to hear that you are bonding in such a special way with your daughter as you cultivate her interest and talent in design and decorating!!

    Perhaps Chance is not as outgoing as Bella because he spent his early years in total silence with no one really caring much about him. Having Dub and Austin as good buddies, as well as ALL the other kids and adults around him, he’s going to be just fine. And, as Bill S says, his relationship with his sister is pretty much like all brothers and sisters their age.

    Big thanks, Alex, for this update!!! Hi to your Hubby!!!


  • FredinMotul

    Muy caliente! Gracias Amigos de Northland Crew!! Very nice selection of men that I would be happy to have around the pool here so they could be at home. Thanks… (Pondering, wondering, then remembering!)

    What awesome news about the Condos! I know you all must be excited about the posibilites. Chance and Bella not interacting a lot? I did not interact closely with my own sister until we had both become adults. If you get anything before, count your blessings!! Very, Very smart about the Move In Date!! Well done all around. Thanks again for the excellent post and Update. Be Well, Be Safe and VOTE NOW!!

  • Bill S

    I looked through the post again. Dibs on 19 — What a body! Eyow!!!

    …and at the risk of being a pest about tags may I suggest “Alex” be added here? Thanx!


  • Jingle

    Ah, Sunday morning!! Dark Roast in my Mug, Sportscenter on my TV, and this amazing collection of 47 Latino Lovelies on my Chromebook!! (There’s a repeat visitor!!) I’m happy as the Village Idiot!! πŸ™‚ haha

    I previously referred to phenomenal #1 as “majestic”, and I meant it!! Gorgeous man, great body, pierced nipples, awesome tan lines, beautiful junk… and that fantastic Versace-inspired, throne-like Chair!! What’s not to admire?!?!
    It would appear that fantastic #3 has lost interest in his pool game!! πŸ™‚ haha
    Bucky #8, and the similarly posed #17, look like the kind of HOT Rough Trade that would never admit to anyone – probably not even themselves – that they get the best head of their lives from their gay buddy!!
    If you fancy #12 at all, check him out again in #15!!
    One of Denny Dearheart’s picks was Lucky #13!!! And with good reason, he’s fucking awesome!! Face, Body, Cock!! WOW!!
    Clearly, #14 is checking out URD!! πŸ™‚
    Cutie #16 is nicely demonstrating Denny’s wonderful newly coined expression, “Tweakin’ his titty, to make his dick pretty!!”!! πŸ™‚
    Pic #18 is one of those images that sends me off in several directions!! First and foremost, the chipper hot dude!! Then, his great mix of plaids!! Under his flannel shirt jacket, he’s wearing a crisp white Chef’s Coat!! (I’ve worked in the Food & Beverage industry since I was 15!! Now you speaka my language!! πŸ™‚ ) And lastly, the handsome headboard!! Nice!!
    #19 is a total Hunk Stud!!
    #20 for Brother Beto?!?! (Wonder how many yards of Leather went into the making of that deeply tufted and pleated, 1980’s sofa?? πŸ™‚ haha) And then the run of #42-43-44 for our Brazilian Brother?!?! WHEW!!!
    Given the rather banal background, I’d say FCCO #21 is a “real” dude!! (Wonder what the prescription on the window sill is??) I can only hope that the lucky bastard who snapped the pic, quickly dropped the camera and went to town on that very nice cock!!…
    Sultry #22 is stunning!! As is Denny’s Big Boy #24!!
    Alrighty then, who among us wouldn’t happily crawl up between SO/PO cutie-patootie #23’s thighs and service his perfect cock and balls?!?!
    Compare and contrast the home setting of #21, and the lovely hotel setting of #23!!
    Hot bator #25 looks like he’s about to nut!!
    #27 desperately needs a mouth and a dick in his hungry hole!! (See the toys on the left edge of the frame?!?!) His hunky neighbour #28, and leaner dude #48 need some attention, too!!
    Tattooed #29, 31, and 34; and furry #32; are all rockin’ hot!!
    LOVE adorable #33’s Coronet tattoo!!
    I actually gasped out loud when I clicked on insanely HOT, show-stopper #36!! WHOA!!!!! Don’t ever lose that pic!!
    #38 with the ubiquitous smartphone, is in the same setting as #12/15!!
    I kinda dig bangin’ hot #41!! And since he’s posed on the Dining Room table, I could make a meal of him!! πŸ™‚ haha
    Rough Trade #47 looks stoned!! Eh, I don’t care… and since he stopped by, and whipped it out, I’d blow him!! πŸ˜‰
    And to wrap up this awesome collection, we have nasty crazy scary hot, badass #48!! Another one I’d happily blow, then send on his way!! πŸ™‚ haha

    My early favourite was #7… And I stand by him!! Sooo my type!! (And his diminuitively jeweled pierced nipples are just a nice bonus!!) But then there’s the equally desirable – to me, anyway – #45!! The pressure of a decision… I’ll take ’em both!! πŸ™‚

    BIG naughty fun!! Thanks so much!!

    • Jingle

      Oh shit, in my comment on #27 and #28, I meant to include #46!! Not #48!! Doh!!

    • Roberto

      Wow, Jingle, four guys for me? I guess I don’t mind getting spoiled with such a privilege in Latin posts. πŸ˜€

      I guess I was going to take #28 (is that a complete package or not?), but I feel better making it a top 5… or top 10. πŸ˜› Freaking love #43’s furry legs and ass! Can’t see his pits, but I hope he’s not so fond of razours as other Latin brothers here. πŸ˜€

      Surely you noticed #20’s perfect pp combo. πŸ˜‰ And cute #44 must be a fellow Brazilian, given his inscription in Portuguese.

      #18, #26 and #32 would probably make my top 5 with #28 and #43. And your fuzzy boys (#7 and #45), as well as Denny’s #13, haven’t escaped my eyes at all!

      Ray’s #4, die-hard manscaping fan #6, #29 (lovely beard and ink) and #48 are all incredibly good-looking and sexy.

      Thank you for such an utterly delicious variety of Latin meat, David!

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