Dude. This is pretty sneaky!

Ben and I had been thinking about doing a “Sneaks without sox” post… then, last week, our buddy “ray” commented on our “unrulybois flashback” post, saying: “Thanks for the sneaker guys!” That pic had two guys sniffin’ and lickin’ a sneaker… so we shifted gears a bit and added a little more variety. As far as we know, there still aren’t any socks in these pics… but we wouldn’t bet that our friend “Jingle” can’t find some somewhere?

6 comments to Dude. This is pretty sneaky!

  • Jingle

    Is that a challenge?? 🙂 haha OK, I’m up for it!!

    Wouldn’t bangin’ hot #5 rather stick his dick in my mouth??
    #6 and #22 are the same dude!! He’s playin’ possum in #6 :), and now that he’s awake and “up” in #22, I guess I’d better blow him!!
    #12, 15, 23 and 40 are all crazy hot!! Think I could get them to show my cock or my hole that kind of attention??
    Poor #13 can’t possibly be comfortable crushing his nuts on that spindly little portable stool!! Yipes!!
    #15 & #16 are both rockin’ hot!!
    #26 is a close up of cutie #10’s nice junk!!
    #30 looks like they had a food fight before they got busy!!
    A-HA!! #32 is wearing little black lo-rise footies!!!!! 🙂
    #42 is nasty crazy scary hot!!
    I’d like to put my dick in #44’s pretty ass!!
    #46… WOW!!
    #47 is a damn fine big bundle of man!! And that dick is begging to be sucked!!

    OK, since sneakers cum in pairs, I’m picking a pair of favourites tonight!! Insanely hot #20 and intensely hot #32!! Goddamn!!

    Great post!! Had fun with this!! 🙂 Thanks, babes!!

  • ray

    This is insanely hot!!!
    Thank you! Love ya!

  • Jingle

    Shit… I miscalled my favourites!! 🙁 It’s #20 and #35 that make my Perfect Pair!!

  • Cory

    Awesome post guys….I love sneaker sex and anything to do with feet.

  • Bill S

    I’d like to make a small wager….
    I’ll bet that tonight’s post will feature LATIN MEN.

    Happy Cinco de Mayo all.


  • bw

    The mystery of NO 14 appeals to me – I would love to explore those furry legs and see what lies above. And no 47 – now that is a man, and he’s ready for action.

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