Dude. These awesome guys are uncut and untrimmed. Wish we all were!

On May 5th, “Alex” commented, saying: “I would love to see a post with guys that have uncut dicks and full, untrimmed bushes 😁 Do you think that would be possible?
Not only is it possible, Alex, it’s our pleasure. We had more fun putting this together than we could possibly tell you. Thanks for a wonderful post request!

We watched the first of the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions shows tonight and thought Buzzy did a very good job (Dub said “Jeopardy was fun again tonight”). If we had our choice of permanent Jeopardy hosts, we’d probably still pick Anderson Cooper… but Buzzy is doing really well.

11 comments to Dude. These awesome guys are uncut and untrimmed. Wish we all were!

  • ray

    As for untrimmed, that’s doable…I will now feel a little warmer in an arctic May morning watching these hot men! Great selection, thanks!

  • Jingle

    Full bush, and lovely foreskin!!… just as God intended!! 😄

    Can’t stay, but I’ll be back!!…

  • Denny

    Oh my soul! What I’m seeing here is an entire post of Dudes of the Day!

    Luxurious piles of pubic hair, super-sexy hairy chests, and Callum’s hairy armpits everywhere you look !!!

    Cocks, cut or intact, are all works of art to me. I was born (and cut) as a good Catholic boy (Maybe not so good anymore, lol) so I was in my later teens before I even realized that “cut/uncut” was even a thing.

    I do have a favorite Dude here, tho, amongst all these beauties. That would be #29. Oh my fucking word – just LOOK at him – and that’s without even seeing his ass!

    Thank you, Alex, for the suggestion and thanks David/Ben for the quick follow thru.

    And now I have a question. This man Alex, who stops by now and then – and whom I enjoy hearing from – this wouldn’t be “our” Alex, would it? I mean ours and Callum’s Alex..? Just wondering…

    I am SO happy to have the REAL Jeopardy style of play going on right now, I don’t know whether to shit or go blind or just have another drink. I’m afraid we have more ass-draggin’ weeks ahead of us before they select a permanent host but yes, I would be satisfied with any of those you mention above.


    • unrulyadmin

      Not “our” Alex, Denny. If our “lake boy Alex” made a comment, it’d show up as being posted by “Unrulyadmin,” because all the members of the Table Rock gang have “admin” posting ability.
      We, for sure love hearing from our online bud “Alex” and we’re hoping he’ll like this post!

  • Bobby b

    Cock Prick I wanna suck Dick

  • FredinMotul

    Thank Alex for stirring this pot!! Excellent post, as always Men, Thanks!! Really can tell that this one must have been fun to put together. Thanks Again. Wow, does #2 Jump out off the page or what??

  • bw

    This post makes me wonder even more how in the hell the whole manscaping nonsense started – take for example NO 5 – just look at that lovely black bush – and think how it would look it was stubble instead. Nos 26 & 29 are particularly handsome I think, and NOs 45 and 46 both are very appealing and have fine ‘assets’.
    I think I’ve said this before – I know nothing of uncut men – I was 14 or so before I ever saw a white kid that was uncut. And since I had no say in the matter, being that my vocabulary at 1 day old was limited, it’s all I’ve ever known. So I really enjoyed this post – good suggestion Alex.

  • Jingle

    It’s really pissing me off that the vagaries of Life are keeping me from giving this fine post the full attention it deserves!! 🤨

    On my quick peeks and stolen glances, I keep going back to one pic… Badass Fuck Machine #42!! He is insanely HOT!!

  • Alex

    Oh woooooow! Thank you so much!

    Damn, I love these natural manly dicks, so amazing 🤤

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