Dude. It’s time for a Friends Friday peek into Rick’s “Sex stuff” folder!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. This is kind of a strange collection of pics. Just a bunch of fun and/or interesting stuff I’ve put in a “Sex stuff” folder over time. It’s for sure something different and I hope you enjoy it. (BTW, can someone please tell us what the tattoo on dude #07 says?)

We had a little birthday party for Bella Saturday evening and I’ll let Cal or Alex tell you about it. While we were together we were talking and Ben said he thought it’d be cool if everyone would do a post to update you on what’s happening with our kids. Chad said “Sure. What’s a porn blog without stories about children?” We all laughed – but agreed we’d do it. So here’s a bit about what’s going on with Travon. He’s eight years old now – and the joy of our lives. “Max” is with him constantly except when he’s in school. He loves spending time with the other kids fishing, boating, swimming, playing horseshoes, and exploring our area of the Lake. Jim and Scott had railroad ties and a bunch of loads of sand brought in and built a regulation 60′ x30′ “beach volleyball” court that’s been a huge hit with the whole gang. We’ve played 2 against 2, 3 against 3, 4 against 4 and 5 against 5… with a mix of kids and us older guys. We’re slowly getting better and having lots of fun (and great exercise).
Tra spent hours and hours this past Spring and early Summer doing a series of photos he titled “Rock Garden friends.” It has beautiful color photos of butterflies, hummingbirds, other birds, turtles, rabbits, squirrels and, of course his favorite black snake (all taken in our rock garden). Pop-pops picked 24 of them… got them enlarged, printed and mounted and entered them in an amateur photographers contest in Dallas. Yup. It took first place and now Tra has a blue ribbon on the wall of his room. Pop-pops says he’s a very talented young man with a big future if his interest in photography continues.
Tra is quieter than the other kids because he’s interested in and busy analyzing everything around him. He’s growing “like a weed” and is one of the most genuinely happy people we’ve ever known.
So that’s our contribution to the “gay porn and kids” theme Ben suggested. Hope you enjoy it – and don’t think it’s too strange 🙂

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  • bw

    Knowing where you started with Travon , this is a remarkable tale. You and Keon saved this kids life – and who knows where his talent will take him. This is a great story and not a bit strange!
    I love this eclectic post – excellent!

  • FredinMotul

    “Gay Porn and Kids” NORMALLY is an very unacceptable subject, BUT here, it makes perfect sense, as the news about your varied precious young ones is certainly one of the reasons I am here. It is nice to experience the joy and excitement you Young Gay Dads have raising your kids. I really do miss it. My “Baby” is now 38 years old and married to the nicest girl ever, so, I am not in his daily life as I once was. Hubby too! So, at least I get to enjoy your triumphs from afar and relish all your news. How exciting for Travon. He has come so far in a really a very short time. I know how proud all of you are of him. Really awesome “Fix” for me. Thanks guys.

    About this incredible Post. Pictures #3 and # 9 Made me laugh out loud! Really neat. Both very Sporty Men for sure. Please help me understand #34. Is this from a movie or something? I mean Early Stargate Episodes were pretty racy, but I do not remember any Male nudity, except for some very nice Backside shots there. That looks like a convincing creature on that poor young man’s belly. Any clues? Great all around Men. Thanks for spicing up my Wednesday.

    Trust you all are well, safe and happy! So Far, So Good here.

  • Alexander

    Hey Rick,

    Thanks for the update. Excellent that Keon won the blue ribbon in photography.
    Pop-pops should layout the photos for an Apple book. Sell it on the app store and send
    the funds ahead to Tra’s college fund. It would be cool to be a published author no
    matter if it is Apple publishing or Simon and Schuster. Looking foward to updates on others.


  • ray

    It’s been quite some time since we have heard of Travon, I am happy that he is fine and a happy young guy! I do not find the pictures to be too strange except for #36 if this is a real tattoo…
    Thanks, guys!

  • Denny

    The last time Ben spoke of The Table Rock Gang, he told us how busy you all were with your respective jobs.

    Imagine my surprise when I clicked on URD and found THIS delightful post! THANK YOU, Rick!!!

    Chad, you are crackin’ me up with your comment about porn and kiddie stories in the same blog, but, as we all know, and understand, there can be no other way here at URD. Can’t wait to hear how Matty and Alyssa are doing. Does Matty ever mention his mother? I’m gonna guess that you and Raef keep him so busy with his happy new life, he has no time to look back.

    Rick, your update on Tra just melts my heart. It’s not quite 4 years ago that you and Kevon took in a frightened, sad little boy – and now, thanks to Pop-pops, he has a blue ribbon on his bedroom wall!!! Talk about “fast forward” !!!

    Rick, I am lovin’ these pics!! A real “Walk on the Wild Side”!!! My fave is #46. As for that tattoo on #7 – the best I can make out thru all the curlie-cues is ” The truth that’s Behind all lies Is opened by Real eyes.” Sounds to me like something that was translated from another language ? Maybe Jingle can help us out?? What do you think, Babydoll?

    Hurricane Ida tore up New Orleans so badly, I couldn’t believe it still had the strength to hit the New York City area with torrential rainfall, massive flooding and even a tornado. We in south west CT got the heavy rains yesterday afternoon until 4 a.m. this morning (Sep 3rd and 4th), with some flooding, but now Ida is gone forever, thank God.

    Next Weds, Sept 8th, Dave & I leave for our 17th annual 10 day stay at the same wonderful waterfront condo in Provincetown. While we are away, we are having the kitchen gutted to the 4 walls and totally redone. This means we gotta get EVERYTHING out of every cupboard and drawer like no one even lives here!!! So if you don’t hear from me much – that’s why!!!

    Ptown is lucky enough to have the best town manager it has had in YEARS. Alex Morse is a former mayor of the city of Holyoke, MA, he is well respected by “the Townies” ( local year round residents), he knows what he is doing – and he just happens to be gay. After the 4th of July Covid shitfest, he got Ptown back under control quickly – and that includes the D variant. Dave & I go there next week, with our masks, to be sure, but feeling confident and safe.

    Thanks again, Rick, for this post!!! Can’t wait to hear how all the Gang is doing!!! I l-o-v-e the idea of the Beach Volleyball Court!!!


    • ray

      Denny, safe and pleasant holidays without rain or storms!

      • Denny

        Thank you, Ray – you are such a sweet and thoughtful man!

        One reason we enjoy this particular condo so much is that we can watch the morning sun rise over Cape Cod Bay without ever lifting our head from the pillow!

        Sending you a big hug! 🙂 ❤

    • Bill S


      I just saw a 20 minute report about NY and the surrounding area and the flooding caused by Ida. OMG! I was born in Binghamton NY and raised in Yorktown Heights NY — So I know what it must have been like!

      Thanks so much for keeping us informed, because after the news, I would have been scared beyond words, for our DEAR FRIEND DENNY!

      Your vacation sounds fabulous and I envy you that and I envy your ability to remodel your kitchen at the same time! I really hope all of this works out for you without any headaches!

      Love you! Bill XOXO (BE SAFE!).

      • Denny

        Bill and Ben, thank you for your good thoughts!

        The local weather folk up here are saying that the convergence of a dying hurricane with a slow moving cold front is a meteorological event that almost never happens. All I know is, Dave and I are DARN lucky for a second time, to have avoided a killer storm again so soon.

        I will have my phone with me in Ptown so I won’t have to miss any URD posts.

        Big hugs!

    • unrulyadmin

      Denny. So happy you missed the worst of the storm. Have fun in P-town… be safe… we’ll miss you! xoxo David & Ben

  • Bill S

    Ben must have been reading my mind! When I thought of Bella’s Birthday (Aug. 28) I realized that it had been quite awhile since we’ve had any news. So, thanks Ben! And thanks to Rick for this post (been awhile too!) and the really wonderful, couldn’t-be-better, news about Tra!!! To be recognized at age 8 with a blue ribbon prize in photography is absolutely fantastic and the kind of encouragement that might be life-changing! WONDERFUL!

    Thanks for this “story post” of sorts. I have just begun to explore it and will be back for sure! And I look forward to the future updates on all the kids too!


  • BobbyB

    View2Thrill😍 W😜W

  • Jingle

    Wicked fun and funny post!! Been checking it out in starts and stops, and it’s awesome!!

    Love the hirsute big bundle o’ man in #9!! Damn!!

  • Bill S

    Timely #21 — College football season begins! LOL

    Great selfie! Thanks kid!!!


  • Jingle

    I Googled, “Fairview”!! Got a couple of possibilities for Colleges, and a few HIGH SCHOOLS!! Yipes!!

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