Dude. It’s time for some aroma therapy!

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  • Jingle

    Oh my… A little out of my arena!! I admit it, I prefer my men fresh & clean!! That is until I get them sweaty & messy!! heehee 🙂

    bw, please go directly to #31!! That is the most alluring pic of your Jimmy I’ve ever seen!!

    As for me… Oh Hello #24!! WOW!! Nothin’ there I don’t like!! TJM!!

    A big welcum home & welcum back to our Larry!! Soo good to hear from you, babe!! 🙂

    Lots of crazy hot motherfuckers here… Ripe (pun intended!!) for the picking!! 🙂

    • bw

      Sigh – just look at the furry perfection of No. 31 – the mushroom head on his dick makes my old dick dance every time.

    • Larry

      Pits are not my thing, but it is nice to be missed. I got a kick out of bring discussed last week when several of you were wondering which boy I would like. I am only about half way done looking at the posts I missed when I was gone. Loved the I Have a Dream post and the jock strap post and spent an hour last night looking at the stories pics. When you have 500 pictures to review, you realize how much work David and Ben do to turn us all on. THANK YOU guys.

    • unrulyadmin

      Love you, babe… whether you’re squeaky clean or a little funky. As for us, it’s like what the bottom of every URD page says “WE LIKE BOYS WHO SMELL.”

  • Roberto


    Many months ago I asked for “a few samples” of sweaty pits (because I knew they’re not to everyone’s taste) and you very kindly included them in a pit post you had prepared for that exact same day… and now you come back to this theme… IN FULL!! What a surprise! WOW!!!

    Another surprise: the guy getting licked in #2 looks just like Tommy Defendi, one of my fave pornstars… but Tommy has no tattoos, let alone on his arm! Perhaps a temporary tattoo?

    My Dude of the Day is #28 (another dream!), but I wanna sniff each and every single pit here… till I get intoxicated with their delicious, irresistible male scent… and then I’ll lick the sweat off them! Wanna bury my face in them just like those dudes in #17, #34 and #48 are doing! And, hey, sweaty pits #3 and #18 come spiced with white sauce! YUM, TOTALLY LOVE the combination! 🙂

    Ah, you guys should know that my pits look like #5’s during my URD sessions — it’s your fault! 😀 😀

    An all-time favorite! Great title, crazy hot dudes, luscious pits!

    Sweaty hugs,

    • unrulyadmin

      Oh, baby… if your pits look like #5’s, we’d bury our noses there and never take ’em out!

      • Roberto

        Oh, man, once you get here in these pits, I won’t let you escape! 🙂

        My pits sweat a lot when I’m aroused — to the point that you can see the sweat drops running down the sides of my body. And you bet I’m another dude who loves boys that smell — and I myself smell! 🙂

        They’re wet now, so more sweaty hugs to you guys! And thank you for the oneiric post!

  • Bill S

    You can almost smell the testosterone today!


    • Bill S

      This post reminded me of the “Flex For Me” post that I requested. It’s not in “Tags” so now I must believe that it was posted in in your previous blog.
      Can we have a re-run? (-:


  • Larry

    While pits don’t do anything for me, I can appreciate 22, 26 and 29 as young men I would worship all over with my tongue before begging to get fucked. 26 is especially hot in my book.

    • Roberto

      Larry, I guessed two of your picks here, #26 and #29, and I share your enthusiasm for the latter — among other things, I’m sure you noticed his hairy legs. 😉 I’d love to play some video game with him before having some strictly adult entertainment — for fun, I’m thinking the result of our first gaming session could set the rules for the second one. 😉


  • Jordan

    I haven’t visited in a while, what a great welcome back with a post on my favorites, armpits! It’s greayTo be back!

  • Denny

    This entire post is one beautiful man right after another!! The best way I can describe it is to use Beto’s newly coined acronym – BEYL ! Beauty Everywhere You Look.

    And, even before I had read any of the previous comments, I had selected my Dude of the Day. You ready for this? – Beto’s #28!! Those lush plush pits to nuzzle, the perky nips to chew on, and that treasure trail, leading on down to the party place!! Beto, can we share?

    bw’s #31 is also giving me the hots. bw, what do you say to a Jingle style party with #31, #32, and those two wild and crazy guys in #34? Jingle! Beto! You up for it?? I mean “UP” for it???? 😉

    • Roberto

      Of course we can share, Denny — you’re always more than welcome, my friend! 🙂

      You nailed it: this post is a myriad of beautiful and crazy hot dudes! Can’t have enough of them! Woohoo!

      bw’s #31 is pornstar Jimmy Fanz, a regular guest on URD (there’s even a tag for him). Freaking hot, no doubt! I’m UP to your idea and I think we should call Brad too!


    • Roberto

      Ah, a good way to start the fun is each of us enjoying each of #28’s pits! 😀 We can apply this method to his nipples (I know how crazy you are for them), balls and butt cheeks! 🙂

  • ray

    Breathtaking! 😉

    Love you

  • Brad

    I knew this post was for my friend, Beto… 😉 Everyone knows how much he loves man pits! These are my top pits: 3, 5, 8, 13, 25, 31, & 32.

    The combination of chest and manly pits is definitely a turn-on for me, and I going to spend some time admiring these wonderful examples of manliness…A great way to spend a cold, snowy day… 🙂

    A phenomenal set of pics, Ben and David!

    • Roberto

      Brad, hairy #25 is bloody freaking hot, and #8 made me think of you: a very beautiful and hot blond with a lovely, totally captivating smile! 🙂


  • Anthony

    Can you imagine being in a room with a couple of these guys at one time? Instant boner!

    And I say a few at a time just so I can take my time with all the fellas.

  • The New Flops Boy


  • harry

    I love smelly pits!

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