Dude. It’s a Friday “straight skinny” flashback!

We had a comment earlier today from Beto, saying:
“Awesome full analysis, Anthony!! I see you also love the slim dudes… and I don’t know if it’s a universal belief or not, but here people say skinny dudes have big dicks. So, David & Ben, would you like to confirm this belief with a post of hung skinny fellas sometime? ?”
Anthony responded that he liked the post suggestion – and I hadn’t put a post together for today… so I checked David’s old Unrulyboi blog pics, and sure enough… there was a post titled “The straight skinny.” I realize that we’ve posted some of these pics before, but I thought it was pretty much exactly what Roberto and Anthony had in mind. Here you go, guys… a bunch of skinny dudes with some serious meat between their legs. Enjoy!

10 comments to Dude. It’s a Friday “straight skinny” flashback!

  • Jingle

    WHEW!!! Talk about “super-size”!!…

    As a rule, I do prefer my guys to be a little older, beefier and hairier than these well-endowed dudes… But WOW!!

    Be sure to check to out the images on #9 and #48’s computers!! 🙂

    Soo… Skinny or not, I don’t think I could resist the temption of falling to my knees in front of #45!!

  • ray

    These guys have strong arguments in their favor…In my experience, skinny = big dick is often true, but not a necessary correlation.
    A great weekend to all and a special birthday weekend to the family and friends!


  • Roberto

    Happy Birthday to Dub!! Hope everybody has a wonderful time!!

    WOW, Ben, you did this post at light speed! And what a post!! These boys look so deliciously REAL that I guess they’ll keep Anthony in birthday mode! 🙂

    I’m already in love with #2! So cute and H2T freaking hot! Is he in his backyard? Doesn’t matter, any place is perfect to taste his man meat and skinny body!

    #3 is another crazy hot fella and his beautiful body hair and full beard add to the fun!

    Hey, #4, with all that splooge, you’ve just made your mirror so fucking lickable!

    #5, #10, #33 and #41 just let their cocks call you to sit there. All the way down. Till you feel those balls.

    I guess #9’s brattitude comes from his powerful curved cock. Also some lovely fur on that body.

    For sure I wouldn’t be watching TV having yummy #11 around.

    Yes, #12 was merciless to what I’m sure was a luscious bush, but he’s irresistible anyway!

    More than enough space there for cutie #14 and I to have all sorts of fun.

    Beautiful #15 seems like the sort of guy who looks at you in the street and lets you know he wants to get blown in the next alley.

    #18 looks full of surprises and nasty intentions while he shows off his awesome curved cock and hairy legs.

    #19 is as “real” as hot!

    #34’s wild look drives me totally crazy! I’m sure he enjoys using his equipment for hours in a row!

    #35 is just beautiful all over.

    Could banging hot #36 be the dude that appeared three times (#3, #20, #35) in the selfie post of February 12?

    I’m thinking of a shower fuck with #37… What a mouth-watering cockhead!

    WHOA, #39 has a monster cock, and I bet that tongue prepares you well for the experience! But there’s more: he’s just ALL HOT!

    I’d give cute #44 more than a hand…

    Jingle’s #45 is bloody freaking hot! That massive cock comes with a luxuriant bush and he also has an amazing hairy ass! He’s all beautiful, lean and hairy! WOW!!

    I’d lose no time with rocking hot #46: stand-up sex right there!

    Now, I guess it’s time to choose among #6, #8 and #22… the adorable, the hairy and the bearded! 😀 Oh, my, this is tough! If #22 were less manscaped, he could be the one… Love everything about #6, but #8 is a bit older, is showing more and I can’t resist his fur, so he’s my Dude of the Day!

    Outstanding, superb post, Ben!! Thoroughly enjoyed it!! Thank you so much!!!

  • bw

    There are some familiar faces here, but most of these are sweet amateurs. No 1 is Jake Orion, and NO 32 goes by “thetrueflagpole” on tumblr, and sweet faced Ralph Woods – No 40. I like all these lads, but furry No 8 is special, No 26 is quite handsome, and No 31 is cute as can be, with bonus points for big blue eyes.
    I’m not sure skinny correlates with big dick, but when we were kids, one of my buddies who I’ll call “Joe” was about 6 feet tall, very skinny but strong from working on the family farm, and his dick was well over 6″ completely floppy and thick – I never saw it angry but it had to be huge. But one of the black kids won the prize – he was only about 5’6″ tall, but his pecker looked just like No 39 – literally down to his knee.
    I hope you guys have a great day today – Happy Birthday to our little buddy Dub!

  • Larry

    What is that old saying? I am not a size queen, but I can be impressed! I actually prefer to be fucked with short fat ones, but can’t complain about today’s post. Beto beat me to # 4’s mirror. What a great mess!

    # 16 and # 17, the red heads, of course caught my eye.

    # 29 uncut with those beautiful hairy legs gets me where it counts.

    I like # 31’s smile. Also, # 38 and # 48.

    BW are you sure # 40 is Ralph Woods? Somehow the face doesn’t look quite right to me. I do love Ralph and wouldn’t object to whatever # 40 wants.

    My dude of the day is the “innocent” looking # 21. What a smooth, slightly beefy twink. Just delicious.

    • bw

      Larry, at this point in the day the only thing I am certain of is that I have a nice IPA my friend brewed in a shapely beer glass and it is quite tasty. But I am reasonably sure that No 40 is a very young Ralph Woods. With his baby face, big dick and happy hole he could still be in the porn business if he hadn’t disappeared.

    • Jingle

      “I am not a size queen, but I can be impressed!”… Fucking hysterical, my friend!! But not untrue!!

      GREAT line!! An instant classic!! I’ll be using it!! 🙂

      Thanks for adding to the URD lexicon!!

  • Denny

    I thought my flight was headed for Bangkok, but when we landed, the sign said Welcome to Bigcock. Hey, I’m down with it, Dude – even tho’ their capital city appears to be PubesGone.

    Still, I find plenty here to play with and enjoy, beginning with #6. I’ve seen this guy in many other places, in vids as well. When he gets hard, he is HUGE.

    #7 with that sexy face and hot cock – Hey, you’re on, Dude!!

    #22 is No Hair Don’t care – he is BEYL Baby!!! Don’t worry, Beto, I will take VERY good care of him! I am making him my Dude of the Day for sure.

    But #44 is a close second. Nerds in glasses can be so fucking HOT!
    He can recite the Periodic Table to me if he wants, but when I get my mouth on his cock and my finger up his butt, all he’ll be saying is Oooo! I want more!

    Our little Dub must be on Cloud 9 by now. Can’t wait to hear what he got for his birthday! If I had to guess, I’d say a two wheeler with training wheels.


  • Anthony

    My oh my what big cocks they have! Fun to jack and suck off but probably not the best to take in the butt (IMO of course).

    I’m on my knees to try out each and every one of these sausages though!

    but my top choice is #41. So damn hot.

    Have a great time celebrating Dub’s birthday!!!

  • Bill S

    If these are old pictures, I’d like to see #24 now. He looks like he is on his way to getting buff. Scruffy and buff is a great look!


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