Dude. Let’s call it “Wife-beater Wednesday”!!

Had an e-mail yesterday from our buddy, “Muddog” and he said: “How about a “wife beater / muscle shirt” post? I always do a double take when i see a guy in a wife beater!”
Actually, I had another post ready for today, but I liked Muddog’s idea so much… I decided to switch gears and do “wifebeaters”. Thanks for the suggestion, bud!

2 comments to Dude. Let’s call it “Wife-beater Wednesday”!!

  • muddog

    good shit babe! really good shit! thanks!


  • Jingle

    WOW… GREAT post!! GREAT collection!! This could be a Saturday post…

    LOVE all the action pics!!… especially #39!!
    #2/10 can sit on my face anytime!!
    Does #41 need help peeling that sweat-soaked singlet off??
    #4 has the most beautiful pornstar cock!!
    LOVE the pierced dude in #15!!
    There’s something about #6…
    #8, 9, 34, 37 & 43 are all super hot!! #24 & 48 are just off-the-charts!!
    And then there’s #20… Hot pic, hot dudes, hot action…and an idea for a post… sex in public!!

    Thank you, Buff!! This fucking rocked!!

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