Dude. Look. Boy fuzz!

Had a suggestion from “Hungdirty” saying: “Awesome pics as usual. Love it all man. You should post young hairy boys.”
Sounded good to me. Heck, everyone likes young, hairy boys. So here’s a post that’s loaded with fuzz. Thanks for the suggestion, babe!

6 comments to Dude. Look. Boy fuzz!

  • hunghry

    Babe you made my day. So fucking sweet pics. I totally love you 🙂

  • bw

    Not every body is as furry as these lads, but anyone considering following the herd and shaving their body should look at how sexy these guys are. I think maybe the tide is turning against the shaved look (god I hope so!).

  • Anthony

    All that wonderful fur. I just want to cuddle with each and every one.

  • Jingle

    Oh… Hell… Yes!! (And you had me from the git, #1 is magnificent!!)

    Hmmm… #1 & #5 give me an idea… How about pics of dudes just givin’ us a little peek??

    This post totally rocked!! And so do you, Buff!! Thanks babe!!

  • muddog

    oh ya, now that’s the stuff . it don’t get any better than this. you are the best, buff buddy!


  • thomas

    I was hoping you could open up a new tag called ‘SLUTTY SHORTS’-perhaps against your policies but I just bloody love slutty shorts shots-in shorts, out of shorts, falling out etc etc
    Best and thanks for all

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