Dude. Let’s get WET!

David and I have saved money every month for the past year – planning to take a vacation this summer. Somehow, with me working construction and doing paint jobs with Craig – and Donnie’s death and Dub being here – we haven’t gotten around to it – and don’t have anything planned. So, we were sitting out on the patio this afternoon having margaritas and I said, “You know what would be nice out here?” He said, “What?” I said, “Well, we’ve got a bunch of money in our vacation savings and I was thinking maybe we could use it to put a hot tub out here. We have plenty of room and I think we’d really enjoy it. I think Dub would like it too.” David thought for a minute and said, “I think it’d be great – but we don’t know whether Dub will be coming back.”
I said, “Of course he will. How could he not?” David said, “I just don’t want you to get your hopes up and then be disappointed.”
I said, “I won’t be. I promise.”
So we’re gonna go look at hot tubs tomorrow. I think Dub will really like it!

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  • ray

    This post looks so refreshing, here the temperature is going to reach 100 degrees today, and instead of lying in a tub I’ll have to accopmany a friend to the turkish market. I thrive upon the heat, but still…
    Have fun and enjoy your vacation!

  • Jingle

    Cool and hot!!

    I’d like to take a drink from #18’s hose!! 🙂

    Back later for more wet ‘n wild fun…

  • bw

    This is a drive-by – will be back later like Jingle but damn work sometimes is a priority….
    But just one suggestion – after the year you two have had, save a little of your vacation fund and go somewhere, even if it just a two night stay, where you can simply be together.

  • Bill S

    Hey Jingle!

    I’ll be enjoying #37 but I’ll “save” #40 for you. (-:


    • Jingle

      How sweet of ya!! And you definitely nailed it, babe!! Bangin’ hot #40 is my pick, for sure!! 🙂

      That being said, I gotta give mention to #46… WOW!! And it appears that his cock is thick and beefy to go with the rest of him!!

  • Denny

    This is one sizzlin’ hot post!

    There is something so damn sexy about the tantalizing view of a hard muscled body seen through sopping wet cotton.

    My favorite here, hands down, is #26. You not only get the hard muscle torso, AND the rock hard cock clearly outlined, but you can even see his chest hair! Maybe it’s just me, but that is a total, total turn-on.

    Ben! You’re a genius, Man! A hot tub is a great idea! You can have a “stay-cation” in your own back yard. I can just imagine you and David and your closest friends inventing new ways to fuck and suck in the bubbling hot water.

    One time, I had a no hands, under water, POWERFUL orgasm by positioning my dick at just the right angle and distance from one of the jets. You have to experiment carefully, because the power of the jet can rip your dick right off. Try it first in a swim suit. And actually, truth be told, I did it more than once.

    Thanks for this, and all your posts, guys. URD is really the best.

  • Denny

    I just had idea –

    Throw a tighty whitie party, where everyone gets in the tub in their tighty whities – and no one is allowed to remove them for an hour! (White boxers could be optional.)

  • Roberto

    Ben, I personally find it a great idea, but I’m biased to say it for three reasons: first, I love water; second, I myself dream of having a bathtub, maybe an ofuro (Japanese bathtub); third, I’m optimistic about Dub coming for more visits. And I also think you and David can have tremendous fun in a hot tub… 😉
    And for a guy who loves water and dudes… yeah, this post is a treat!! #8, 12, 23, 26 and 27 are my favorites. Also really like the dudes in #16!
    Thank you, guys, for another hot post!

  • ray

    No, I don’t like it “cool” (been growing up with that), I love it hot, humid, sultry.
    Lousiana and Florida would do for me (talking about the climate.)

    ps: the market was almost deserted, in part of the heat, in part of the period of vacation.

    But then, this isn’t interesting to anyone, so my apologies.

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