Dude. It’s a Friends Friday look at the “SPS pose.”

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. A few days ago I was thinking about the “Flandrin” or “Recurrent” pose. We did a post of pics on that pose on August 26, 2017. Then, it dawned on me that gay porn photos tend to fall into “pose” categories. The pics in todays post are a group I’m calling the “SPS pose,” with SPS standing for “Sits, Pits and Stiffies.”
I should probably point out that the SPS pose is not recognized by the National endowment for the arts – and, this may or may not be “Art”. It’s an interesting question… so here’s a quote from “Philosophy Now” that may be helpful:
“Art is something we do, a verb. Art is an expression of our thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires, but it is even more personal than that: it’s about sharing the way we experience the world, which for many is an extension of personality. It is the communication of intimate concepts that cannot be faithfully portrayed by words alone. And because words alone are not enough, we must find some other vehicle to carry our intent. But the content that we instill on or in our chosen media is not in itself the art. Art is to be found in how the media is used, the way in which the content is expressed.”
There you have it. We think these pics are “Art” and I’m planning to a series of photo art “poses” in the coming weeks. Hope you guys enjoy them. xoxo Rick (and Keon)

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  • FredinMotul

    Very clever idea Rick!! These are some fine examples of SPS Pose! Can I just say, #13? My Lord! Very nice!! As are so many others here. Thanks for the great post and the great idea. Looking forward to what comes next!!

  • mahtinp

    I love that you’ve given a name to this, and that you’re all on your way on vaccination front … Can’t wait to thoroughly enjoy the last two posts.

    URD gang,
    I love that y’all checked in on Larry. I’m glad you’re well, but arranged transportation like that is such a headache.

    We are well, and on a much needed vacation in the Smoky Mountains NP.
    Much Love,

  • ray

    Rick, I am, alas, not sophisticated enough to look at these charming pictures with an artist’s eye…but I sure do appreciate the yummy portrayed guys! Please keep on posting guys in art poses!


  • Jingle

    It’s also the favourite pose of Rough Trade when you’re blowing them!!

  • Tim from MO

    I like all 48 Artists proudly displaying their fine paint brushes.
    I would gladly let them simultaneously paint the canvas of my body with every shade of cum….

  • Denny

    A stunning, revealing pose like this most definitely deserves its own nomenclature!

    These dudes are magnificent, hairy or not.

    You know that saying in the potato chip commercial “Bet you can’t eat just one”? That would be me, facing such a hunky hot collection of beautiful men. I want them ALL!!!

    Thank you, Rick and Keon!!!


  • bw

    Most of these lads are pon pups – I’ll be back later when I feel better if you want to know who any of them are.
    Alas, my hope the 2nd vaccine would be a non-event has been dashed. The only joints that don’t hurt are my toes and fingers, and I have a ferocious headache and fatigue. I know it will mostly be gone by later today, but it’s no fun now.

    • bw

      Damn spell check – “pon pups” is not correct but it let it in anyway. How about porn pups.

    • Bill S

      Thanks for checking in…. Feel better soon Bill


    • Denny

      Never noticed the typo. “the eye sees what it needs to see”

      Feel better soon, Bill. We are thinking of you. We ❤❤❤ you !!!

    • ray

      bw, hopefully you will be rid of these nasty effects soon!

      Best wishes!

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Bill. We’d love it if you could identify some or all of these “porn pups.” Sorry about your reaction to the second shot. That just totally sucks. Hope you’ll be feeling much better SOON! xoxo

    • Roberto

      Bill, if you know #1, #9, #39 and/or #46, please share their names. Not the first time I go totally crazy about #1 and #46, by the way! Dream dudes!

      The only three hotties I know are: Isaac Hardy (#5/35), Mike de Marko (#37) and Dario Beck (#44). Fans of Isaac can enjoy more of his marvelous pits and junk in the college/series post of January 11, 2016.

      I guess #16 is not a porn pup, but he definitely could be. 😉 I also bet you’re specially fond of #43, who’s another stunning hairy beauty.

      Between the sweat and hot milk, how not to taste hunk #22 from head to toe?!

      I think I’d see #27’s pits & pubes from Mars! And I’d love to get inebriated like #30 with any of the hairy pits here!

      I’m getting seriously spoiled with the latest pitfests on URD! Thank you for making me go wild again with this spectacular ArtErotic post, Rick!

      Wishing you a Happy Birthday, Kent – enjoy your special day! And I hope you’re recovered by now, Bill!

  • Larry

    Great post. My favs are #18 and #28.

    What does anyone think of the size of #21? Is that thing real or photo shopped? I mean look at the 47 others.

    • Tim from MO

      Hey Larry…it looks to me like #21’s cock and balls are photoshopped.
      The darker lines around both sides of his nuts pretty much give that away, I think.
      Still…no harm fantasizing about him, and imagining his junk to actually be sized like that!

    • Jingle

      Larry Lover, in my not-so-humble opinion, I think #21 has been altered!! The torso, waistline, penis, and testicles all look like they’ve been photo-shopped, air-brushed, and touched-up beyond any believability!! Pffftt!!

      I’m a little surprised by your choice of junior hunk stud #28!! He’s a tad beefier than you usually go for!!… 🙂

    • bw

      I think NO 21 is a camera angle issue – he is Jack Hunter, and if you google him you will see he has a very large willy. I can’t not say if it has been tidied up in Photoshop. He is a gift to gay porn – totally versatile – nothing better than a bottom with a big dick.

      • Larry

        I wondered about the camera angle. Oddly I just discovered Jack Hunter on Next Door last night. He is hung\. He is listed as a bottom, but did a flip flop w\ith Jake Porter,

  • Denny

    Jeopardy news flash- so far Mike Richards (exec producer) likes Aaron Rodgers best as next Jeopardy host. Just sayin’…

    • Jingle

      I dunno, Dearheart… I found his performance a bit wooden, and out of his element!! He should just stick to “The Frozen Tundra”, as Lambeau Field is affectionately called!! 🙂

      • Denny

        Totally agree with you, Babydoll. “a bit wooden” is a perfect description. I was sensing a lack of enthusiasm myself. Guess we’ll see what we see…

        Hugs n kisses to ya !!!

    • unrulyadmin

      Jeopardy news flash – Dub says when he watches Aaron Rogers, he experiences an “overwhelming sense of ennui”. (How’s that for a 9 year old kid?)

    • Larry

      “wooden” is good. My word was going to be boring.Ken Jennings was the most natural, in my opinion.

  • Jingle


    OK, let me get my industrial strength kneepads, and I’ll get going blowing them all!! 🙂 haha

    I wanna start with Badass Fuck Machine #8!! WOW!!

  • bw

    HEre is my list but I’m still working on it:
    4 – Dalton Briggs – disappeared abruptly a couple of years ago. Fun fact – he was raised about 30 miles from me – he was an orphan from a Ukraine orphanage.
    7 – Will Braun
    21 – Jack Hunter – discussed above
    25 – Billy Brandt – gay for pay (supposedly) – retired years ago
    31 – Derek Atlas
    33 – Seth Knight – old photo when he was a twink bottom – now he’s tatted up and thinks he is some sort of butch top.
    I have more work to do – I recognize a bunch of these but still searching for a name to go with them.

    • bw

      I forgot one – NO 37 is Mike DeMarco – so Jingle, if you want to buy a $1,000,000 fixer upper in LA, he can be your Realtor and he’s a big ole bottom, so it would work out fine. But I think the real estate business has been so lucrative he has hung up his porn saddle, so to speak.

  • Denny

    💥💥💥 Buzzy Cohen will be hosting The Jeopardy Tournament of Champions 2021, May 17 – 28. He won it in 2017. He has a brilliant personality and a great sense of humor and is just the pic-me-up that Jeopardy needs! 🎈 🎈 🎈

    • unrulyadmin

      Buzzy… babe. You may be just the guy to save what has become a pretty B O R I N G show. We love Jeopardy, but we think so far, the guest hosts have been a disaster. Just saying.

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