Dude. It’s time for some good ‘ole “suck ‘n finger” action!

Yesterday, Jingle commented, saying:
“At the risk of being too graphic, I love it if a dude finger-fucks me while he’s blowing me!!
And it’s amazing how many “straight” dudes get off on it, if you gradually and subtly add it to the repertoire!! (But NEVER speak of it!! They might dig it… but they don’t like it called to their attention!! 🙂 haha)
It’s been well over two years since we had a “Finger-Fucking” post… And that wasn’t dedicated to fingering while blowing!!
Think we could have a post of dudes (especially sketchy Rough Trade types) getting their sweet holes digitally attended to, while their cocks and balls are getting orally serviced?!?! Thanks!! 🙂 ”
We thought it was a great idea (as did Bill S and Denny) so we got right to work on it. What we found was these pics are hard to find – and “rough trade types” doing it are apparently impossible. Anyway, these are the best we could come up with. Hope you guys like these pics as much as you like “suck ‘n finger” action!

19 comments to Dude. It’s time for some good ‘ole “suck ‘n finger” action!

  • Jingle

    Oh my… love, Love, LOVE this!!

    I never had a moment’s doubt that you could/would do a post like this!!… But I never imagined soo soon!! Once again, URD proves itself to be the best Blog out there!! 🙂

    I’m guessing that most, if not all, of these are porn pics; but shit like this goes on in the “real” world!! (For me anyway!! 🙂 haha) There might be a bit of “acting” going on, but the facial expressions of a great many of the recipients is quite real!! 🙂

    The little sign on the shelf in #7, “REHABILITACE”, would indicate the wondeful image originated in the Czech Republic!! I’d definitely avail myself to that kind of rehabilitation!! 🙂 haha
    If you fancy very realistic pic #8, (and I do!!), jump down to #11!!
    The super-cute, super-hot, Latin dude in #13 is amazing!! (His cocksucker ain’t bad, either!! 🙂 ) All he needs is to get his left nipple pierced!!… Right, Brad?!?!
    I will openly admit that I’m jealous and envious of the lucky bitch getting the Royal Treatment in fantastic pic #15!! Dang!!
    Pic #18 could easily go in a “What’s The Story” post!! Notice the gummy bear dispenser, and Catsup and Mustard bottles?!?! Now THAT’S a snack bar!! 🙂 haha
    I’d very happily service the crazy hot dude in #20/39 like that!! 😉
    I recently had a complete Physical Check-up… I can sadly report that it was nothing like #21/40/41!! 🙁 Shoosh!!
    The cocksucker in #23 is insanely HOT!! WOW!!
    *On a side note: The tattoos under cocksucker #23’s ear, and on #6’s shoulder, would indicate that they’re Tauruses!! Like my “best friend with benefits”, Rick!! I sent him those two pics!!… He’ll be here this evening to recreate the pics!! 🙂 heehee
    OMG!! The chair in pic #25 is horrendous!! Yipes!! But the dudes and the action are phenomenal!! And as I was saying, after a little attention like that, even the “straightest” of dudes will open up and point their heels to Jesus!! 😉 haha
    #28 and #32 are the same dudes!!
    And we have a little variation on a theme in #31!! I’ll bet the cocksucker used his finger(s) a bit, before the toy came into play!!
    Pic #37 is a show-stopper!!!!! And just as my had myself composed, you hit us with #38!!!!! Bastard!! 🙂 haha
    You just know that recipient #43 is thinking, “This is soo much better than anything my girlfriend would do for me!!”!!

    Fucking OUTSTANDING!!!!!

    Pick a favourite?!?!… That would be #1 through #48!! 🙂 haha (Although I must confess an especial fondness for #36!!)

  • Larry

    I think that #19 is porn fav Brent Everett going by his face and the tattooed band on his arm. That certainly is a mouthful.

  • Denny

    Jingle has it right for favorites – 1 thru 48!
    For myself Honorable Mention to #8, #39, and #48.
    Good work, David!

  • Jingle

    Dearheart, did you notice that two of your Honorable Mentions have companion pics?!?! #8 has #11, #39 has #20!!

  • Tim from MO

    Seeing it.
    Doing it.
    One of my favorite things to do to a guy when I’m blowing him. I particularly like sliding my index finger all the way inside, where I can massage and stimulate his Prostate. While doing that, I use my thumb to massage his Taint. My finger, and thumb work together simultaneously in a gentle squeezing, pinching motion as I move both in circles pressing them together.
    It makes a guy writhe, moan, groan, squirm, gasp, and leak pre like crazy.
    It’s so very satisfying for me to stimulate another guy in this manner, especially when he loses control, and starts dumping his cum load.
    The sensation of his prostate throbbing/pulsing against my finger, of his sphincter gripping/releasing the base of my finger, the spasms of his taint against my thumb, and the initial jerk, and twitch of his cock, followed by that familiar pulsing of his cock in my mouth, or down my throat as he surrenders his sweet cum load.

    I also love being on the receiving end, as well. A finger toying with my pucker, or probing my hole, is always a sure fire way to make me cum.

    Fuck…these pics are so hot! I’m needing someone’s fingers in my ass, and someone’s ass that I can enjoy finger fucking.

    Any offers? 😜

  • bw

    He was a baby Brent in that picture = probably right after he quit working only with his red headed boyfriend and started branching out. It’s sort of sad what’s happened to him – the 10 year ban from the US pretty much killed his career when he should have been in his prime.

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