Dude. It’s a Friends’ Friday look at “locked and loaded” guys!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. “Bruce” commented on Thursday, saying:
“Love love love Unrulydude – please can I ask favour/make suggestion – would you consider doing entire post showing hot unruly dudes wearing cock cages/chastity devices – I notice you have a couple shown on this post & they look awesome – thank you x”
When I saw the comment, I called David and told him I’d LOVE to do the post. I’ve been a fan of “cock cages” for quite a while – have several, and wear one most of the time. I have Keon put one on me, lock it, and keep the key. Then, when I get home, he either unlocks it and takes it off – or leaves it on while he fucks me. I think it’s SOOO hot – and I’m pretty sure he likes it, too!
Anyway, I have a folder with hundreds of cock cage pics and they’re among my absolute favorites. The only problem is that a lot of the pics I find on line are altered/photoshopped by some asshole(s) who adds the cages to pics of guys who aren’t actually wearing one. In choosing the pics for this post, I’ve tried to avoid those, but I’m not sure I’ve been totally successful. I’m glad “Bruce” shares my love of cock cages, and hope he (and you) like the post.
Also, Keon and I hope all of you have happy and safe Holiday weekends.
We love you!

15 comments to Dude. It’s a Friends’ Friday look at “locked and loaded” guys!

  • Denny

    Happy Holiday weekend, Rick and Leon, David and Ben, and our tumblr video hero, Alex !!! ❤💭💙

  • ray

    I have never seen such devices, so I can hardly imagine what it must be like to wear one…But one thing is sure: if I met one of these yummy guys, the “cage” or whatever you call it would be off in a minute!
    Thanks, Rick, for this educational post!

    Have a great weekend, guys!

  • Bruce

    Thank you so much – over the moon with the post- brilliant & all real – awesome – love to you all & thanks again – Bruce xxx

  • Bruce

    Thank you so much – over the moon with the post – absolutely brilliant – & all real guys/pics – wonderful – thanks again – love to you all – Bruce xxxx

  • A Bear

    I have to be honest. Having never tried one I don’t quite understand the appeal of these cages. The men are hot, though. #6, 27, 33, 35 and 46 probably the hottest for me

  • Jingle

    Over on the Tumblr side, there are some awesome new videos posted!!

    The “Ass Eating” video is really exceptional!! The hunky humpy fuzzy furry dude getting eaten out is insanely crazy HOT!!!!! And I love how he’s moaning, cooing, purring, yelping, and even ocassionly growling under his lucky buddy’s attentions!! 😋

  • Denny

    Memorial Day, let us all pause for a moment to remember those who sacrificed their lives, so that we could live ours in freedom

  • Brad

    In my opinion, this post definitely fits within the “Unruly Dude” moniker… 🙂 Chastity is not for everyone, just like other fetishes/kinks. I experimented with it, but it wasn’t for me…Painful night erections!

    Rick has given us a myriad of guys with locked cocks and several are very hot! Here’s my list: 11, 12, 21, 25, 26, 28, 38, 40, and 43 with #43 taking my Dude of the Day honors. (Gotta love a guy who is confident enough to bare himself and his kink to his neighbors… 😉 )

    In my search for new pictures to add to my collection of naked, H2T men, I have seen more and more blogs chronicling men’s journeys into the world of chastity. I have also collected several hundred photos of men in cock cages, Rick. If you are interested, send me an e-mail. (David and Ben have my address.)

    Thanks for sharing these pics and your love cock cages. It took “guts” to tell us about your interest in and practice of chastity!

  • Larry

    I have never played with chastity, but have fantasized about putting a cage on a boy and then having my way with him. Thanks for sharing Rick. Have you ever cum without touching yourself while getting fucked wearing your cage? I had a hot j/o session yesterday thinking about Keon fucking you.

    I have a suggestion for a post. Being very pale (I was a blond) I like guys who are different from myself. I love blacks , hispanics, Asians and absolutely worship red heads, Finding pics of blacks fucking white guys is easy, but I would like to see a post of blacks fucking red heads. That would send me over the edge. (While needing to be discrete and not show your faces, you could slip in a pic of the two of you.)

  • Roberto

    I’m with Ray and Bear: not into the chastity thing, but I’m drooling over these dudes! You may have an eye for TRMs, Rick! 🙂

    #6/9/30/48 looks very familiar, but all these pics are new to me!

    #5, #13, #25, #38, #41 are really sexy!

    WHOA, to rim and fuck #47…

    Totally share Bear’s enthusiasm for #33 and Brad’s for #43, but I think each of us can pick one here, so I guess I’ll go with bushy #28! 😉

    Again, a mouth-watering selection of real fellas, Rick! Thanks!

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