Dude. Look! Hairy holes and bare-nekid soles!

4 comments to Dude. Look! Hairy holes and bare-nekid soles!

  • bw

    This post should be mandatory viewing for any man, gay or straight, considering more than just a tiny little trim. Some holes are a little hairy, some a lot, and some downright furry – but that is how men are supposed to look. BTW, is there a chance no 45 could be Ben???

  • Jingle

    Wow, my tongue and my dick are gonna get quite a work-out!! 🙂

    Perhaps I’ve had too many cocktails, but it took me a second to figure out #3!! haha I was ready for #28!!
    Hunky, humpy #4 is gonna have to let me work over his nice balls, too!! Same for #48!!
    Pic #5 is awesome!! May I join them??
    #6 & #35 are the same rockin’ hot dude!! Thanks for two views of him!!
    Loves me some #8!!
    Well, #15 is just a buffet!! Please refer to #42!! heehee
    There’s something very seductive about #17!!
    #19 is very cute AND very hot!!
    Oh my… #20 is making it very difficult to stay focused on today’s theme!!
    Love #25’s facial expression!! And I haven’t even done anything to him yet…
    #34 is bangin’ hot!!
    Oh, #36 is a doll!! And #38 is Perfection!!

    But I’d have to say my favourite is #38!! I even dig that sprinkle of back hair!! Like bw said, “that is how men are supposed to look”!! Right on, brother!!

    Great post!!

  • bw

    Jingle, I realize that now – yesterday my internet was pokey so I did not open up all the pics to large size, and the face is not shown in the little one. But can’t a person hope for such a shot, preferably both out boys side by side in this position?

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