Dude. Let’s wrestle!

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  • Jingle

    Oh my…


    OK, I’ll grapple with #29!! I’m quite sure he’ll be all I’m needing today!! 🙂

    Have a field day, brothers!! 🙂

  • Bill S

    HOT STUFF ! ! !

    And whoever came up with the singlet design deserves much praise and gratitude — they leave little to the imagination!

    The first and last guys SHOW that this sport REALLY turns them on!!!


  • bw

    I’ve got to take my furry baby to the doctor, but I would point put that No 1 is very excited about his match (or hung like a donkey)!

    • Roberto

      So sorry to hear that, bw! You know how I’m fond of animals, so I really hope it’s nothing serious!

      Wishing all the best to your baby and you,

    • ray

      bw, I hope that your little friend will be fine again soon!

      • bw

        Thank you both for the well wishes – she’s 11 now, and none of my other dogs have made it that far so I am grateful for every day. She has a nasty bacterial infection in her gut but with antibiotics she should be fine – if I can convince her to start eating again. But the doc said by tomorrow with the shot to calm her tummy and the pills she should start feeling better – but she just looks so pitiful. Thanks again for caring – it means a lot.

  • Roberto

    I don’t know about you, but all the (not so many) times I watched wrestling or MMA on TV I had the impression the guys were about to have sex in all sorts of poses! 😀 Pics #5, #10, #12 (stand-up sex, yay!), #25, #28, #30, #34 (oh, yeah, I still need to try something like that), #35, #42 (side sex!) and #46 are great examples!

    As Bill noted, their uniform is very generous to us! 😛 Besides those beautiful junks and asses, I get to see yummy pits — and they sure are sweaty! 😛

    Is #32 real?!? Oh, my! Hire me to clean up him and others! And I suppose no junk is as visible as #48’s! We can see it all! Look at those pubes…

    Many pretty boys here… Aforementioned #48 is certainly a favorite… and #45 is beautiful, but I think #6 and #24 fit me the best. On the other hand… I keep going back to hairy Iranian hunk #18!

    Fun, sexy, provocative, hot post!

    • ray

      Beto, I think that having sexual associations when watching wrestling is inevitable for a gay man. Sadly, it has become a rare sport to see, it is not even an olympic discipline any more as far as I know, so this post is most welcome!

      as always

      • Roberto

        Ray, my dear friend, don’t be disappointed, as wrestling keeps being part of the Olympics in two disciplines: Greco-Roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling. Also, I remember seeing some wrestling matches in the Pan-American Games last year. But of course you’re right if you consider it doesn’t get nearly as much attention as other sports.


  • Denny

    Sometimes I think these guys in singlets are even sexier than if they were nude.

    Example: look at #1. He sure has the full attention of at least ONE member of the audience! 😉

    Usually tho’, what I see is more like #10 or #45 or #47. Okay, maybe sometimes, even #19.

    But, I must admit, if I were watching an event featuring #19, it wouldn’t be long before my Calvins would be soaked. (hee-hee)

    But then we have #29 – is that even real? And, as Beto pointed out, #32 – is THAT for REAL? My inner slut wants to think so.

    The one that appeals to me the most is #47, for the natural innocence of it.

    And, sometimes, I find myself wondering- many of these shots appear to be at high school events, where everybody’s younger brother is there to root for his big bro.
    Sights like some of these must totally fuck with the minds of prepubescent males. 😉 Hey, it’s gonna start somewhere, right? That age where all you ever thought of was sex. And Baby, look at us now!! 😉

    This post is fun!!

  • Larry

    Whew! is right! I have often wondered why wrestlers don’t wear jocks like most men’s sports do. It is nice that they don’t.

    Everyone is ahead of me today in pointing out that # 1 and # 19 are hot and either wearing it “up” or they are hard.

    The big boys such as # 18 and # 29 can’t hide what they have.

    My favorite, of course, is # 48. He is my type and the see through singlet is too much. You have to wonder about the coach who ordered those. The black designs frame the crotch. He is either wearing it “up” or he is hard and you can even see his pubes. Be still mu heart!

  • Brad

    I loved watching wrestling when I was in high school and college in Iowa, but I did not see any “excited” wrestlers coming off the mat like in this set. If I had, I would have taken him under the bleachers and “assisted” him… 😉

    I agree with the majority of the CCC and love the candy eye (#1 and 48), but the one wrestler who I want to strip out of his singlet is #29. I am sure he is a freestyle/Olympic wrestler and older than the rest.

    This post is a great change of pace, but still in the “unruly” dude style… 😉 Thanks posting these, David and Ben! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  • Anthony

    I can’t pick a favorite this time around! They’re all so damn cute!

  • joe

    so much photoshop here. Disappointing.

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