Dude. This is pretty much how it stacks up!

Damn. That was SOOOOOO COOL! We picked up our bikes this morning – then Ethan, Kevin, David and I rode over to the Legends for lunch. I was a little nervous on the way over – but the trip back was AWESOME! Just an amazing feeling of freedom – unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Next to sex with David, it’s gotta be just about the best thing in the World.

4 comments to Dude. This is pretty much how it stacks up!

  • Just goes to show… ‘UnRulyDudes’ have more fun ! ! ! !

    WATERSPORTS………………..! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • bw

    I don’t know a thing about Harleys except they are really loud. Please post a picture of your new toys so we know what all the excitement is about. I’m really happy you had such a good time. Then please send the two furry lads in No 40 to see me.

  • Jingle

    I don’t know how you came up with the idea for this post… But I’m sure as hell glad you did!! 🙂 The camaraderie, bro-mance, and exuberance are great!! (OK, the nudity ain’t bad, either!!) 😉 haha

    The rider in #4 is rockin’ hot!!
    The Twins in #8, and the Triplets in #15 sent my (naughty) imagination running wild!! heehee
    #13… WOW!! (But I can’t help but wonder how long they were able to maintain that??)
    The double rim in #14 is crazy hot!!
    I think #21 & #23 are the same guys… Love their ink and sideburns, and they appear to be slightly older than a lot of the others… I like ’em!!

    But damn, how ’bout that big-nippled hunk in #27?? I’d love to be on his back… on his ass… IN his ass!!

    BIG fun!! Thanks soo much!!

  • Bill S

    This post is over-the-top exciting, sexy, fun and beautiful…. and I really like it!!!

    I’m glad you are happy being biker dudes. Just always think that that other (car) driver doesn’t even see you! Yes, it’s my turn to say, be careful!!!


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