Dude. It’s a matter of perspective!

BEN: “With the start of the school year just around the corner, I’ve been talking with “Dr. C” and our school’s board of directors about Covid in general – and the Delta variant in particular. We’ve decided school for kids under 12 will be “virtual” until vaccines become available. We’ll have regular, full time in-class learning for students 12 and over who provide proof of full vaccination. We’ve had some strong reactions including threats of lawsuits and other nonsense. Our attorneys have confirmed that “As a private institution, our school isn’t subject to any restrictions in terms of violations of the rights of students.” In other words, we can set requirements for our students and if they refuse to comply we can refuse to admit them. We only know of four students who won’t be attending because of our vaccination requirements (measles, mumps, rubella, HPV, meningitis, influenza and covid-19) – and our “waiting list” remains at well over 200 students. This is one time when living in our little “lake bubble” is a big advantage. Chad, Janette, Patricia and I will forge ahead and make absolutely sure our kids get a great education. We have a “waiting list” of kids who want to attend school here at our “Table Rock campus,” and plan to start limited admissions sometime after the Covid vaccines become available for kids under 12. I swear, it seems like I can’t even remember what “pre-pandemic” life was like 🙂 ”
DAVID: “On a totally unrelated subject, we had said earlier we’d be taking a “Jeopardy break” until there was a new season and permanent host. Of course, we record every Jeopardy show and couldn’t resist checking in to see what was going on. And… with the emergence of Josh Saak and Matt Amondio… and guest hosts like Sanjay Gupta and Robin Roberts, we haven’t missed any episodes. Guess “hard-core” Jeopardy fans just can’t stay away!”

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  • Denny

    David, every time Matt Amodio won another game, I thought of you, Ben and Dub taking your Jeopardy break, and just HOPING you’d decide to “take a little peek” and see what you were missing!!

    Actually, I thought Robin Roberts did pretty well all week. I dread this coming week, though, with the egotistical Levar Burton hosting. He doesn’t mind telling you that he feels HE is the one that Alex would want to take his place. The only good thing about the interview he gave on the topic = he trusts his wife to tell him how he’s doing in such cases; when he asked her , after hosting his first game, what she thought of his performance, she replied “meh”.

    I think we’re in for a whole week of “meh”.

    I just wanna see Matt Amodio win 5 games – and keep on winning!!!


    • Denny

      Matt is now one of only 15 contestants in the history of the game to win at least $100K in 3 games.

      He has an 84.2% chance to win a 4th game.

      Fingers crossed!!! 🤞

  • FredinMotul

    In the Summer of 1978, I applied for a job as Summer Camp Director for a local Montessori School. I got the job, and we had an awesome Summer. Behind the scenes, the School was in financial difficulties, and changes needed to be made to make it viable. So the Board of Directors decided to sell the “School” to a group that already was doing evening tutoring in the area. New Folks came in, saw what I was doing, and made me (GASP!) the Director of not only the Summer Program, which I LOVED, but the Director of the School Year Round. I was honored, enjoyed the raise I got, and was fine for a good six months, and then, all this Administrative Stuff, that I had not had to deal with before, became MY responsibility. I was determined to make it all work, and I did for three more years, when a dream job became available and I resigned. My new job did not require the first lick of Administration, and I was so very relieved. You guys are doing the right thing by requiring Vaccinations. It absolutely confounds me with the Anti Vax Movement. I read a piece recently that referred to the fact that there was great rejection of the Polio Vaccine when first developed and was required to attend school, calling it (you guessed it!)”Socialized Medicine!!!!” This uncanny repeat is frightening. They are playing with their lives and their Children’s lives. Anyway, welcome to the Joys and Heartache of Administration and Full Speed ahead.

    No easy access to USA Commercial TV here in Rural Mexico, so I will have to take you guy’s word for Jeopardy. Good Luck there too.

    And this Post!! Awesome. A couple of quick observations. #24, a fine hunk of a man IMHO, is standing in a mighty fine large convertible. Nice all around. #35 can chase me around in the woods any time he would like!! #45, who are you looking at? Why YOU silly! Who would not look??? Fine Post and thanks guys!!

    Stay safe, well and Happy!!

  • ray

    Ben and David, I hope that soon there will be no more need of considering what to do in times of a “pandemic”!
    Thanks for the selection of beautiful bodies and faces, I really like each and every one of htese guys! #47 is special!


  • Jingle

    Interesting collection of bird’s-eye views!!

    Love the pissers!!
    I hope the fine dudes in #4 moved into position like #21!!
    I feel bad for the guys in restroom stalls that fell victim to creeper spies!! Shoosh!!
    LOVE awesome #6’s Compass Rose tattoo!! And I’d be happy to replace his toy with my dick!! 🙂
    Pic #8 totally brings out the pig in me!! I’d like to be the “man in the middle”, and have all those hirsute hunk studs piss and cum on me as they see fit!! WHEW!!!
    At first glance, you might be impressed with #12’s musculature… but on closer inspection, he has the ruddy skin tone indicative of Steroid or HGH abuse!! Pffftt!!
    Aww… #18 will certainly appeal to the hopeless romantics in the crowd!!
    #29 and #47 must be checking out URD!! 🙂
    #32… Well, I guess that’s what happens when two bottoms hook up?!?! 🙂 haha
    Great group action in #44!!
    Friend Fred’s #45 is MAGNIFICENT!! WOW!! (And what cute ears he has!! 🙂 )
    LOVE the unruly fuckers in #46!!

    But at the end of the day – just leave nasty crazy scary raunchy HOT #10 and #37 to ol’ Jingle!! (Well, once #37 takes that dumbass banana clip out of his bleach-blond hair!! Shoosh!!) We’d Party ‘n Play, and get all kinds of freaky!! Fuck Yeah!!

  • Bill S

    The “view from up here” is just fine! I think #21 works very well, it’s hard to get a good 69 picture! (-:

    Now you really need to do a “view from down under!” post. (Aren’t I a devil?!).


  • bw

    I agree with Jingle – the unaware pissers are hot. And No. 9 sure seems happy with his finger up his own butt.
    It’s pretty obvious that Ben and his school have the kids best interests at heart, but I can not say the same for many of the public systems, and the worst seem to be those in highly “progressive” areas – NYC, LA, etc. They seem to have no appreciation for the harm they are doing to these kids – academically and emotionally. Where I live the systems are all going back soon – the debate is over masks, but not over whether to start a new school year.

  • BobbyB

    NUTritional💋Beautiful Real Man

  • Mees

    Admin, what’s your e-mail address? I want a picture to be removed from 5 years ago.

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