Dude. I wanna be your teddy bear!

Hey, guys. It’s Keon. I thought I’d bring you up-to-date on some of the “happenings” here at the lake.
Cinco de Mayo was a huge success. We drank and feasted and spent time in bright, beautifully decorated homes… and went from cabin-to-cabin listening to mariachi music, speaking Spanish and dancing (sort of) like we were all Latinos. Alex (Alexandro) and Matty (Mateo) showed us how Hispanics party and we all joined in and shared their joy. Travon (as you might guess) captured every moment and emotion in photos and videos we’ll enjoy for years. It was an amazing day!
Today’s post is about “teddy bears” or “stuffed animals” and was inspired by Travon’s attachment to “Muff” (the stuffed dog we got him at Toys R Us shortly after we started fostering him). Rick and I were getting a bit concerned that even though he has a “real dog” (Max) who sleeps with him, he’s very attached to “Muff and still carries him around the house.” So, a couple of weeks ago, we called his “child therapist” to ask if we should be concerned. She just laughed and said: “Seriously? We’re talking about a kid you fostered and adopted who wouldn’t even speak when you first met him. I believe you even told me he spit in your face. Now, he’s a healthy, happy young man who loves his family, friends and photography. And you’re worried about his attachment to a stuffed animal? Relax. He’s a great kid who’ll outgrow his stuffed puppy thing – like other kids outgrow their “blankies.” We felt better – but maybe a little silly 🙂
Anyway, here are some pics of dudes who apparently haven’t outgrown their love for their “teddy bears.” We’re glad they haven’t! xox Keon and Rick

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  • mahtinp

    What a gorgeous post and a positive sentiment. I’d say as long as Travon keeps being a smart, well-attached, and adjusted kid, he can be attached to Muff as long as he likes … Life advice from two married dudes who still sleep with stuffed animals: Mine’s a little groundhog, Kyle’s a bulldog to remember his childhood bulldog.

    Much Love, and may your whole family of kids with all manner of complicated maternal histories not be too burdened or confused by this day, for they have all the love they’ll ever need in dads, uncas, and grands, who know how to celebrate that love makes a family.

  • ray

    I don’t know who I like better – the bears or the men! # 13 and #25 are absolutely ravishing!
    Now should I be concerned about myself? At my mature age, I love my Steiff animals, and I have a plethora of them…
    Thanks for the update and the post, Keon and Rick!


  • Jingle

    What fun!! 🙂 Is it wrong that I’m jealous of the inanimate teddy bears in more than a few of the pics?!?! 🙂 haha

    GREAT collection!! And you had me from the git… cozy #1 is fantastic!! I’ve looong had this image saved to my Stupidphone!! (Did I send you this pic, or did you already have it?!?!)
    #4’s chastity device??… No fucking way you’d ever see that on me!! Pffftt!! (I’ll call him “crazy hot” once the contraption is gone, and he gets his left nipple pierced!!)
    Speaking of crazy hot – nice segue’, huh?? – #5, 15, 27, and 34!! 😉
    #7 and #16; different dudes, same setting!! Hmmm…
    Pic #8, with our Sleeping Beauties, is just delightful in every way!!
    #9, 11, 28, and 33: WOW!!
    Off topic note on fantastic #12: I dig his Pegasus tattoo!!
    ray’s #13 is MAGNIFICENT!!
    #14’s gooning smiley face pillow nicely depicts my reaction to a lot – and I do mean a LOT – of the pics in this fine, fun post!!
    Insanely HOT selfie #18’s gorgeous big dick is phenomenal!!
    #20 and #41 are the same young dude, and clearly here for Larry Lover!! I think Larry will dig #26, 31, and 35, too!! 🙂
    Love the charming plaid bow on smiling #22’s teddy!! 🙂 And if I’m not mistaken, that’s a very nice rear view of him in #47!!
    Ahh… You damn well know I loves me some fuzzy furry hunky humpy, bangin’ hot, Big Boy #23!! Hairy back and all!! 🙂 haha And then there’s the obviously Jingle-planted images, #38 and #44!! LOVE ’em all!! Thank you!! 🙂
    #24 is awesome!! Beautiful dude, with a beautiful 3-piece set!! And it took a second to register that there’s another dude in the pic!!… Right-hand edge of the frame, in a green shirt!!
    Oh-ho, naughty unruly pic #29 is just wrong!! And I mean that in the best possible way!! 😉 heehee
    Contrast #29 to charming and quaint #30!! The faux fur evokes the same coziness as #1!! And Special Props to our friend for his pierced nipple(s)!!
    Yipes, the high bird’s-eye view of #32 caused me a momentary case of Vertigo!!
    Awww… #36 and #37 are cute, Cute, CUTE!! (And #37’s dick is gorgeous!!)
    #39 is a little brat!! Shoosh!!
    I was soo distracted by bangin’ hot #40’s tan-lines, and fine rump ass, that it took me a minute to even find the teddy bears!! 🙂 haha And then there’s amazing hunk stud selfie #42!! Holy Shit!!
    Ripped, stacked, and shredded #45 is off-the-charts; and totally adorable!! Off topic note on this great image: Awesome custom-built closet system!! Do you suppose that’s a Murphy Bed?!?!

    Now then, picking a favourite would be no small accomplishment… obviously, there’s #23, 38, and 44!! But I’d be lying if I said I don’t want to worship and service #18’s ginormous thick cock!! Dang!! Can I sleep on them?!?! I mean, it?!?! 😉 hahaha

    BIG fun!! Naughty and sexy!! Just proves that there’s always some Boy left in the Man!!

  • BobbyB

    UnBearably👣Beautiful BoyToyz

  • Roberto

    Fun, lovely, sensual post!

    Looks like everything is BIG in #2. 😀 The dude is bloody handsome.

    I guess I can be flickle enough to move back and forth between studs #5 and #15 and cuties #22 and #37. 🙂

    Am I catching a happy smile on teddy bear #29? 😀 I know I’d smile with such a hot naughty fella on bed.

    Ray picked two guys on the left corner and I think my favorites are on the other side: #24, #32 and #36! Can’t tell who’s hotter!

    Thanks for such an awesome collection, Keon!

  • FredinMotul

    There is an incredible scene in the movie “Get Real” where the closeted jock comes into the home and bedroom of the Nerd who loves him. While touring his bedroom, the jock finds Nerd’s Teddy Bear and the playful banter about it turns serious as the bear gets forgotten and they find themselves wrapped in each other’s arms. Seriously sensuous. I can see this happening with any of these guys. Again a very clever post. Thanks Keon!

    Glad your Cinco de Mayo was a big success!! I do have one suggestion. When, eventually, Muff does not become as important to Trayvon, be sure you preserve him in some way. My Mom did this for me without my knowledge, and when we were cleaning out her house after she was gone, I found my Tim in a little cedar box with his clothes all ready to play. I have him here today and enjoy remembering the adventures we used to share.

    Take Care Men!!! Again a great and whimsical post. Thanks…

  • Denny

    Keon and Rick – thank you for the happy word picture of your Cinco de Mayo musical parade and house parties!! I often think, when I read about The Gang’s activities at The Lake, Jim and Carol must be thrilled to bits to have you ALL down there permanently, as they wonder how they ever got along without you!!

    I wouldn’t be surprised – and you, Rick & Keon – shouldn’t be either, if Tra carries Muff around until he is approaching his teens. When “Someone” suggested that you get him a teddy bear, that little guy was having a hard time believing that he truly was going to be allowed to live forever with his 2 dads who love him so much. Muff took on an almost human aspect for him, helping to share Tra’s worries with him. I say human, because remember when you first got Max, one of Tra’s first questions was – what if Max and Muff don’t get along. Tra will give up Muff when the time is right for him, no worries.

    Dave & I actually have a collection of teddy bears ourselves. They are souvenirs from our travels. Our favorite one, about 12″ tall, is wearing an olive green crocheted pullover sweater, embroidered with “Harrods” on the front – from the famous London department store. He “lives” on a shelf in the computer room. 🙂

    All of these hunks are real hotties, but I do have a few favorites.

    #36 – with his own BIG bear, and a sexy tatt on his rock hard pecs.

    #27 has a whole family of bears and a be-yoo-tiful hairy chest!!!

    #45 has a beautiful smile and just the right amount of macho muscles everywhere you look. And Jingle? I would’ve missed it if you hadn’t mentioned it, but I agree with you – that certainly does look like a Murphy bed.

    Keon, a big THANK YOU to you and Rick for this clever and unique post!!!


  • bw

    Furry NO 24 is just big – big ole uncut willy and even more impressive low hangers. I bet his crack is just as furry.
    When Travon leaves for Savannah College of Art and Design to get his fine arts degree in photography, Muff will probably make the trip with him – and no one would think it was odd.

  • Bill S

    This post is both sweet and hot (like my favorite Chinese food).

    I love all the comments too!

    Thanks for the update on the URD May 5 celebration!

    And I just can’t get passed #14 and that pillow that says it all! LOL


  • unrulyadmin

    We watched Jeopardy tonight (as we always do) and at the end (Bill Whitaker was guest hosting), Dub said: “Jeopardy isn’t fun like it used to be.” Neither David nor I disagreed. Honestly, the line-up of future guest hosts is kind of depressing. We may take a break and watch something else for a while.

    • Denny

      Funny you should say that- Dave & I have been saying the last 2 days how BORING this guy is!! Monotone voice, virtually expressionless demeanor – he’s like a robot! Our only salvation is that Tournament of Champions begins next week, for 2 weeks. Buzzy Cohen will be the host. Remember him? GREAT personality! But, after that it’s May im Bialik then Savannah Guthrie etc etc etc until they pick a permanent host I think some time in August.
      Hang in there! And meanwhile – Dub is absolutely right!!!


  • Alex

    Really nice post!

    Which reminds me: I would love to see a post with guys that have uncut dicks and full, untrimmed bushes 😁 Do you think that would be possible?

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Alex. Great idea. Watch the blog. It’ll be the third post after this one. Thanks for the request! xoxo Ben and David

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