Dude. It’s a Friday dick-sucker flashback!

8 comments to Dude. It’s a Friday dick-sucker flashback!

  • Jingle

    Oh my!!!!!

    Sucking cock is my absolute all-time favourite activity!! I’m never happier than when I’m worshiping at the altar of Priapus!!

    That said, I guess it should be obvious that I love each and every one of these mouth-watering images!!

    Outstanding collection, set and post!!

    And remember my friends/brothers/lovers, you may be on your knees, but you got ’em by the balls!! 🙂

    • Denny

      I think I just made a Jingle-esque discovery – isn’t #11 and #45 the same pic except one is slightly closer up? It’s all good – he is WELL worth repeating!!!

    • Larry

      Love the attitude that you ‘ve got ’em by the balls. So true,

      My favorite activity is rimming, but cock sucking is a close second, especially if they are uncut.

  • Bill S

    Clean-cut #37 sure looks like he was made for it …. those lips and tongue! What lips!!! His ears sure are tiny! LOL (My incongruous comment of the day.)


  • Denny

    I went thru the entire post quickly at first. Then I went thru it slowly…thoughtfully…trying to decide which one would be my Dude of the Day.

    Know what? I couldn’t do it! I gave that up when I realized that my Dude of the Day today – was the last pic I had just clicked on!!! Every time!!!

    And Bill, we love incongruous comments – gives us something to ponder while we wipe up the drool and other bodily fluids after a close encounter with a post like this!

    Jingle!! I’m writing that down!! I GOTTA remember it “…you may be on your knees but you got ’em by the balls!!” Love it, Dude!!

    Have a kick-ass weekend, My Friends!!

  • Roberto

    How tattoos identify us: just a glimpse at #15 reveals it’s Vadim Black’s cock that bw’s Jimmy Fanz is degusting there. 😉

    Just like my friends, I’m drooling over each and every pic!! No matter how much these cocks vary in shape and size, they all look insanely delicious — and the suckers’ hungry mouths and devoted eyes just confirm that!! Of course the guys’ beauty — quite a few are really gorgeous — also adds to the pleasure!!

    For some reason pics #29 and #36 look particularly REAL to me — and I’d love to be the sucker in the former and the one getting sucked in the latter!

    Thank you for another Garden of Delights, boys!!

    • bw

      I admired Vadim Black for his dark hair but bright blue eyes, and his furry untrimmed butt and crack. But then I read about what a jackass he is – gay for pay and contemptuous of gays in general, and I was so disappointed. If you take money entertaining gay men, then keep your fucking ignorant opinions to yourself.

  • bw

    I’m with Jingle on this – nothing better than sucking dick. No preparation needed and no pressure on one of the participants.
    There is something strange about NO 3 – the cutie doing the work is Colton Gray, but that dick looks all wrong to me – I think somebody with too much time on their hands has altered it.

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