Dude. Its time for some “buns ‘n ball caps”!

We mentioned how much we like post requests… and the first one we received was from our excellent friend “ray” who said:
“Without being tired of the “background” posts, what about one featuring guys with buns (for whom I have a secret weakness)?”
Then, “Bill S” said “I’m not sure why this just came to me but, I’d like to see a “Dude–You can keep your cap on!” post.
So, we thought a post of “buns and ball caps” might fill the bill for both.
Thanks for the requests, guys. Hope combining your requests will do it for you. It sure does it for us 🙂

29 comments to Dude. Its time for some “buns ‘n ball caps”!

  • Jingle

    At First Glance, it’s patently obvious what a GREAT post this is!!

    Oh-ho, what a coy and flirtatious teaser #36 is!! Delightful!! 😃

  • bw

    This may be “buns ‘n ball caps” but there are enough furry butts and hairy holes to make me happy too. I need to enlist two of you to help me with NO 8 – it will take at least two URD men to pry those cheeks apart so I can dive in face first.

  • Bill S

    What FUN that you could combine these two themes!

    I think my request might have been a subliminal suggestion. Upon reading what I wrote in the previous post, I see that the tagline with “caps” is just to the right within site! And then Denny’s request was right near “F.” Is Ray’s comment to the left of “B” ? I’ll have to check, but I think I may be on to something here! LOL

    And btw Jingle, #36 is gorgeous! Yummy!

    This is a fun post and I think Ray will like it too!!!


  • Denny

    This post is BEYL because it has AEYL!!! Ass, Ass, Baby!!! Everywhere you look!!

    bw, until you get 3 or 4 guys to help you with #8, check out #35, who is fuzzy, wide open, and waiting for you!!

    Myself, I would like to join #22 – although it looks like maybe they started without me.

    I like #26 and his novel position, although I’m pretty sure, by the time his ass was loaded, that candelabra would be shaken and rattled to the floor!!!

    Where we ALL should be in this freezing weather, is taking turns with #31, because he is somewhere W-A-R-M !!!

    If I had to choose a favorite, it would have to be hunky and furry assed #24. From what we can see between his legs, I’m gonna bet he has some good sized junk to return the favor in round 2!! If I’m going to be greedy, I would add #14 and #18 to my faves list too!!

    Jingle, Babydoll, I hope you have taken appropriate measures to thaw your tender titties!!! lol

    • Jingle

      Oh Dearheart, I’m afraid my tits haven’t been attended to, but the weekend is upon us, and it’s a bit warmer, so all is not lost!! 😄 haha

    • bw

      We’ve lurched from awful cold weather to a spectacular day today – it got up to 64 – and the high two days ago was 34. The Super Bowl visitors are enjoying this along with us.

  • Tim from MO

    Jeezzzz, DUDES!!
    This post totally gets my rocks off. So much ass. So little time!!
    This is definitely deserves a ‘Three Thumbs Up, Five Star’ rating!

    A Brief story:
    We went out to eat with some friends recently, a young couple, in their early 20’s.
    We arrived in separate cars, parked next to one another.
    After they got out, the husband had to get something straightened up in their back seat that had tipped over on the way to the restaurant.
    He was wearing snug fitting blue jeans, which showed off his ass perfectly. He opened the back door, leaned in with his legs spread apart just enough to display the entire rear seam of his jeans…down his crack, across his hole, and over his full taint.
    He’s just totally sexy, from head to toe, a country boy type. Slender, fit, and good looking.
    Whatever heavy thing it was, he had to physically strain himself to sit the object back upright.
    From that lifting, it caused his ass to flex, making his crack pull the rear seam inward.
    You could tell EXACTLY where his arsehole was located when it puckered up as he lifted.
    I’m still left with that very brief moment in time visual burned into my memory.
    I wanted to go over, and yank off his jeans right then and there. Damn!
    Dinner was enjoyable, and we discussed dessert trying to decide what to get. I looked him in the eye, and told him I thought nice piece of cake sounded delicious. He just smiled at me, not having a clue what piece of cake I was actually thinking about, lol.

    I’m going to email you a picture of myself belly flopped on my bed. Today’s posts has made me really horny, so much so I wanna show off my own buns to somone, lol.
    If you wish, you can include it in an unrulydude post of some sort sometime.

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  • Jingle

    I’m having issues with my Chromebook, and given the brutal cold, I don’t feel good about taking it to the Geek Squad… Will go as
    soon as the weather moderates…

    In the meantime, I have my smartphone, but it’s not really conducive to thoroughly enjoying the pics and commenting as I would like!! (And the Blogosphere heaves a collective sigh of relief!! 😄 haha)

    Please know I’m loving this post, and I’m sure I’ll revisit it many times!!

  • Larry

    Are you trying to give an old man a heart attack? I have always been an ass man! I will leave the furry stuff to you guys and go to heaven with smooth # 7.

  • Jingle

    Hey, #10 and #45 are the same dude!! Check out the tattoo on his sweet ass!!

  • Roberto

    It’s good to come back and see you guys didn’t forget me. Well, you’ve just brought my ‘eternal favoureite’ back, so of course you were thinking of me, right? Yeah, out of majestic modesty I’ll just assume that. LOL And it’s no secret I’m talking about Mr. #23 here, aka Anthoni Hardie. 😉 BTW, one should call that the “heavenly pose”, ’cause you get the whole package in one view — also #5, #9 (the epitome of hung skinny fella?), #19, #40… YUM!

    I’d love to test #34’s riding skills, or to just come from behind and bury my face between #14’s, #24’s or #33’s hairy buttcheeks…

    Oh, #48’s pose is perfect as well! 🙂

    Love how the caps add to their sexiness… Kinda make them naughtier. 😀 Speaking of the first request, I bet Ray was referring to hairstyle (what they call coque samurai here in Brazil), so there’s more fantasy to fulfill, right, Ray? 😉 But these ‘buns’ are the best, guys, no doubt. 😀 Thanks for such a wonderful, buttlicious, post!

    Hope 2019 is being good to everybody.
    Hugs to all,

    • Tim from MO

      Hello Beto, my Birthdate Brother!
      Good to see a comment from you.
      I’m right beside you on 23; I’d take the left cheek, you take the right cheek, then let’s meet in the middle!!
      Hugs to you XO

    • ray

      Beto dear,
      how good to hear from you! You are right, I really meant the hair do by “buns”, it didn’t dawn on me that in English there are more obvious meanings…until I saw the post which I liked so much that I wouldn’t have said it myself, but since you noticed it…
      Hope to hear more often from you!

    • bw

      I was excited to see your name pop up Beto – I was a little concerned about you, but it’s great to hear from you again. You know we worry – so don’t be a stranger. Besides, your posts are a huge part of URD. Big hugs, BILL

  • Denny

    Beto! It is so good to hear from you!

    You know, I was thinking of you when I said this post is “BEYL”! You are the one who invented that acronym!!

    I was also thinking of you when I heard the story on the World News about the dam giving way in Brumadinho in Minas Gerais. What a tragedy!! Brazil is a very large country, so I am hoping by the fact that you are on your computer here, that you and Lele and the rest of your family are all safe and far from that area.

    Big hugs to you, Beto!!!


  • Kent

    #4. PTB – Perfect. Twink. Butt.

  • Jingle

    Hi everyone!! I was wondering if I could enlist the help of my URD friends?!?!…

    I’m looking for a pic that’s been posted a few times… It’s a super cute dude, outdoors, naked except for a Michigan hat!! Anyone remember that?!?!

    Thanks, my friends/brothers/lovers!! 😅

  • Tim from MO

    You are welcome, my friend!

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