Dude. It’s in the jeans!

Keon and I were in St. Louis last week for a business conference at Washington University. We were busy all week but Thursday’s lunch break was “on your own,” so we headed to “Salt+Smoke” to try their famous BBQ. It was a pretty day with the temp in the mid-sixties so we got carry-out BBQ and walked over to a campus green space for a “picnic.” There were lots of students out and a group of seven guys were tossing frisbees. Six of them were in jeans and shirtless. It was a grand lunch – with absolutely stunning scenery 🙂

8 comments to Dude. It’s in the jeans!

  • Alexander

    Glad you tried “BBQ for Besties”. St Louis doesn’t have the depth of BBQ like Kansas City, but Salt N Smoke will do.
    Washington University has an interesting campus.


  • Jingle

    Fan-FUCKING-tastic!!!!! 😋

    Can’t wait to get home and really get into this!!

  • Bill S

    A good lunch and eye candy for dessert — what could be better?

    Hot post! I imagined them FCCO! LOL


  • Jingle

    Outstanding collection, set, and post!!

    And you had me from the git!!… #1 is magnificent!! LOVE those Pop-Eye biceps!! And about hardhat #4’s pecs?!?! Dang!!
    The bulge in #5’s jeans made my eyes pop, my jaw drop, and my mouth water!! WHEW!!!
    Heavily tattooed #6 and selfie #20 are crazy hot!!
    #10 IS a 10!! WOW!!
    And #16, 17, 18, 21, 23, 26, 30, 35, 37, 38, 39, 45, 46, and 47: OH… HELL… YES!! Any or all of them!! Preferably ALL of them!! 🙂 haha I’d be happy to host an orgy!!
    #32 is an iconic pic that routinely makes the rounds!! And with damn good reason!! WHOA!!!!!
    #34 is nasty crazy scary hot!!

    Pick a favourite?!?!… Nah, not even gonna try!! Although, I must admit an especial fondness for bangin’ hot #18 and #23 with their pierced nipples!! 🙂

    This one belongs in the “Best of the Best” folder!!!!!

    Thank you!!

  • bw

    I like NO 40 – just a typical lad, nice and furry and cute. I bet that trail leads to a nice package, and if you turn him around I suspect there is a sweet little triangle of soft fur at the base of his spine that points to a hairy butt. Very nice collection of men here – and this proves that we are not all pervs who need to see them naked to appreciate the beauty (but seeing them naked would be nice too).

  • Tim from MO

    Nothing beats a hot man with all the bulging up front fixin’s, and a round shapely ass cloaked in a layer of denim.
    Very sexy post! Thank you Rick & Keon! XO

  • FredinMotul

    Excellent post. So many men to dream about as I drift off to sleep . Thanks men. Trust you will be thawing out more soon !

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