Dude. It’s Tuesday. Time for sum White Trash!

Buncha good ole’ boys doin’ what good ole’ boys do. White trash and damned proud of it!

6 comments to Dude. It’s Tuesday. Time for sum White Trash!

  • The New Flops Boy

    Oh, baby…you are fast eclipsing me as the King of the Trash!!!

    XO FFB

  • Bill S

    Every picture tells a story, don’t it.

    This is so hot! Invented a word for the ones with two or more guys: “multi-dudes.”
    Lots of hot pics of multidudes here! And, What’s the Story? in #15??? Two nekid & two not. Dunno, but it’s hot!

    #34 is self-explanatory but look at the guy in the background staring at his buddy’s cock. Is that expression one of LUST!? I say YES and I think he’s about to POUNCE! YUM.

    I think you have outdone yourself with White Trash Tuesday, Buff!

  • Bill S

    I’ve got to add one more thought: for Jingle it’s got to be pic #10 —

    But is it the guy closest (with the ink) or the middle guy with, well, everything!?

    For some reason I want the last guy. So — Let’s go get ’em buddy!!!


  • Jingle

    Awesome post, Buff!! Fuck, these are all great pics…

    To my friend Bill S: I too would like to know the story behind #15!! Also #7…
    I couldn’t agree with you more about #34!! But can you blame him?? The dude (and his cock) is smokin’ hot!!
    As for #10, yeah buddy, I think between us we could have some fun!!

    I like how #8 is offering it up!! And I accept!!
    #13 is rockin’ hot!!
    The bound dude in #30 must be a willing participant… Look at how rock-hard his dick is!!
    I wonder if #33 would guzzle my dick with the same relish that he’s guzzling that beer??
    #37 is a damn fine lookin’ man, with a damn fine uncut cock!!
    Oh #38… Open your eyes and open your mouth, and enjoy that nice dick!!
    I think #44 may be a true Scotsman… The facial features and physique would certainly suggest it, and that gorgeous Fair Isle sweater would cost a small fortune in the States!! In any event, he’s definitely an Unruly, and I dig EVERYTHING that’s going on under that kilt!! ;^)

    Love ya, babe!! Thanks for all you do for us!!

  • unrulyadmin

    Have to agree with Jingle on pic #7. Don’t know what’s goin’ on here… but it sure looks like FUN!

  • unrulyadmin

    #33 gets my award for “RATTIEST, NASTIEST HAT EVER.” I’d like to just suck on his hat… for starters.

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