Dude, Look. Unruly Campers!!

Had a comment from our buddy, “Bill S.” saying: “I like #17 because of the “camping” fantasy. Hey Buff, that would make a fun post: Unruly Campsites!”
I, of course, loved Bill’s idea. I’ve gone to the “Midwest Male Naturist Gathering” several times. It’s about 200 naked gay dudes who camp out from Wednesday until Sunday one week in June… and it’s a blast. There’s every age group with some really hot guys… camping out and doing what nekid gay guys do. If you live anywhere in the Kansas City area (or even if you don’t), you should check it out. Their website is:
So, being an experienced nekid, camper, this post was A lot of fun to put together. Thanks for the suggestion, Bill… and happy camping!!

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  • unrulyadmin

    I have no idea why, but WordPress totally scrambled the pics in this post… so they’re not in number order. If you’re commenting on a pic, you’ll need to check the number carefully. I’ll contact my blog administrator to see what’s going on. The good news is… all the photos are here.

  • Bill S

    Thanks for doing this Buff! #31 is really a great photo! and the one under it (#6 LOL) might be from a similar campsite near SEATTLE! Ha. Get it? It’s raining.
    But there really is one just outside Seattle, off I-5. See ya there!!!

    #10 was f-n freaky until I figured out what was going on!

    Love the ‘slips’ in #3 & #12 — (-:

    I’m just getting started! I’ll be back to have my guide show me through! (-:

  • Jingle

    AWESOME post!! It must be great to hang out, and party & play like this!!

    to my friend Bill S: I agree with you about the slips in #3 & #12!! #14, on the other hand, is no slip!! The jabroni in the bucket hat is deliberately grossing out his buddies!! haha #31 is indeed a beautiful photo-art composition!! And as for #10… I love it!! True, it’s quirky, but the dude is cute & hot!! Now that’s my idea of a wienie roast!! ;^)

    #23 and #8 have something in common… ROCKIN’ HOT bottoms taking it like champs!! And loving it!!
    #6 & #40 are the same dudes!! In #40, the hottie in the hat looks leary of the whole scenario… Hope he calmed down and gave into the pleasure!!
    #4 and #41 are both just beautiful!! Fine young men, classically handsome, nice bodies, beautiful cocks… And #4’s balls!! Fuck yeah!!
    Love #7’s amazing ass!!
    The dude eating ass in #17 is crazy hot!! And check out his cock!!
    #46… WOW!!
    Yupperz, #48 is a total stud!! Handsome, great body, ink, pierced nipples, sweet uncut cock…
    I’d love to crawl up on #2!!

    This was great, Buff!! You just keep raising the bar!! XOXO

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