Dude. It’s time for another visit to Rick’s “Whatever” folder.

Hey, all. It’s Rick. Been a while since we visited my “whatever” folder, so I thought it was time.
We got some excellent news yesterday. On Friday, the grandparents will be two weeks beyond their second covid shot – so they’re coming to the lake next Saturday. It’ll be David’s birthday so we’re planning a party over at the Koala Cove clubhouse. Ben asked the kids what they wanted to eat at the party and they all said fish tacos and fried ice cream. So, Keon and I have planned the menu and all the guys will bring food. Since it’ll be his birthday, David won’t have to cook for a change 🙂
Travon is so excited about seeing the grands he’s beside himself. Pop-Pops is one of his favorite people in the whole world, but he’ll have to share him with Dub and the other kids.
We hope you guys are all well and happy and vaccinated. Maybe we’ve turned the corner and will eventually get back to a (somewhat more) normal world!
xoxo Rick and Keon

12 comments to Dude. It’s time for another visit to Rick’s “Whatever” folder.

  • FredinMotul

    Rick! Great News! Great File, and Great Post!! Thanks so much. I laughed out loud with #5 thinking I never had a bus ride that ended that well!! Awesome. Thanks again. Yes, keep all your protocols in place for now, stay safe, get whatever Vaccine you can get and HOPEFULLY we will return to some form of normalcy at some point. Be Well All!!

  • Tim from MO

    Cool post Rick! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend with the Grandparents. I can just imagine how super excited Trevon is.
    Fun post you put together; I’m sure there is a story behind each one of them!

    #39: Seeing how ‘blissfully asleep’ the dude appears to be in the top bunk…with the couple fucking away right below him, makes me wonder if there might be a market for a ‘white noise’ sleep machine to play sounds of people having sex together….lol!

    • FredinMotul

      I think you are on to something Tim! I will tell you another one. Male Tortoises squeak when they are having sex. I maintain that it would be the very best niche Cell Phone Ring Tone Ever. So, it makes sense I would consider buying your White Noise Screwing Machine! Awesome and be Well!!

  • Denny

    I’m sure we have no idea how tough it is on the kids when they have to go so long without hugging the grands. This will truly be an extra special weekend for kids and grands alike.

    Today marks my 1st full week since my 2nd Pfizer shot so just one more week before full immunity for me. Dave got his “one and done” J & J shot today so in 2 weeks time he will be at full immunity too. YAYYY!

    We all reach a certain age when we think we’ve “seen it all” in “whatever” pics. But I gotta say I truly laughed MFAO when I set eyes on #40 in this post!!!

    I’m sure we’ll be hearing from Ben as David’s birthday comes closer, but allow me to be the first to say – HAPPY BIRTYDAY, DAVID!!!

    Great post, Rick – thanks, Man!!!


    • bw

      The ‘bride’ in NO 40: the hair on ‘her’ back is a nice touch LOL.
      I’ve tried to find the Pfizer vaccine but it’s just not in my area so tomorrow at 12:20 I get the Moderna version. Wish me luck!

      • Bill S

        I just got the second dose of the Moderna vaccine here in WA and my sister got the Moderna vaccine in FL — Remember, the vaccine you can get is THE BEST vaccine!


      • Denny

        bw- I hereby wish you luck!

        As Bill S says, the best vaccine is the one you can get. It was so difficult for me to even get an appt I really didn’t care which one I got.

        I’m happy for you both!!! ❤ ❤

  • Jingle

    I remember yummy cum-drenched #37 from years ago!! One of Buff’s blogs before URD, I think!! I would happily lick up all that tasty jizz!! 😝 😋

  • ray

    Rick, thank you for opening your wonderful folder…I hope you will have a great day celebrating all together again!

  • mahtinp

    I thoroughly enjoy your whatever folder I have to say … I hope you guys have a wonderful time with the Grands.

  • Roberto

    #40 had me laughing as much as #43 had me hypnotized! No wonder the lucky dude looks rapturous before that hyper furry crack! What a blessing!

    Picking the funniest pic was easy, but there are many bloody hot dudes here… Guess I’d go with #15: so my type and seems up for all sorts of fun. 🙂

    Thank you for such a fantastic funerotic post, Rick! Wishing everybody a great time on the weekend!


  • Bill S

    “I have NO gag-reflex! You can TRY to choke me with your cock!” (-:



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