Dude. Time for a little “toke ‘n tap”!

Hey, guys. It’s Keon. Since David and Ben told us we could post whatever we want on “Friends Friday,” I thought I’d do a “Pot” post. If you’ve been following UnrulyDude for a while, you already know that I fuckin’ love smokin’ weed. To me, there’s just NOTHIN’ better than gettin’ high and havin’ sex. I know some of you (like Wonderboy) agree – and some don’t. Doesn’t matter. I like it, and Rick likes it, and David and Ben like it, so it works for us. Ben, Rick and I will all graduate next Spring and I think the best thing in the World would be if we would all move to Colorado. Don’t know if that’ll happen, but I sure wish it could. I think it would be o.k. with David and Ben, but Rick’s boss really wants him to take over management of the nursery , so we’ll just have to see. Wherever we are, I know the four of us will be together and we’ll be “tokin’ and tappin’!

It’s Thursday evening and I’m “pre-posting” this. I hope I understand WordPress enough to get this up on the blog on Friday. We’re leaving early tomorrow morning for a long holiday weekend at Table Rock lake in Southern Missouri. We’re dropping Dub off in Springfield so he can spend time with his grandparents (and Coco!!). The four of us are lookin’ forward to a fun and relaxing weekend at the lake. We hope you guys all have wonderful, fun, safe Labor day holidays!

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  • Jingle

    Bangin’ hot #23/31 can get as high as he wants… As long as I get to suck his awesome cock!!

  • Brad

    These guys can partake in some weed, while I enjoy parts of them: 2, 4, 14, 18, 20, 23/31, 30, 40, 43, and 46! Let me be second after Jingle gets done with #23/31… 😉

    Before I take on #23/31, I am going to warm up with with #4, 18, 20, and 40… 😉 (I think #40 has a sizable cock and would be quite fun… 😉 )

    Hope all of you guys have fun at the lake! (I am sure you will… 🙂 ) Thanks for a fun collection of photos, Keon!

    • Jingle

      I know what you mean about #40… I kept trying, in vain, to scroll down and see the rest of his pecker!! ? haha

      What do think about #34, babe??

      • Brad

        I wouldn’t kick him out of bed, but he is a little too smooth for me to pursue. I think he definitely has a naughty/unruly “streak.” Who knows what he could be persuaded to do after a few tokes… 😉

  • ray

    The smoking guys are alluring…and make me wonder why it doesn’t work for me.

    A wonderful weekend to all!
    Love Ray

  • Roberto

    Hey, Keon! I don’t smoke, but I used to hang with guys who did and I never saw it as a problem or something bad. They were smart, nice and cool fellas, just like you guys. One of them, Gustavo, was one of my best friends in high school. Individual freedom is one of the things that I value most in life and I think people simply have different hobbies, interests and ways of having fun. The only thing I don’t approve is people losing control of their acts and becoming a threat to others in any way. As long as that doesn’t happen, it’s a free world!

    Lots of real, smoking hot fellas in this post!! Oh yeah!!

    #19 and #44 really caught my eye, but I wish they were less extreme in the manscaping. #34 is another hottie and has his bush in place, I just need to see his pits… 😀

    #27 is a very hot cutie, but the picture behind him is giving me a disturbing impression…

    #22 is a gorgeous boy!

    What I see of #5 is more than enough to find him freaking hot!!

    WOW, inked #11 looks so fucking delicious!!

    What can I say about #42? I wanna smoke that!

    In the non-solo pics, I’d point out fucker #16, the guy jerking off in #25 and the dude on the right in #28!

    I totally share Brad’s enthusiasm for #20, #40 and #43… and I’m also really into unrulyboi #3/29, #10, #33, #38, #41 and #48! So tough to choose, but I think it’s furry beauty #43 for me!! Hell yeah!! 🙂

    Awesome selection, Keon!! Thank you! Hope you guys enjoy your long holiday weekend to the maximum! Same for all my URD mates in the US!


    • Brad

      I thought #43 was the one for you! He’s in the perfect position for you to enjoy his pit and furry chest… 😉

      Tenha um fim de semana maravilhoso, meu amigo!


  • Bill S


    I think these guys all would be fun to be around, but I keep coming back to #14.
    He looks like he’d be SO FUN to be with and he’s cute too! Is that pipe a tiny saxophone? FUN!!!

    Keon, you can get Rocky Mountain High right there in K.C. And you would all miss the world’s best ribs too much! LOL
    But seriously, I think you all love being in THE HEARTLAND and ought to stay. (Just my 2-cents worth)….

    Fun post! And I hope you all had a fun time at the lake!!! (-:


  • bw

    No. 15 is the dude from the other day with his dick tucked under his belt – he calls himself Devin Otter, and his porn is under the “Deviantotter” name. Not pretty but a hot guy, versatile, a shooter and of course those low hangers.
    I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing long weekend. I’m off to the cabin and will piss off the porch anytime I want to.

  • Tim from MO

    A Happy Labor Day Holiday weekend to all!
    Pic #4: Keon! Is…….that……YOU?!?! FUCK! ?
    You’ve picked quite a selection of some sexy Unrulydudes!
    Love the fuck position of the pair in #16:
    A. The hungry bottom with his raised, spread ass. Can just see him pushing, grinding his ass back against the tops thrusts, filling his hole to a satisfied contentment, moaning with the hot passionate burning that consumes him from the very core of his chest, flooding his whole body…
    B. The top straddling that ass, his cock driving as deep as possible into that tight, warm, moist, love tunnel. Feeling his balls rubbing that taint, his inner thighs against those ass cheeks. Feeling his load welling up inside his balls, and prostate, unleashing a flood of cum deep inside the ass that’s grinding back into his pubes.

    God. I love it!

    The place I work at does random drug screenings, through urine specimens, as one of the conditions of employment. Also, if you have an accident at work, they automatically perform drug screen tests.
    If you fail them, you are subject to termination….which I’ve seen them do, to a number of employees.
    Over the years I’ve worked there, I’ve had to submit urine specimens for both reasons, and passed them, since I don’t do any kind of drugs, or smoke weed. Because it’s a condition of employment, I don’t take the chance of smoking weed, and then run the risk of losing my job if I had to submit to a test.
    I certainly don’t think I’m ‘better’ than anyone who chooses to smoke pot, but for employment concerns, I have chosen to abstain. It would be just my luck if I smoked some pot, I’d get tested at work! ?
    I hope you, Rick, David and Ben have a great holiday weekend at Table Rock Lake. It’s beautiful over there!

    Love you guys!

  • FredinMotul

    Terrific post Keon. I happily smoked pot for years, and thought it would never end. Then, it was explained to me, in the second year of owning my own business, that if I failed a mandatory drug test after and accident, or was killed and found to have drugs in my system, my Insurance Policies would be denied and my son and husband would be responsible for all debt. That ended that until retirement, except now, they have this mandatory drug testing for all drivers here in MX that could catch you anywhere. Sadly, until I stop driving entirely, no more for me. All that said, you have a wonderful post here, with much of what I remember about hanging out with other dudes smoking. Clothes seemed optional a lot, and no one seemed to care. Wish you had found some Shotgun pictures. That was always some of the most sensuous part of smoking for me, especially while in the closet. Happy Holiday Weekend, guys. Trust all of you avoided the hurricane.


    There’s no problem with smoking pot, I have friends who do it, the problem is that many guys are idiots and use other drugs and this is dangerous because being dependent on something to live is not cool. Be an addict is not cool. Honestly, is sad to know who, in these days, everybody is addict.

  • The New Flops Boy

    Great post! And I, like my dear friends, LOVE to get high and fuck! You are right, nothing better! In fact, I am hoping to do just that on Tuesday (sexy friend will be visiting!)

    XO FFB

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