Dude. It’s a Friends Friday look at the “DSD pose.”

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. As I’ve told you, I’m interested in artistic gay porn poses. I started by posting the “Flandrin pose” and followed it with the Sits, Pits, Stiffies (SPS pose). Today, we have the “DSD pose” (or Dick suckers dreams). I’m not sure if this is really a “pose” but, DAMN, it sure looks like art to me 🙂 xoxo Rick (and Keon)

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  • Jingle

    I only have a few minutes for a Sneak Peek… but Damn!!

    Call it whatever you like, it’s hot!!

    My eyes went right to #38!! But I sure as hell wanna look closely at all of them later!!…

  • Denny

    Well now!! THIS is what *I* call “close up and personal”! 🙂

    Usually when I am in this position, either giving or taking, I’m likely to be thinking what a good time I’m having, and how can I make it even better for both of us.

    Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, and what YOU perceive as a form of art, let no man tell you otherwise.

    Me? I am certainly enjoying this post!!

    My faves here are #22, #30, #42, and most definitely Jingle’s #38.

    Thank you, Rick – AND Keon!!!


  • BobbyB


  • FredinMotul

    Hey There Rick!
    Here’s Looking at you!! Really awesome post. Thanks for putting it all together. Several mentions of #38. Is that not Jimmy Fanz? Similar if not. Next to him sits a fine young man #37, with his own version of a Penisauruses from the movie Flesh Gordon! My Word, I am positive that one can Talk!! Oh, and I must compliment you on those fine little pearls of Pre-Cum several of the pictures caught. Certainly one of my favorite discoveries back in my young and single days. How awesome bringing up those fine old memories from now 45 years ago or so. Thanks Rick. Keon too and all the other fine men that keep the steady feed of great content flowing, so to speak. Be and stay Well all.

    • Jingle

      Friend Fred, you’re right!! #38 IS Jimmy Fanz!! Well, we must all defer to our friend/brother/lover, bw!! Jimmy Fanz has been bw’s Sweet Baboo since God was a boy!! 🙂

      You’re also dead-on right about about the sweet pearls of pre-cum nectar!! Slurp!!

  • Tim from MO

    ‘Dick Suckers Dream’ is right! Rick….you’ve made me hungry, thirsty and horny for Dick!
    It would be a dream come true to wake up and find myself surrounded by these 48 cocks…😈
    Fantastic post, bro!

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Tim. Actually, this post came about because of my amazing husband. It’s like this. Keon is an “early riser”. He gets up at the crack of dawn every day and heads to the shower. I’m not an early riser, so just about every morning, Keon wakes me by tapping me with his big, beautiful black dick. Sometimes it’s on my nose… or my ear… or my chin… or wherever… but I wake up with his beautiful hard dick in my face. Naturally, I do what any horny gay guy would do. And that’s what inspired this “pose” post 🙂 xoxo Rick

      • Tim from MO

        A big beautiful black dick Alarm Cock?!?! Now THAT is the best wake up alarm clock I have ever heard tell of!!!
        Sighhhh. I’m going to have that visual on my mind for some time to come now….😜
        Thanks to Keon for the inspiration!
        Love you guys! XOXO

  • bw

    Oh my – look at the long silky hair on No 18’s legs. I can only imagine what his butt and crack looks like. I’m not picky – I’d crawl up between the legs of any of these lads with my tongue out.

  • Jingle

    The temperature dramatically dropped here overnight!! Grey and drizzly right now, snow flurries in the forecast as the day goes on!!… Ugggh!!

    Another mouth-watering post!! I can only hope that the lucky bastard photographers – whether professional or amateur – who snapped these fine images, quickly discarded their cameras and got busy on their subjects!! 🙂 haha

    Is #2 the Jingle-planted pic?!?! He definitely gets my nod of approval for his plaid shirt, and being like that outdoors!!
    #5, 10, and 46 are all nasty crazy hot!!
    Oh man, fantastic #6 has the most beautiful, meaty, ample Perineal Raphe I’ve ever seen!! It’s crying out for a Guiche!!
    And in their turns, #9 and Dearheart’s #30 have awesome Scrotal Raphes!!
    #12, and his downstairs neighbour #16, WOW!!
    Oh-ho SO/PO #15 has Beto written all over him!! 🙂 I dig him, too!!
    Junior hunk stud #17, with his curved cock; and #21 and #40, with their thick straight cocks, are all amazing!! WHEW!!!
    Awww… #20 is a real cutie!! 🙂
    Exotically handsome #28 has the most beautiful smooth skin!! Everywhere!!
    Sure wish we could see all of ruggedly handsome #29’s face!!
    I’m really intrigued by the distinct definition of #31’s right and left testicles!! Nice!!
    A further note on phenomenal #40: Peel your beady eyes off his gorgeous cock, and look at his face!!… He’s stunning!!
    Shame on FCCO #47 for not whipping out his boys!! Shoosh!!

    Pick a favourite?!?! Nah, I’ll blow all of them!! (Even #38, Jimmy Fanz, if bw says it’s OK!! 🙂 ) I’d like to start with #31!! Those balls are soo lovely and interesting!! And given the weather, #2 and Jimmy better cum inside!! 🙂 haha

    Wonderful collection, set, and post!! Thanks a million!!

    • bw

      I can’t believe I missed sweet Jimmy – I guess we’ll have to do him together. Nobody mentioned NO 8 – it’s not a great picture, but it’s retired porn pup Jake Bass – dark, almost black hair, fair skin, average dick but startling pale clear blue eyes. And when he was in porn, he was probably the champion cum shooter – the boy had distance and volume.

  • Bill S

    I am getting all wet, with #27.

    Many thanks to Keon for being Rick’s inspiration!!! (-:


  • Larry

    This post gives meaning to the phrase “in your face”!

  • Kent

    Hot Post. Love all the BBCs.

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