Dude. It’s November, and the question is: “To shave – or not to shave?”

Hey, guys. It’s Rick and Keon. Cal texted us and asked if we’d be doing a “Friends Friday” post this week, and if so wanted to know if he could “tag onto it”. We told him “Yes” and “Of course” – so here you have it. Keon and I had fun putting this together. Some of the pics match better than others but hey, whether these guys “match up” or not, they’re still HOT πŸ™‚

It’s Cal and we’ve got some good news. We met with Chance’s medical team on Wednesday and he’s set to have his cochlear implants done on Tuesday, November 26th. We’re excited for him and he’s obviously very excited about it himself. We understand that getting the implants is just the first step on his hearing journey, but we’ll be there for him – as will the Northland gang. We got approval from our insurance company in, like six hours after we submitted it, which is a blessing in itself. Ben and Dub have already made arrangements to miss school so they can be there with us on the 26th. We think is’s going to be an amazing Thanksgiving and we hope you’ll keep us in your thoughts and prayers. xoxo Cal and Alex

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  • Alexander

    Heya Cal and Alex,

    Congratulations on scheduling Chance’s cochlear implant for Nov 26.
    What an incredible Thanksgiving gift.

    The hardest part will be the 4 – 6 weeks healing and then
    the tuning of the speech processor. Chance and Dub seem wise beyond
    their years. Hope they have patience too.

    2020 will be a magical yearπŸŽ‰ Can’t wait for your description
    of Chance’s face when the implant is active.


  • Jingle

    Fan-fucking-tastic!! πŸ˜ƒ

    Can’t wait to really get into this!!…

  • ray

    The right pictures for a great weekend!
    Cal, I certainly will keep you guys in my thoughts!


  • bw

    Thanks for sharing the good news about Chance. I’m not sure I understand exactly how these things work, but people who have them seem to do really well. If the gang has to discuss what they are thankful for before Thanksgiving dinner, the food will get cold – it’s been a grand year.
    You guys know my opinion on shaving, or ‘manscaping’ as it it politely called. It started in the gay community but as most things do, moved over to straight men – it seems to have run it’s course among gay men, but as usual the straights are lagging behind. I prefer the furrier men in this post – but would be all over any of the smoothies as well. Great idea for a post – this had to be a ‘bear’ to put together.

  • Bill S

    My favorite set here is #43 —- SO close, so close, right on the verge! Can you feel it?! SO HOT!!!

    There will not be a dry eye in the house on Nov. 26. Best of luck to all. I’m SO glad that Dub will be there! He’s my hero.


  • Larry

    Hot post. I like the shaved look.I can’t imagine how much time it took to match these photos.

    Glad to hear about Chance. I looked up the Wickipedia article and am not sure I understand it all either, BW, but they seem to help most of those who get them, I am glad your insurance will cover it because the internet says they can cost between $30,000 and $100000.

  • Denny

    Alex and Cal – a heartfelt THANK YOU for the latest and greatest news about your son, the latest of the lucky lads (and lass!) to become a member of the Northland Gang. At the same time, he has captured the hearts of the URD Family. The date “Nov. 6th” stuck in my mind the minute you posted it, just as “Nov 26” is now stuck in its place.
    I am amazed the insurance company responded so quickly – a stroke of good fortune!

    I don’t know how much apprehension a happy, secure, and well loved 7 year old boy might feel as the surgery date grows near – all I know, and am absolutely sure of, is, the love of his two Dads, and the presence of his Brother Under The Skin, Dub, will see him through.

    Keep us posted!!!


    Rick and Keon, I know this post was a LOT of work for you, but as you say, it was a lot of fun. I’m pretty sure everything you guys do together is a LOT of fun!!

    Hairy guys are my thing, but as bw mentioned, I wouldn’t kick ANY of these manscaped guys out of bed, unless it was to fuck them on the floor, the dining room table or in the back yard. πŸ™‚

    Thank you, Guys!! I will be returning to this post often!!!


  • FredinMotul

    What excellent news for Chance! I know you guys will all be there for him. Can not help to think what a lucky young man he is with you guys as support team!! Looking forward to more good news!!

    Fine Post! Lovely surprise after 5 days of no Internet. A very large truck took a turn two tight and ripped a telephone pole right out of the ground, and there went our Landline and Internet. Thank goodness for Cell Phones. Made it through. Best to all!

    • Jingle

      How frustrating!! Sounds like you took it in stride, though!! Shoosh!!

      • FredinMotul

        Definitely a First World Problem, but man when it is what you have to communicate with the folks back home, and keep up to date, it seemed more important to us than it was! We have a local technician that works this area, and we were glad to see him on the job, but we were sad to see he was the only guy there. He had to reset the post alone! Then, rewire it. Post had not broken, just plucked from the ground. Got it done before I could have even planned what to do!

  • Roberto

    I’ve stated my preferences here enough times to bore anyone to death, but once again, in all Shakespearian eloquence: not to shave!! πŸ™‚ Men don’t need to be furry (and many, or even most, simply aren’t), but I’m always happy when I see body hair where it grows. Non-shaved #31 and #47 are good examples: smooth torsos, but pit and pubic hair adorning the set, and this humble fella is aesthetically pleased for sure. The former’s beard and the latter’s buzz cut certainly are great adds to my taste.

    I remember hairy #27 from the very first birthday post David & Ben dedicated to me (2015), but it was not until recently that I found out his name is Tony Milan and he’s Brazilian! He’s already so bloody fucking delicious, let alone with that hairy body covered in cum – YUMMY!!

    Ty Roderick (hairy #41) is back to URD after a long while, I think (pretty sure Jingle and Fred noticed him), and remember Ian Parker, the guy with the fleshlight in the recent fore and aft post? That’s him in #46 showing his fuzzy hole in all its glory.

    Rick & Keon, you did an extraordinary job matching these pics, and I could pick many of the hairy/non-shaved dudes as my favorites in any post – what a selection, and hairy #48 is an absolutely apotheotic finale!!! πŸ™‚

    Cal, whether I’m commenting or not, be sure Chance and all you guys are in my thoughts.

    Best to all,

  • Jingle

    Grey, chilly, and drizzly here this morning!! But I’ve got a pot of Chili started on the back hob, a big pot of Panera Dark Roast, Sports Center on the TV, this astounding post on the Chromebook, and Fritz to keep me comfy cozy!! πŸ™‚ Life is Beautiful!! πŸ™‚

    You said this collection was fun to do!! Well, I can assure you it’s fun to look at!! I truly appreciate the time, thought, work, and effort that went into it!!

    Astounding!! And I bet my left nut that Brother Brad will appreciate all the H2T!! Like my dear friends/brothers/lovers bw and Denny have noted, I lean to the Furry dudes; but quite a few of the Smooth dudes are bangin’ HOT, too!!

    *For the sake of expedience, moving forward, I’ll be abbreviating “Furry” as “F”, and “Smooth” as “S”!!…

    You had me from the git!!… F#1 is MAGNIFICENT!! As is F#4, F#6, S#6, F#10 (WOW!!), F#18 (another WOW!!), F#22, F#29 (GREAT tan-lines!!), S#35, F#38, F and S#39, F#40!! YOWZA!!!!
    Crazy hot F#5 has the perfect cock and balls to suck and lick!!
    Love the amazing PopEye biceps on both dudes in #8 and #21!!
    Both dudes in #9 are posed in the same setting, in very similar poses!! A favourite of the photographer, no doubt!!
    Both dudes in #14 are super-cute and super-hot!! And their smiles just make them all more engaging!! πŸ™‚
    If you look closely at hot as fuck F#15, you’ll see he has a Guiche neatly tucked under his lovely balls!! πŸ™‚
    And S#15 has such a great All-American look about him!! I’d be on my knees in a flash to worship his pretty dick and balls!!
    S#16 es muy caliente!! Aye, papi!! (His F companion is no slouch, either!! πŸ™‚ )
    Hey Bill S, my excellent friend, the dudes in #17 and #32 are well on their way to your fantastic #43!!…
    F#20 is none other then our old friend and favourite, Scott Campbell!! And F#41 is the always smokln’ hot, Ty Roderick!! Always good to see them!! πŸ™‚
    Junior Hunk Stud S#22 will only get hotter as he matures!!…
    The tall dudes in #23 are having my idea of a great Wet T-Shirt Contest!! πŸ™‚ haha
    #24 is a show-stopper!! WHOA!!!!! Both dudes are just stunning!! Beautiful!! Striking!! And all that lovely foreskin!! I actually stepped back from the computer for a moment!!
    Both dudes in wicked funny #26 are crazy hot!! Great ink!! Hey, remember that iconic image of all the guys in the Red Hot Chili Peppers wearing nothing but socks on their cocks?!?!
    Who wants to help me clean up the dudes in #27?!?! (If beautiful S#27 wants to get his other nipple pierced, I’ll go with him!! And I’ll even pay!! πŸ™‚ And while he’s high on Adrenaline and Endorphins, I’ll give him the blowjob of his Life!!)
    The happy sluts in #28 need some tongue and dick in their sweet hungry holes, pronto!! πŸ˜‰ I guess we better get after #46, too?!?!
    Damn the false modesty in #29!! Pffft!!
    Loves me some vintage dude, F#33!! Wonder what he looks like now??…
    Pretty safe to say I’d join either dude in #34 in their Hot Tubs!! Crazy hot S#34 looks like he’d be big fun and “Slippery When Wet”!! πŸ™‚ haha
    S#36’s well-defined scrotal raphe is awesome!! Both dudes in #40, too!!
    With his well-stocked liquor cabinet, (clothing optional) party at S#38’s place!! πŸ™‚ haha
    Hunk Stud S#39 is fantastic!! I’d like to start with his phenomenal nipples, and work my way down to his gorgeous cock!!
    Aww… loves me some bangin’ hot big bundle o’ man F#42!! And hunky S#42 is crazy hot!!
    A further note on Bill S’s awesome #43: I love how engorged and bulbous their amazing cockheads are!! They’re gonna shoot any second!!
    Not-so-furry F#47 is nasty crazy scary HOT!! As is not-so-smooth S#48!! If they hooked up, it would be the fuck of the of the year!!
    Oh boy, F#48 has Beto Baby written all over him!! πŸ™‚

    But at the end of the day, after thoroughly reviewing each and every one of these 96 great guys; my slam-dunk favourite is intensely, insanely HOT F#13!!!!! Nothing – and I do mean NOTHING – I don’t dig about him!! I would go crazy on him from tip to toe!! And go back to his amazing uncut cock, over and over and over!!!!!…

    Fantastic!! Buff, be sure to put this in your “Best of the Best” folder!!

    Dang!! Is it too early in the day for a cocktail?!?! πŸ˜‰

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