Dude. Slip me some tongue!

If I ever had doubts about the wonders of the human tongue, they were totally eliminated when I met my husband. I’m pretty sure no dude in history ever knew how to use his tongue as well as my Ben!

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  • ray

    I could easily have stopped at # 1 if I only wanted to say whom I like best, because it doesn’t get any better than this, but I wanted to do justice to all, and they are marvellous! 😛


  • Bill S

    Many URD “themes” are included here! For example:

    1 & 48 “CUM YUM”

    # 46 “TRASH DAY”

    # 41 FLEX”

    # 38 “UNRULY”

    14 & 16 & 17 (and more) “SELFIES”

    # 39 “EYES”

    # 25 “FEET”

    # 10 (and more) “PITS”

    And MORE!!! WHEW!

    • bw

      I agree on No 39 – I wonder who he is? Sticking out your tongue seems to be the universal sign of being silly – wonder how that came to be?

  • Bill S

    I forgot to “sign off” (-:
    Love you! XOXO

  • Jingle

    Naughty, sexy, erotic post!! Infused with a big dose of fun!! 🙂

    I certainly understand ray’s attraction to, and enthusiasm for, #1!! Dude is hot!! If only he’d scanned down just a bit more… #2 and #16 (same dude!!) has a very similar “look”!!
    #5 is a hunk stud!! LOVE his headlights, tan-lines, and appropriately BIG pretty dick!! WOW!!
    Pics #7 and #44 are fantastic!! There’s two great ways to use our tongues!!
    #9 is hysterical!! 🙂 haha
    I bet B & B will be fighting over #10!! #15 will put Beto right over the edge!! On the other hand, shaved #37 will make him cringe a little!!
    Bartender #12 is crazy hot!! Isn’t that Roscoe’s in Chicago??
    Selfie #14 is a d-o-l-l, DOLL!! And fuckin’ hot, too!!
    Selfie #20… Holy Shit!!
    Oh my, #21 is just too rockin’ hot for his own good!!
    Pic #23 is insanely, off-the-charts HOT!!
    #25 is quite provocative!! Those sure look like genuine Army fatigues… And notice the Wedding Ring??
    Super close-up pic #28 is amazing!! (That gold jewelry set the wearer back a few bucks!!)
    #29 is a brat!!
    Oh #35… My kinda big beefy fuzzy furry guys!! And another visible Wedding Ring!! Hmm…
    Triple selfie #38 is indeed unruly, and fucking awesome!! (Especially the crazy hot fucker in the foreground!!)
    Hey Larry!! #45, right??
    #46 is the sort of thing you’ll see on any given Summer day on the Mississippi!!

    I actually gasped out loud when I clicked on #47!! WHOA!!!!! Fucking PHENOMENAL!! Intensely, insanely hot couple!! So sexual, yet so romantic at the same time!! And notice the matching scrotal piercings?? Can we assume they’re a “real” couple?? In any event, this is one of the most amazing images I’ve seen in helluva long time!!

    As for my pick for my Dude of the Day… anyone who knows me at all knows it’s bangin’ hot #34!! WHEW!!! I’d like to recreate #47 with him!!

    Outstanding!! Thank you!!

  • Denny

    ********************** #16 ***********************

    It was only 10 PM, too early to expect much in a gay bar, but I was young, I was educating myself, and I wasn’t going to find what I wanted on campus.

    The bar stools were mostly empty, but he followed me with his eyes, and as I got closer, he flashed me one inviting, very sexy smile. I sat myself down at the barstool to his left. He wore jeans and an open neck shirt. I was wearing elastic waist pull on gym shorts and a tee shirt. I wonder if he noticed when I walked in that I was going commando.

    Before I even ordered a drink, he slid off his barstool, put his left arm around my shoulders, put his right palm flat against my left cheek, and pushed his tongue into my mouth. He had that total man smell on him, and all around him, but I hardly had time to notice. He was sucking my tongue into his mouth so hard I could barely breathe. “You OK?” he asked. I nodded yes and smiled. Hell, I wanted MORE! “You want to get out of here?” he asked.

    And so it was that, without even ordering a drink, we were outside, on our way to his truck, parked about 2 blocks away.

    He drove 18-wheelers cross country, owned his own rig, and had a load to pick up in the morning, but tonight – he was with me.

    He opened the door to the monster truck, climbed in and helped me to climb in after him. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

    Behind the seats of the driver’s compartment was what I can only describe as a king size fuck palace, with clean sheets and dim lights. SHOCK and AWE!!

    When I turned to look at him, he was bareass, and reaching toward me to get me naked too.

    A heartbeat later, I was on my back, with his furry chest against mine; he took my entire ear into his mouth and worked his tongue into every crevice before sucking on my earlobe. He licked my neck until I felt his spit trickling down onto the pillow. He sucked and bit my nipples until they ached and I wanted more.

    He sucked my throbbing cock harder than it had ever been sucked before. Oh please, don’t make me cum yet, Man! My wish was granted.

    I flipped me onto my belly, pushed my face into the pillow, and pulled my ass upward and toward him. He ran his palms lightly over my furry cheeks, and ran a finger down my ass crack. Every nerve in my body was at fever pitch. He spread my cheeks and I felt the coolness of the lube on my rosebud. LOTS of lube. He slid three fingers into my fuck hole and stretched it wide. More lube, this time on his cock, before he pushed the mushroom head slowly but steadily deep into my ass. He put his hands onto my shoulders and gave me the deep, rough fucking I knew I wanted and needed but had never experienced until this minute. I was out of control. My cock was dumping a massive load of jizz onto the sheets and I hadn’t even touched it.

    He knew what was happening. With a little more piledriving he exploded deep in my hole and collapsed on top of me. When our breathing return to normal, he gently licked my neck. He turned me over and asked me if I was OK. I told him “Holy shit, Man – I’m WAY better than OK”!!

    I walked back to my car, and felt the burn in my ass as soon as I sat down.

    At home, I took a shower and climbed into bed. I turned out the lights, lay quiet and still on my back, clenched my cheeks to enjoy the last of the burn, and went to sleep with a smile on my face.

  • Jingle

    Soo… Amazingly on topic, I just gave my first outdoor, daylight blowjob of the year at the park!! 🙂

    I’ve never seen this dude before, but I sure hope I see him again… Good-looking, a little beefy, pretty cut pecker, and a set of balls that would put the county bull to shame!! 🙂

    I’d be more than delighted to slip him some tongue again sometime!! Talk about Life imitating Art!! haha

    • unrulyadmin

      Babe, Now, aren’t you glad you didn’t freeze-to-death last Winter? Life is always better when the parks get cruisey!!

  • Brad

    The fun continues with this outstanding set of photos, and we have Ben to thank for being David’s inspiration… 🙂 Here are my favorites: 1, 2, 10, 12, 34, 39, and 46!

    Jingle is correct regarding #10. I will gladly share him (and his pits) with my buddy, Beto… 😉 And, I was right Jingle’s pick of #34… 😉

    Besides their tongues, #2 and 39 have eye that I could lose myself in… 😉

    Love #1 and 12…tall, dark, and silly! But, in the end, I am going with the guy (and his buddies) in #46 for my Dude(s) of the Day! I know this is an atypical choice for me…

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