Dude. Nice fuck face!

I guess I’ll call this the third (and I promise final) episode of the Northland gang’s Memorial Day week at Table Rock lake. I won’t go into a lot of detail, but there are a couple of things I’d like to tell you.
By Tuesday, the group was a lot smaller. There was just David, Dub, Austin, Travon, Rick, Keon and me when the grandparents arrived. The grands moved into the condo that Ty and Damien left when they went to Houston for Damien’s fathers’ funeral.
So, we went into Kimberling City to stock up on food (and drinks) for the rest of the week. Austin was still bummed about not going to Houston with his dads… but Dub let him use his I-Pad so he could scype every day with them. We mainly spent the week on the lake, boating and swimming and water skiing and wake boarding. One day we went to Silver Dollar City and the kids had great fun riding the rides they were “tall” enough to ride. The grandparents aren’t all that excited about boating and swimming, but they had a great time playing canasta with Jim and Carol on their screened porch.
On Friday, Jim came over and asked the boys if they’d like to make some home-made ice cream. The boys thought that’d be great so they went over to Jim and Carol’s to do that. Carol let them help her mix up the cream, milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla, etc., and put the mixture in the canister. Then, Jim and Pop-pops supervised as they put the canister, ice and salt into the freezer and started cranking it (by hand). The boys are too small to turn the crank with one hand, so Jim put an old rug on top of the freezer and one of the boys would sit on it to hold it in place while the other boys took turns standing and turning the crank with both hands. Afterward, Travon told us about it. He said “We had to turn the crank a million times – and when it was your turn to sit on the freezer, your butt just about froze off.” We all laughed and told Jim we’d buy him an electric freezer. He said, “Oh, I’ve got one of those. I just thought the boys needed to see how we did it in the old days.” The ice cream was delicious.
We came home on Friday so we could pick Ty and Damien up at the airport Saturday morning. Damien said he was really glad they didn’t take Austin with them to the funeral because “it was one of those awful, open-casket things with everyone saying how nice the corpse looked.”
So, we’re home – and Dub is busy tending his garden, playing with the kids and taking an on-line math class. The boys are “brown as berries” thanks to a week on the lake and about two gallons of sun screen. The dogs have pretty much been sleeping ever since we got home. That lake stuff really tired them out.
We’re a little bummed that it’s so hot here in JUNE, but Dub’s water barrels are still mostly full, so I’m sure his garden (and us people) will survive 🙂

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  • bw

    True story – at the funeral home before the open coffin: “Doesn’t she look nice”. Me: “Oh hell no she looks dead”. Not one of my most diplomatic moments.

    • Jingle

      But not untrue, friend!!

      When Dad died, it was an old-school Catholic affair, with all the pomp and pageantry of The Vatican and Hollywood… When Mom died, at her own behest, it was Direct Disposition, with a Chapel Service at the funeral home. The latter is by far better!!

      When my rock-a-bye time comes, it will be short and sweet…

  • Tim from MO

    You know you’re fucking his ass right when his mouth involuntarily falls open, and his breathing gets ragged….followed by the moaning.
    Fucking a piece of ass, while watching his facial expression change is one of my favorite things to do.
    My favorite is # 8; both of their faces say EVERYTHING!
    Great post! Love it! ❤️

    I was at Silver Dollar City on Monday, Memorial Day. It would have been something had I been there the same day as you all were…and ended up on the same ride together, LOL!

    Sounds like you had a great time. Home made ice cream is pretty hard to beat on a hot spring or summer day.

  • Kent

    Dear Ben, Thanks for sharing all the goings-on during your week at the lake. Based on my own childhood memories, I can visualize nearly everything you described. What a great extended family you have.
    This collection of fuck-face pix is even better than the one you did in Feb 2017. Watching a guy show all the emotions and senses of getting fucked is almost as hot as actually fucking him. Looking at these pix, you can almost hear the moaning and whimpering. Thank you for such a hot post.

  • ray

    Ben, thank you so much for letting us know how the rest of that wonderful week went!
    I was very surprised to learn that in the US there is still the costum of open coffins, it has disappeared here (and rightly so, I think) for many decades.
    The passionate fuck faces are great!

    • Jingle

      Mein Schatz, fortunately open coffin is becoming less common, as cremation gains greater acceptance…

      What is the custom in Germany now?? I’m just old enough to remember when it was not unusual to photograph the departed one, all decked out, there.

      • ray

        Liebster Jingle, coffins remain closed now. I remember, however, when my grandfather died in the sixties of the last century and I was a very little boy, the coffin was open and photographs were taken. But that is a costum that definitely belongs to the past now. At that time, it must have been considered as normal, strange as it may seem now.

  • Jingle


    “The Agony & The Ecstasy”!!

    They’re all fucking (pun intended) excellent, but without a doubt, my favourite is #39!! While not overtly graphic, you know EXACTLY what’s going on!! And both dudes are off-the-charts HOT!! WOW!!

  • FredinMotul

    The lake tales were great . Thank You for sharing them.

    No thanks to looking at dead relatives. Cremation is the way to go . Had one post mortem experience with my Mom last year. The Funeral home had to have one last official recognize the body thing for legal concerns . My sister and I gamely went over to do it and was pleasantly surprised to see her laid out like a wizened old High Priestess in some stone temple. Ends up actually being a good memory , but not for kids for sure .

    Good post,as always. Reminds one to always look their best !

  • Larry

    Loved the post, although always being the contrarian, I like it when someone looks like they are enjoying it like # 19.

    Good story about the end f the week and making the ice cream.

    One of my clients died and the funeral was delayed half an hour because one of the sons didn’t like the way they did mother;s hair. No viewing for me thanks.

  • Denny

    LOVE the look of screaming, blinding passion on the faces of all of these guys – every fiber of their body is taut, any pain has turned to pleasure, and their explosion is only seconds away. The whole post is great, but #36 and #42 are primo!!!

    I’ll bet Jim and Carol haven’t had so much fun in years!!! First Denise and Scott, and then the grandparents, AND making ice cream with the kids where Trevon reports having to turn that crank a MILLION times!!! I love it.

    I feel bad for Ty and Damien. But, I say again, they did absolutely the right thing in leaving Austin at the Lake. Now he has memories of making ice cream and riding the rides at Silver Dollar City instead of haunting nightmares. He had enough of that before Ty and Damien adopted him.

    Only Dub would be happy “taking an on line math class” during summer vacation!! W-h-a-t??? lol Seriously tho’, Ben you made a good call on that one. Dub just thrives on the mental stimulation and loves the challenges.

    Thanks for the post, Ben!!

  • bw

    I just thought about how many dads we have in our little group, some totally unexpected, others due to hard work and determination, but you are my heroes for what you do. I hope all of you dads have a great day tomorrow – Happy Fathers Day!

    • unrulyadmin

      bw. We think this just may be the kindest, most thoughtful, most appreciated comment in the history of UnrulyDude. THANK YOU. We love you!
      David and Ben

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