Dude. That’s a nice raphe. Bet you like havin’ it licked. Bet our birthday boy would be happy to help you with that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIM!

Happy birthday to our good friend (and fellow Missourian) Tim! Babe… thank you for being part of URD and for your comments and friendship. We wish you good health, good times with friends and family and every happiness on your birthday and throughout the coming years. We love you!

Tim’s birthday is on August 28th – as is Beto’s. Two birthdays on the same day present a bit of a posting problem for us because we want everyone to have a chance to extend birthday wishes. So… we’re doing Tim’s post a day early and Beto’s tomorrow. To be absolutely fair, next year we’ll reverse the order. Happy birthday, guys!

23 comments to Dude. That’s a nice raphe. Bet you like havin’ it licked. Bet our birthday boy would be happy to help you with that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIM!

  • Alexander

    Happy Birthday Tim from MO,
    Be well, be happy and have one hell of a birthday!

  • Jingle

    Happy Birthday, Tim!! 😘

    Holy Shit!! I’m licking my chops over this fine Birthday Tribute!! 😋

    If you would like any help taking care of these guys, you know I’ll lend a hand!! Or a tongue!!…

    • Tim from MO

      Hey Jingle!
      From the big spread on this post, I think there’s plenty of ‘Birthday CAKE’ for everyone to have a slice, or two 😜
      Thank you for the Birthday Wishes!

  • ray

    Happy Birthday, dear Tim! Best wishes for all good things!


  • mahtinp

    Happy Birthday Dear Tim MO … I wish you a joyful birthday, and thank you all for this gloriously tasty post. It is quite a joyous coincidence for the thirsty audience here that you and Beto share a birthday, because it means two posts in a row, very different, but very very sexy.

    Much Love,

    • Tim from MO

      Thank you for your Birthday Wishes!
      Yes, I’m always excited to see what David and Ben put together for Beto’s and my BDay posts; they are always spot on and fun to peruse through.

      Three cheers to David and Ben! HUZZAH, HUZZAH, HUZZAH!!

      Love you! ❌⭕️

  • FredinMotul

    Awesome Tim! Happy Birthday!! Now, get busy with your post!! (Which also is Awesome!)

    Have a fantastic Birthday and many, many more to come. Best from Mexico.

  • Roberto

    Just a couple of hours in advance, Happy Birthday, Tim! Best wishes for Health, Love, Peace, Success and tons of moments as delicious as the slices of your birthday cake here! Wow, man, with all these asses/holes and cocks/balls, I’d say it’s a two-tier cake and a real banquet! Enjoy it, my birthday bro! 🙂

    Love, hugs and all the best,

    • Tim from MO

      Beto, my fellow Birthday Brother!
      Thank you so much for your Birthday Wishes!
      Your ‘two-tier’ cake comment gave me a good laugh 😆
      It is an honor to share a Birthday with you.
      Love you man,

  • Denny

    Hey Tim!

    It gives me great pleasure to wish you a very Happy Birthday, my friend!! Wishing you happiness and health, and plenty of good times with family and friends.

    David and Ben have rounded up a whole lot of hot ass for you here – so dive right in and enjoy all this cake!!!

    Love you, Man!!

    • Tim from MO

      Greetings Mr Denny! ⭕️💋⭕️
      Thank you for your Birthday Wishes, my friend! Hope you are doing well.
      So many asses here….I’ll be happy sharing a slice or two…or three, or four with you 😘
      Love you Bro ❌⭕️

  • Tim from MO

    It’s Fred! Thank you for your Birthday Wishes! Get busy with my post? Heck, I’m gonna be stroking to this post for some time to cum 😈
    So many Assets to take care of, lol!
    Love you! ❌⭕️

  • Tim from MO

    Dearest David and Ben,
    Those ASSES! Those TAINTS! Those BALLS! Those perineal Raphes! You know me too well; I’d be all over all of those raphes so fast…!
    I cannot thank you both enough for your kindness, and thoughtfulness putting together this post for my Birthday.
    You two are simply the best. I’m sure others feel the same way as I do when I speak of the joy and pleasure Unrulydude has been to us all through these many years now! Godspeed and a big THANK YOU headed way from me!
    Love you guys!

  • Bill S


    Lots of taints to see in your post—that word (taint) entered my vocabulary thanks to you! LOL

    I hope you have a good day today and may the next 365 be good for you too! Stay well. Love you!!! Bill XOXO

    P.S. Happy Birthday Bella! (-;

    • Tim from MO

      Hello Bill S (S, for Sexy😘)!
      Thank you for the Birthday Wishes!
      Glad to have been the one you learned the ‘Taint’ word from 😈. If we were ever to cross paths, I’d be delighted to show you some of my ‘taint techniques’ I love to do to others. Typically leaves men in a trembling, writhing, state of pleasurable ecstasy 😍
      Love you Bro! ❌⭕️

  • bw

    Tim, a man after my own heart – nothing better than a butthole buffet like this. Happy Birthday! I hope that the upcoming year is safe, healthy and full of boy butts to enjoy.

    Jingle – “still licking my chops” – made me spit coffee when I laughed.

    • Tim from MO

      Thank you for your Birthday Wishes! Having a buffet of butts like this over the upcoming year would be a Birthday Wish come true 😜!!!
      Love you man!

  • Larry

    As usual, everyone has sad it all by the time I get here.Happy birthday Tim I am stil working on the stand up twinks post. I will be on this one for the ext month.

    • Tim from MO

      Hello Larry and a good day to you!
      Thank you for the Birthday Wishes. I’m also still going back to the Stand Up Twinks post…such great material there to enjoy!
      David and Ben certainly know how to “Bake our Bday Cakes”, don’t they?!

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