Dude. It’s finally time for some “ankle wads”!

We had the whole gang over for dinner Saturday evening so everyone could meet “Buzz.” We’d had him groomed and he loved being the center of attention – but still stayed close to Dub the whole time. Cal and I were talking and he said he’d really like to “tag on” to a post so he could update everyone on the happenings with Alex, Izzie and him. I told him I’d put up a post today. While I was thinking about what to post, it dawned on me we’ve never done an “ankle wads” post on UnrulyDude. I used to do them on the old URD and couldn’t believe we’d never done one here. It’s a very different kind of post so I hope you like the pics… and I’m sure you’ll be happy to get Cal’s update.

Hi, everyone. It’s Cal. We haven’t posted anything in quite a while so I thought I’d bring you up to date on what’s going on with us. Things are finally settling down a bit. Alex and I got so far behind on our jobs while we were working on the new cabin, we wondered if we’d ever catch up. There’s still a lot to do at the cabin but we think it’s great. Alex did an amazing job with the colors, decorating and furnishings… it really is a showcase of his talents. He’s still taking interior decorating classes and has now re-decorated five of the condos over in Briarcliff (in addition to my Mum and Dad’s). He loves doing it (and is making excellent money). I swear, everyone at Briarcliff knows “Scott and Denise” and she keeps lining up jobs for Alex as fast as he can get to them.
Then… there’s “Izzie.” Denny’s comment of a while back just totally cracked us up. He said,
“Walking along Commercial St in Ptown on our way to lunch at The Patio, walking toward us, 2 hunky daddies, one with a 4-ish yr old lol miss on his shoulders. He held her ankles, she held on to his forehead and man, she telling her daddies what for! Made me think of Alex & Cal!”
Boy, does he know our little girl. She’s convinced she’s in charge of just about everything and doesn’t hesitate to let folks know. She’s busy with pre-school, Cookie and her friends – and spends a couple of nights each week over with her grands (which gives Alex and me a chance to be the “dirty boys” we like being). She’s decided her name is no longer “Izzie” and insists everyone call her “Bella” now. If anyone calls here “Izzie” she pretends she doesn’t hear them, so I guess she’s now “Bella.” That’s for everyone except Dub who still calls her “Izzie” and gets away with it.
We hope all you guys are doing well. David told me October’s birthdays are “Wonder boy” and “bw” so we’re looking forward to their birthday posts – and sending them our best wishes.
xoxo Cal and Alex

7 comments to Dude. It’s finally time for some “ankle wads”!

  • Denny

    Ankle wads!! Ankle wads?? Where have I been all my life?? I have never heard that term before. Altho’, truth be told, I did more than my share of “Ankle wadding”, at highway truck stops, in my younger, wild and crazy days, before I met Dave. He probably saved me from a life of degradation and ruin. 🙂

    My favorite ankle wadder here is #38. Just enough hair in all the right places, and an overall great body to guarantee a good time. My runner up is #40. He appears to have the situation well in hand, knows what he wants and he’s going for it!

    Love hearing about Buzz! The fact that “he loved being the center of attention – but still stayed close to Dub the whole time”, tells us all we need to know about that little dog. He was miserable in his former home. He knew he wasn’t loved. Now, I’m sure he hates to have Dub out of his sight for even a minute. I bet he spends all his time on Dub’s bed while Dub is at school.

    CALLUM !! It was about a week ago I started getting the feeling it was time for an update on you, Alex, and the young Ms Bella, formerly known as Izzie!! I knew you and Alex were no doubt still hard at work at the cabin, turning it into a masterpiece worthy of HGTV, House Beautiful, and Better Homes and Gardens. AND, it sounds like the name of Alex the Decorator is becoming a household name at Briarcliff!! “Oh your place is beautiful!! Who did it?” Why, Alex the Decorator, haven’t you heard? Here, I’ll give you his card and you can get on the list. Alex – you DO have a CARD, RIGHT!!! lol

    And, I gotta say, it totally cracks me up that Dub is the ONLY one that Izzie, oops – Bella – will allow to call her Izzie. Guess we all know who’s leader of the laundermat in THAT crowd of kids!!

    Big time thanks to you, Callum, for your thoughtfulness in remembering your fan club here on URD! XOXOXO

    And David, thank YOU for the “Ankle Wads”!! I will be ready for more of these dudes anytime!!

  • ray

    Denny has already said pretty much all, I didn’t know what the title meant. The perspective of the pictures is interesting, #2 looks really evil and appealing…Callum and Alex, I am very glad to hear that everything is fine and your
    daughter is reigning…

  • Bill S

    I like #47 — by the positions, you can tell what’s going on — just use your imagination! (-;

    I wouldn’t be surprised if “Young Miss” prefers to be called “Isabella” soon.

    And now that Buzz is groomed, I’m sure he’s a handsome puppy!!! Right David?


  • Denny

    Still wondering about Ty and Damien – did their condo survive the devastation from Hurricane Michael in the Florida panhandle?

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