Dude. Put a sock on it!

Hey, guys. It’s Cal. Since Ben wants us all to update you on what’s happening with our kids, I thought I’d have a go at it.
We had a party for Bella on her 7th birthday (August 28th). (Alex says she’s 7 – going on 18 🙂 ) It was a small party (just the kids) because we’d all be getting together for Labor Day and we knew she’d think the entire weekend was to celebrate her. She’s a sweetheart. She thinks she’s in charge of all the kids… and sometimes it seems like she is… except that we all understand no one is in charge of Chance – other than Chance. Also, Dub just enjoys letting her think she’s in charge. Bella and Alyssa are best buds and she (Bella) still keeps in touch with her friend Kylie regularly. She tolerates having Dub call her “Izzie” but no one else better ever do that. She’s excited about the start of the school year and has become quite a good “potter.” Alex has incorporated several of her pieces in our decorating scheme and they’re awesome. She’s my biological daughter but I have to say Alex is her “main dad.”
Chance is 8 years old and will be 9 next month. He’s one of the most interesting people I’ve ever known. He and Bugs (his very energetic Springer spaniel pup) are pretty much inseparable – and they’re both with me almost constantly. The first thing people notice about him is he walks like me, dresses like me, talks like me and uses all the same expressions I do. (Carol calls us “big C” and “little C.”)
When the pandemic hit and we all started wearing masks most of the time, Chance struggled with it because he’s always used lip-reading to supplement his hearing. We talked with his audiologist/speech therapist about it and she said the masks might actually be a good thing for him because it would force him to rely more on his hearing and less on lip-reading. He’s a bright kid and has progressed more than we could ever have imagined. He’s the tallest of the boys and loves being with the other kids – fishing, boating, exploring and whatever. He’s a fierce “beach volleyball” competitor and is actually getting quite good at it.
So there you have it. Another episode of our soon-to-be famous “gay porn and kids” series. Hope you guys at least enjoy the wonderful pics David and Ben put together for the post 🙂 xoxo Cal and Alex

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  • Jingle

    At First Glance, my eyes went directly to #47!! Hello Daddy!!

  • FredinMotul

    Cal! Thanks for the in-depth Update on the kids. The adaptability that our kids have is astonishing, isn’t it? I am glad Chance is adapting to speech with a mask. Hubby and I are finding it more difficult to understand our Spanish Speaking Friends with masks, but we know better than to take them off or ask them to. BTW, I too share your status as Biological Dad to our son, but if you asked who the main Dad is, it would be my Hubby. Having gone from zero kids and zero interest in them to a full time 4 year old, he has done an amazing job.

    Wonderful Update, Thanks!! Awesome Post as well. Thanks for all!! Be Well!!!

  • Alexander


    Thanks for the update. I still flashback to my favorite Chance story. When you had your backs to each other
    and he called out Hey Dad.

    Have a great autumn in the Ozarks.


  • ray

    Thank you for updating us, Cal! Glad that the children are well! Have a very busy day today and will be back in the evening to enjoy the photos!


  • Denny

    I love this “Catch up with the Kids” – thank you so much, Cal!

    My favorite, most heart warming memory of Chance was when both you and Alex had to be away from home for an extended period. When you returned, Chance just burst into tears because he thought he might never see his Dads again. You both went up to him and smothered him in hugs until his tears subsided and you promised him you’d never be away like that again.

    How is Cookie doing with her man-made foot? Is she still running with the rest of the pack?

    Thanks again, Cal – you are da man!


  • Bill S

    Thanks for the update Cal! Sounds like you and your family are doing great!!! THAT makes me very happy! (-:

    P.S. We need your moniker “tag” added. Thanks!


  • bw

    25 years from now Bella will be the one who organizes reunions & holidays, and will be the glue that holds the gang together. And I am happy to hear that Chase is doing so well – and that in his case, masks may actually be beneficial for things other than preventing spread of this awful virus.
    I propose that NO 38 should be the new standard mug shot, and should be posted online.

  • mahtinp

    Cal, Thank you for the in-depth update. It sounds like the kids are doing absolutely wonderful and that’s all we can ask to hear … at this point the gay porn component is just a nice addition to the mix here because you know we’d all be here without it.

    Much Love

  • Jingle

    The day we’ve long waited for… a full schedule of NFL games!!

    Go Bears!!

    • mahtinp

      Go Otters? Or were you talking about the actual NFL bears? LOL

      On the topic of football: Is Browns vs. Chiefs going to turn into an AFC rivalry for the next few years, because that game was crazy … and once again the Chiefs come out on top … not that I actually care that much because I’m used to having a terrible team and I like it when y’all, especially Dub, are happy about the football results.

  • Denny

    Calling all Jeopardy fans!!!

    Season 38 begins tonite!!!

    DON’T MISS IT!!!

  • Roberto

    I feel a bit guilty enjoying the socks posts because I tend not to devote much attention to what such hot men are wearing on their feet. 😛 Well, I guess it’s all about the wonderful variety of colors and designs, which I love. 🙂

    I always look forward to new pics of my URD eternal favorite Anthoni Hardie, so special thanks for #48 – even though I probably never felt so ridiculously jealous of a damn fucking toy. 😛

    From my birthday posts I also recognize nasty crazy hot bad boy #17 (https://www.unrulydude.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/beto-BD-zb022.jpg), bearded cutie #41 (Brock Matthews, Rick’s choice for the debut of the porn-pup series: https://www.unrulydude.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/beto-BD-bb037.jpg), and blazing hot teaser #44 (https://www.unrulydude.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/beto-BD-zb032.jpg), who seems to be as faithful to his delicious sniffing habits as to his socks – oh, I did notice them. 😀 Bloody hot selfie #10 looks familiar too…

    First guy that stunned me when the post appeared was #5 – YUM!! Guys on the edge keep driving me crazy: #4, #8, #16, #20, #24 (impossibly cute and naughty). Wish #25 would keep his pit hair ’cause overall he’s so my type. Smooth-chested #26, #27, #30, #43 (those socks are definitely stylish) are very sexy, and even shaved #40 caught my attention.

    Thanks for this awesome post, guys, and I’m glad all is going so well with the kids. Certainly the future is bright for kids and adults in Table Rock. 🙂


  • Lewis

    Hey admin, do you have an email I can contact you on? 🙂

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