Dude. It’s time for a “Bananarama” !

Dude. It’s like this. There’s a pandemic going on… and there’s no one at the glory holes… and meeting up with someone without a mask on your face ain’t gonna happen. Why not just stay home and stick a banana up your butt? Nothin’ better to do… WHY-THE-FUCK WOULD YOU NOT?

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  • ray

    You food-wasters! 🙂
    Anyway, the fruit should be washed thoroughly, as even red wine or coke have been tested “positive”…This is sexy and hilarious, which is a rare combination! Thanks!

  • Jingle

    I agree with ray that this is “sexy and hilarious”!! 🙂 🙃

    Happy Mardi Gras, everyone!! Laissez les bon temps rouler!!

  • Jingle

    These Banana Stuffers certainly have their a-PEEL!! 😄 (Sorry guys, it was right there!!)

  • Denny

    Hey, whatever floats your boat. #9 has the right idea – put a condum on it!

    Yes, Babydoll – Laissez les bon temps rouler!!
    That would be a GREAT phrase for the kids to learn in French class!!!

    Just as I do every year for Lent, I will be giving up ham hocks and lima beans. 😎


  • ray

    Denny, what’s the substitute?

  • Jingle

    Got home from a particularly boring day at work to check out these Fruity Fuckers!! As I made my way through the post, I was struck by how many of them are stuffing both ends!! Jeez…

    OMG!! #2 is a Banana DP!! Yipes!!
    #3 is the first of four repeat visitors!! You can see him again in #12 and #48!! #5 and #40 are the same dude!! As are #19 and #38, and #27 and #42!!
    #5/40 has a great Perineal Raphe!! And #9 has a great Scrotal Raphe, as well as Perineal!!
    How can #6 be soo fuzzy furry, but his calves and shin(s) are hairless?!?!
    #7 and #15 with their Chastity Devices… No way!! Pffftt!!
    If you look in the backgrounds of pics #13 and #23, you’ll see the rest of the bunch!!
    #16… Banana Cream!! 🙂 haha (God only knows what he’s gonna do to with that Melon!!)
    I dig crazy hot #21’s big balls!!
    #24 is actually using a Plantain!! And he’s sure gaped himself with it!! WHEW!!!
    #29 is so cute and hot, surely he could find a buddy to fuck him!!
    Given all his Medals and Citations, “Faggot Slut Whore” #31 must excel at some sport!!
    Gooning #34 must be flying on poppers!!
    Of topic note on cute #36: I loathe, with a passion; that flat-panel, slab-sided, honey Oak door!! Uggh!!
    In pic #42, you can really see the outside-mount Door Handle and Lock on #27/42’s door!! Wonder if it’s historic, or replica?!?!

    Alrighty then, the dude I’d most like to give my dick to, so he can put the Bananas aside,is (of course), fuzzy furry hunky humpy, bangin’ hot and handsome #37!!

    Ya know, I don’t think I’ll ever to be able to look at a Banana the same way again!! 🙂 haha

  • Jingle

    Ash Wednesday… I have no intentions of giving up anything for Lent this year!! We’ve all made enough Sacrifices already!! 😐

    In any event, it wouldn’t be URD anyway!! 😀

    • bw

      You nailed it Jingle – after the past 12 months, nobody needs to give up anything else. The political hack mayor of New Orleans made sure there was no Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday or any other celebration – and doomed half the bars and restaurants in her city.

      But I will join the others in giving up haggis.

  • Tim from MO

    So….I’m wondering if a banana in the ass would count towards one of your daily servings of fruit? 🤣

    A while back a co-worker friend of mine was in my office during break. He’s a young married straight fellow, who reeks of sexy virility.
    I had brought a banana to work to have a break-time. I had peeled it back, and without even thinking about what it looked like did with it what I often do before biting off a piece: I looked at it…studied it…then licked it…looked at it again then slid my lips down over it about 2” and took a bite off.

    As I was chewing it, I happened to look over at him and saw him staring intently at me. I suddenly realized what I’d just done when he said, “You know sometimes…I wonder about you….”

    I just shrugged, laughed and said, “Well, what can I say. I do love my bananas!” Lol!
    He doesn’t know it, but I’d blow him in a heartbeat. Sexy fucker he is.

    Love the post. And yes, I’ve done what these Unrulydude’s have done with their bananas.
    Along with Cucumbers. (Note: English Cucumbers are a little more slender for those with a tighter sphincter).
    And Carrots….

    I’ll stop there 😈

    • mahtinp

      That is a tantalizing story and I often have to prevent myself from eating bananas that way at work …
      And yes English Cucumbers are one of my favorite flora on this earth.

      And yes … we should stop.


  • FredinMotul

    Nature in Her Abundance provides for many pleasures! Thanks Men. Clever Post! Something to warm us up!

  • Denny

    Off topic but well worth it:

    Watch the evening news tonight to see the implosion of Trump Plaza Casino in Atlantic City, N.J. as it is reduced to a pile of rubble via 3000 sticks of dynamite. Heh-heh-heh 😁 🤣 😃

    • Tim from MO

      I cannot think more fitting end to the Trump name in Atlantic City….
      A charlatan in a house of cards comes crashing down!

      On another note: Rush Limbaugh died this morning.
      This man is the Genesis of rabid bigoted ultra far right talk show hosts who laid the foundations for this kind of crap being spewed out these days over the airways (such as Hysterical Sean Hannity and Carlson Tucker on Fox).

      An eventful day of riddance, to anything with the Trump name as well as Limbaugh the hateful bigot.

  • mahtinp

    Which one of you unruly men made this post, I must know, because the creativity deserves to be awarded … and though Bananarama is a great name … I’ve thought of one better.
    “Doles in Holes”

    We’ve given up 11 months for Lent basically, so I’m sitting here eating paczkis and drinking at 1 am.

    Much Love – and hopefully warmth,

    • unrulyadmin

      Well, Phil. I’m the guilty party. I had great fun putting the post together… and yes… Ben and I have tried sticking bananas up each others’ butt. It was fun, but we strongly prefer dicks! xoxo David

  • Denny

    Jeopardy fans – tomorrow (2/19) is Ken Jennings’ last day as guest host.

    He is followed by Mike Richards, (Jeopardy executive producer) for 2 weeks, to March 5th.

    Then we have Katie Couric for 2 weeks.


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