Dude. Look. Face Fuzz!!

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  • Jingle

    Oh c’mon, only 3 of these hot guys are (marginally) clothed, and you expect us to stay focused on their FACES?!?! 🙂 haha OK, I’ll try… A great many of them have fuzzy chests (and at least one has a fuzzy back) to go with their fuzzy faces!! Bonus!!

    I wonder who is the object of #6’s attention is??
    Judging from #8’s look of exhilaration, I’m assuming the water is cold!!
    Pic #10 is very artistic… and the dude is quite beautiful!! #42 is beautiful, too!!
    Christ, how can #11 walk with all that between his legs??
    #24 shares his space with a woman… check out the cosmetics on the toilet tank!!
    #26 is just scary crazy hot!!
    WOW!! #30 is stunning!!
    Mmmm… #35 is good to the last drop!!
    Selfie #36 is rockin’ hot!!
    There’s something about #41…
    #47… big boy/little toy!! I don’t care – he’s a total hunk!!
    #48’s anchor & chain tattoo is amazing!! So is the rest of him!!

    But at the end of the day, I just wanna cuddle up with #31!! …or #45!! Hey, how about both of them?? 🙂

    OUTSTANDING post!!

  • Alex

    So hot! U manage 2 get me hard all the time!

    Here are two new post requests for u guys:
    1. A post focused on precum, best with the faces of the leakers.
    2. A post with mushroom cockheads. And include as much uncut as you can 😀

    Thanks mates!

  • ray

    I’ve always gone crazy for bearded guys, so thank you for another great “beard”-post!

  • bw

    There are a bunch of fine looking men here, but I have mixed feelings about this post-as someone in my late fifties, I long for the time in my twenties when my face had no lines, wrinkles and sags, and it sort of annoys me when these young beauties cover up their perfect faces with a beard. Nevertheless, this is a great collection of young studs.

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