Dude. It’s “Eyes wide open” on “Friends Friday”!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. Keon and I want to bring you up-to-date on our “new” cabin at Table Rock. It’s been a whirl-wind and now that it’s finished, we’re looking forward to lots of summer fun at the Lake. We won’t bore you with the details but there a few things we just have to tell you.
First, Alex is amazing, he took charge of the project and didn’t slow up till it was done. He was like a squirrel, climbing around on the scaffolding and spray painting every square inch of the interior while the “gang” kept up with him, masking off the doors and woodwork. We had selected muted shades of blue and green and it turned out great. He surprised us at the end by doing a mural on one wall of the master bedroom. It’s a colorful painting of the rock garden and when you first look at it, you see the Japanese maple trees and the benches and bubbling urns… then, you realize the real center of attention is at the back. There’s a shirtless black boy in shorts and oversized sneakers… with a big grin – sitting on the rock retaining wall with his arm around his dog (who also seems to be grinning). It’s beautiful – and both Denise and Carol wept a bit when they saw it (Keon and I -and I think some of the other guys) may have teared-up a little, too.
Then, there was the flooring project. When we bought the cabin, the floor was covered with ugly gray indoor-outdoor carpeting. Raef and Chad looked at it and went to work cutting it into strips with utility knives and ripping it out. The gang pitched in and hauled the carpet strips out to the dumpster. There were some cracks in the concrete slab so Raef and Chad went to Branson and got some quick-set concrete patch and filled them. They did a wonderful job and when they were finished, Alex pronounced the floor “smooth as a baby’s butt.” It was then just a matter of laying the finish flooring. We used un-grouted, ceramic-vinyl tile that Alex says will be super easy to care for.
Denny has asked… but we honestly don’t know what to think about my brother’s relationship with Raef. We know they live together and own a dog together and stay together at a fishing lodge when they’re at the lake. Dub calls Raef “Unca Chad’s boyfriend” and somehow gets away with it. Of course, Dub still calls Bella “Izzie” and gets away with that, too 🙂
The last thing we did was move the furnishings in. Alex, Cal and Denise had helped us find and buy all the furniture and wall decorations (except the mattresses) at consignment shops and estate sales. It saved us a LOT of money and looks AWESOME.
Finally (as Steve Jobs might have said) “one more thing.” Alex wouldn’t take any money for all the work he did on the cabin. When we tried to pay him, he just laughed and said “Hey, you can’t afford me. Of course, at the prices I charge, I couldn’t afford me either.” So… Keon and I were really pleased we could help him and Cal with getting approved as “foster parents” by the Social Services Division. They still haven’t gotten the final word on “Chance” but we’re praying for them and hoping everything works out. It’d be wonderful having a new addition to our “Northland gang” and we know they’d be amazing foster parents – and Bella would be a terrific sister. I’m sure they’ll keep you posted.
Keon says the next time we go to the Lake, no one had better even mention the word “work” to us 🙂
xoxo Rick and Keon

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  • FredinMotul

    Wonderful News Rick. Impressive amount done in such a short time. Adds to the Mythos of the Northland Crew. Great post too! Thanks

  • Alexander


    Thanks for the Mega 4th of July Makeover update. Sounds like everything turned out better than planned. Loved the story that Dub calls Raef Unca Chad’s boyfriend. The label doesn’t matter. The fact they are together is good enough for me.

    Summer is only midway over. If I take a moment and look to the sky…it’s amazing the small parts of life that come together to make the moment, perfect. The new cabin, Jim and Carol, kids, pets, new foster parents…the stars are aligned. The best of times are now. Wishing the Northland Gang an unlimited supply of happiness. Make it a great summmer.


  • Jingle

    Oops… Didn’t really mean that to be a reply to Alexander, but the thought remains the same!!

    48 beautiful men sucking 48 beautiful cocks!! Wonderful!!

  • ray

    Open eyes and mouths…beautiful, thanks, guys! You have terrific friends,and I hope you all will spend a marvellous summer in your new lake homes!

  • Bill S

    I had the adventure of a lifetime in Kaslo. So-much-so that I am happy to be home!
    The best day of my life (so far) was July 9 when I had a wonderful time kayaking in my boat in the morning. And a most wonderful time having the exceptional honour to paddle with the crew of Voyageur Canoes in the evening!!! Note the French spelling; well, they ARE Canadian as well as being people who are descended from The FIRST PEOPLES of the North American Continent before we made the artificial boundaries between our non-existent Countries! THAT’s why it was such and honor to me! In fact, they named me Kaslo Bill. WOW! And they further honored me by send me the pictures via Email! Thanks Kaslo Carol!

    As I have already sent early Birthday Greetings to Ben and Jingle, I would like to send belated greetings to Larry for a wonderful year ahead. If it can be as wonderful a year as I have been having, then you are the luckiest man in the world, as well as I!!!!!

    XOXO from Kaslo Bill.
    Back later… I have a lot of catchin’ up to do! (-:

    • Jingle

      Why Bill, you’re absolutely gushing!! Good for you, babe!! 😄

    • ray

      Good to have you back after a great holiday!

    • Denny

      Kaslo Bill!! I am S-O-O happy to hear that your vacation went so well!!!

      And what an honor to be recognized by a group of Canadians with such an illustrious history!!

      Welcome back – I’ve been missing you!!!


    • Larry

      My goodness, My birthday just keeps on going. Thanks for your good wishes.

      • Bill S

        Hi Larry,

        A while back I saw a human interest story on some TV news program and I thought you would like to hear about, if you didn’t already at some time or other.

        An 80+ year old man went to an assisted-living home to live. He met another single, 80 (or so) year old man who already was living there. They became close friends. One day one of these friends told the other that he was gay. And the other proposed marriage then and there! They did indeed wed. Right there in the “home” and the entire crew and staff and residents and all their friends and family all attended the ceremony. And then the happy couple returned TO THEIR ROOM!

        And that was the end of the news segment. Of course it brought tears to my eyes. I don’t know any more about it, but I decided that the only end of the story is, “And they lived happily ever after! The End”


        • Denny

          Tucked in the middle of a 3 day old post, a lot of guys will miss this, but what a sweet story this is! A beautiful love story!
          I’m pretty sure Larry will find ways to kick up his heels when he transitions to his new surroundings

          • Larry

            I am not sure what to say about this. If I could kick up my heels and walk without support I wouldn’t have to move. At my age I am not looking for a partner, I will settle for getting fucked now and then.

          • Jingle

            Larry Lover, I wondered what you would have to say about all this?!?! Sometimes our more sentimental friends, in “real” life and here on URD, think we should be looking for love and settling down!!

            They just don’t get the mind-set of the “confirmed bachelor”!!…

    • Brad

      Happy to hear of your wonderful trip and safe return, Bill S… 🙂

  • Denny

    Rick and Keon, it sounds like your humble cabin on The Lake has been transformed into a designer’s dream come true – and Alex is our HERO!!!

    When your hard-working friends care enough to even patch up the cracks in the foundation slab, before installing the tile, I would say you have a ground-up renovation!

    Best of all, you now have one of Alex’s classic, signature murals, that includes your precious son and his dog! Truly one-of-a-kind!!! While you get to see that beautiful painting every week end when the weather is nice, why not take a pic of it, enlarge it, frame it, and hang it in your Platte Woods home, where you can enjoy it all winter long. Just a thought. 🙂

    I think I’m gonna quit “wondering” about Chad and Raef because…I think Chad and Raef are doing plenty of their own “wondering”. Time will tell and there is no rush. Dub is a brilliant child for sure, but until the hormones start raging in 4-5 years, for him to say Raef is “Unca Chad’s boyfriend” isn’t really that much different from his saying “Suzy Q is Unca Chad’s girlfriend”. Anyway, Time will Tell.

    ########## ########## ########## ##########

    All these gorgeous cocks and all these gorgeous faces – can I just gobble them all up??? WHEW!!! DAYUM!!!

    To pick a favorite is pure torture. 🙂

    I do LOVE the baby blues on #16. Such an intense look – I think he knows he is close to feeling that chocolate popsicle in his ass VERY soon.

    #20 – that looks like a “guaranteed to please” look.

    #33 looks like “I’ve done this a million times and I can never get enough of it”.

    #47 looks confident that he will get that last little bit down his throat so don’t nobody worry about it. And I swallow too. And I ‘m lovin’ your pubes, Babe.

    And #48 – he’s gonna make it last and l-a-a-s-t and when he finally takes the load, he’s gonna keep on sucking, you know, to make the guy crazy.

    Great post, Rick!! Thank you!!

  • bw

    Congratulations on finishing the cabin on time and it sounds like on budget! You’ll quickly find that the best part is not having to pack – you leave your stuff there. I pick up some wine, tonic water, limes and 1.2 & 1/2 and I’m set – it makes things so much nicer and less stressful. I was thinking about little Travon – not that long ago he literally had nothing, now he has a house, a family with dads who love him, a pup, and a second home on a lake with his own special room. It has to be hard for him to believe it.
    You guys know I look at eyes, and I declare a tie in this post for the best – scruffy No 22 with the long eyelashes and pretty blue eyes, and pretty boy No 32 with the stunning pale blue eyes.
    PS – tell Alex if I win the lottery I’m going to hire him to decorate the new houses.

  • Brad

    The intimacy between two men when one sucks the cock of the other can be distant at times, but with eye contact, this intimacy brings the two men closer and their bond is sealed.

    All 48 photos show this bond in intimate and wonderful detail. Thanks, Rick! I also note the various inter-racial pairs in this collection. This is an endearing nod to Rick’s his husband, and I like it! 🙂

    I am not surprised at all that Alex was the general contractor and marshaled the gang around to finish your cabin in spectacular fashion. It sounds like a wonderful place where Keon, Travon, and you can make memories for years to come.

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