Dude. Let’s rub ’em together!

Beto recently commented, saying: (in part) “I should point out that there’s only one frot post – back from April 2013! – and I’m sure I’m not the only one keen on that practice. 🙂”
We appreciate the reminder… so here are some guys who obviously like “rubbin’ ’em together.” And yes, it’s one of our favorite things too!

The weekend is here and the party is about to begin. Everyone will be here to celebrate Labor Day – and an early “Grandparents’ day.” There’ll be a big horseshoe tournament plus lots of boating and swimming and, of course, BBQ and hand-crank ice cream.
I’m really looking forward to getting back to school and I know the kid are too. We’ve all enjoyed the vacation but honestly, it’ll be great to be back in our “normal” routine. You’re right Denny… we’re our own little “pandemic learning pod,” and plan to be until this big ugly mess is behind us.
David, the “gang” and I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday weekend with good health, good food and time with family and those you love. xoxo Ben and David

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  • Bill S

    Ben — Thanks so much for getting back to me about our swimmer Austin (and my memory). I had forgotten that Callum is a great swimmer too! The way your “Family” has bonded, I have no worries! (-:

    I’d like to be the third in the room in all these pics. If they wanted me there! THAT’s a fantasy to ponder!!! The dude (on his back) in #45 is my dude of the day. He’s H O T !!!

    Back to my fantasy — I’d like to join #47, and #37 They are all H O T !!! HOT post!


  • FredinMotul

    Guys, I am old enough to remember that School did not even think of starting much before Labor Day, as there was always something to harvest, fields or trees! I did grow up in Apple territory. Then, the switch began and before you knew it, Schools were starting in mid August! This was especially hard on Residential Summer Camps that I worked with in the early 70’s and 80’s.

    That Former Dentist office converted to “One Room Schoolhouse” is a blessing for you all in many ways. Brings you together safely and allows you all to pursue knowledge in a controlled environment. Congratulations!

    What can be said about this wonderful post? Oh, yes, something to think of fondly from randy days gone by. Really, really nice! Thanks for triggering up several pleasant memories. Some with Hubby and several from way before. Even younger and hotter!! Thanks

  • Denny

    Are we “under moderation” again?

    Vas ist los? ¿Hay algo malo? Quelque chose ne va pas?

    Testing testing- un deux trois

    • ray

      Everybody still seems to be in party mode – anyway I hope you all had a nice weekend! The post is hot!

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Denny. Yesterday was URD’s highest traffic day for at least 30 days and only five comments. We checked the “spam” and “pending” folders on the “comments” page and there’s nothing in them. Apparently the guys just weren’t feeling talkative 🙂
      On an unrelated subject, have you been following the news about Ken Jennings joining Jeopardy as “a producer”? Interesting.

  • Matt

    Have a great weekend guys, stay safe and mask up!

  • Denny

    Oh yes, Ben!!

    I HAVE been following the Jeopardy! news. You know what I think? I think you and I are thinking the same thing!

    Ken Jennings joining the Jeopardy! staff as some kind of producer. Yeah, Uh-huh…

    I won’t be a bit surprised if sometime during the new season (begins Sept. 14), the show will be cut short to allow Alex to bring Ken Jennings on stage with him.

    It won’t take long. Alex will put his hand on Ken’s shoulder and announce to the world that effective at that moment, Ken Jennings is the new host of Jeopardy.

    They will shake hands and hug, and Alex Trebek will take his leave before he starts to cry.

    THAT’S what *I* think!!

    • Denny

      I forgot to mention, while we’re on the Jeopardy! subject –

      I follow James Holzhauer on Twitter.

      One of his latest tweets: “If I ever commit a felony, 2020 had better count as time served.” LOL

    • unrulyadmin

      Alex may not be crying, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be those of us who are!

  • mahtinp

    David and Ben,
    Happy to have an update directly from you two. I hope you enjoy a safe but festive weekend.
    It’s been pouring rain all day here so not much to do but sit in and look at this stuff.


  • bw

    I hope you all had as nice a Labor Day as we did – it was by far the nicest weather in 20 years – mid 70’s all day, then 60 or 61 in the morning. Almost like an early fall – even though it looks like we will pay all this back later in the week when it gets hot and muggy again.
    NO 36 is an old Falcon flick – it’s Spike on the left and Joe Foster (I think) on the right – anyway, the money shot was Spike rubbing his big ole dick between the other guys legs and shooting his usual 4 or 5 feet. Very nice scene.

  • Denny

    Hey Ben – since no one is commenting, here’s the latest Jeopardy news: Zach Newkirk, current champ (4 days, $85,669), out of an abundance of caution, will not be defending his title Sep 14. He will return when he feels safe to travel from the D.C. area to L. A. It’s a bummer, but I totally get it.

    • Bill S

      Hey Denny — I’ll be watching on the 14th of course! But, I still wonder if we should assume the Alex replacement will be Ken J. I have been thinking that the best choice would be…

      David Muir

      (if he wants the job, that is).


      • Denny

        You’re right Bill. It certainly is possible that Ken J. is not the one to become the new host.

        I’m not so sure about David Muir tho.
        I think he enjoys the world travel associated with his news job too much to be tied down to Jeopardy.

        But – we shall see!!!

        • unrulyadmin

          Bill and Denny…thanks for keeping the “Comments” thread going. Maybe tomorrow’s post will generate more activity?We’ve been talking about Ken’s role on Jeopardy and whether he’ll be Alex’ replacement when the time comes. There are lots of people who would love to have that job. Dub said tonight he thinks the new host will be “a woman”. We asked him why he thought that and he just grinned and shrugged his shoulders. Who knows? We’re hoping a replacement won’t be needed soon. Who knows?

          • Denny

            Hmm, a woman to replace Alex – now there’s an interesting thought. And anything is possible. I wonder who…

            One thing I DO know for sure – never underestimate the wisdom of Dub.

  • Bill S

    Denny — You’re right about THAT! LOL

  • Roberto

    Guys, please take into account that sometimes life gets in the way and that the number of comments may not reflect the quality of the post. Actually, some of my favorite posts had few comments. 😉 It’s not a biunivocal relation.

    Speaking of life getting in the way, have you had any news from Brad since April?

    Let me just give you a gigantic THANK YOU for this post! What a sheer joy to see so many crazy hot fellas with their rods on fire and engaging in all these lustful sword fights! Great variety of scenarios and poses, plus I love the fact that you picked many bushy/hairy boys. 😉

    BW identified the guys in #36 (thank you, Bill!), and I can safely identify our inked friend Jessy Karson in #13.

    Definitely share Bill S’ enthusiasm for #45! I keep moving between that pair and #5 (WOOF!!) trying to decide which is my favorite… But do I even have to choose? 😛

    Freaking love the overview of the furry buzz-cut dude in #22! The clothed-naked fetish is a distinguishing factor of the pic.

    Water won’t cease the fire in #30. 😉

    The fuzzy dude in #32 seems determined to merge those evenly sized cocks, and I can’t help but imagine what a spectacular jizz fountain could emerge there at any moment – YUM!

    Is it just me or those pits in #47 are screaming to be degusted? Why is there so little pit licking in porn? 😉

    Thank you again for this wonder of bloody hot friction, Ben!

  • unrulyadmin

    Beto. Grad you like the post. Thought you might 🙂
    Actually, we don’t worry that much about the COMMENTS, even though they are the best part of the blog. As long as URD traffic holds up, that’s what matters.
    Haven’t heard from Brad lately. I suspect he may be checking in – but just not commenting. I’ll probably e-mail him… just to make sure they’re doing o.k.
    xoxo David

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