Dude. Time to visit da hood!

We had a comment from Beto earlier today, saying (in part):
“Jingle, I got a hoodie dude for me too: #46!! Oh, my, you guys will keep me dreaming the whole day!!”
Then, Jingle said,
“It’s been almost two years since we’ve had a hoodie post!!… Would you consider doing one?? 🙂”
It HAS been a long time. So here you go, guys. Some dudes in – or partially in – hoodies – doing stuff guys wearing hoodies usually do 🙂

14 comments to Dude. Time to visit da hood!

  • Jingle

    Awesome collection!!

    And you had me from the git… Freeballing #1 really seems to be blithely unaware that his fly is wide open and he’s putting on quite a show!! GREAT candid image!!

    Gotta go for now, but you damn well know I’ll be back!!

  • ray

    It is not the hoods that I would notice in the first place…but what a great collection of…hoods!

  • Bill S


    I want to go to the wine section of the grocery store to see if #41 is there! I wish more guys would dress like that!!! (well, if they look like that anyway).


  • Denny

    #19…#35…O.M.G. Take me anywhere you want, do anything you want. I’m sure I will love it. woof DAYUM!!

    Been working long (10-12 hour) days of late. PLUS, after not so much as a sniffle for the last 5 years, I am just recovering from the granddaddy of all colds.

    AND, are you ready for this? You’re not gonna believe it. Dave is having his RIGHT knee replaced next Monday, the 9th!!

    Once he is recovered from that, we are driving to Michigan to pick up our latest family member – a 2 yr old, retired racing greyhound who is being fostered for us now. Her track name was Thelma, but they don’t know nor do they respond to their track name. We have named her Tess. Her foster family says she is personality plus, gets along well with other dogs – and l-o-v-e-s to chase squirrels!!

    So…don’t be worrying about Denny. It’s all gonna be good.


    • Bill S

      I WAS SO worried! I was finally going to find out if anybody had any news on Denny!!! Maybe I had missed the day you told us what was up or something…. All I knew was that you were happy to be back from Ptown …. and then NOTHING!

      So I appreciate the news Denny and I think David (?) said everything… LOVE YOU, MISS YOU!


    • bw

      Denny, I hope you feel better soon and that Dave’s knee replacement goes well. Please let us know how it goes.
      Congratulations on the new family member. Just one question – Tess likes to chase squirrels – have they tested her to make sure she will not chase other small critters, like cats and little dogs?

    • Jingle

      Glad to have you back in the “family fold”!!

      Great news about Tess, and you and your husband know exactly what to expect regarding his knee!!… Is he going to the same Orthopedic Specialist??

      Best Wishes all around!! 🙂

  • unrulyadmin

    Hey, babe. SOOOO good to hear from you. We were getting worried. Sorry about the 10-12 hour days. I guess business is good – exactly as our beloved President promised.
    Sorry to hear about Dave’s surgery. On the bright side, your “bionic” man won’t have any more knees to replace after this one.
    Congrats on Tess! Our next door neighbors have two greyhounds and they’re AWESOME. Have never heard either of them bark and their dispositions are wonderful.
    Be good. Take care of Dave. Let us hear from you when time permits.
    Love you!!!

  • Jingle

    What an awesome collection of hot dudes, and what a great assortment of sartorial splendor!! 🙂

    I’m sorry that time constraints the last few days have limited the time I can spend with the Blog… But I wouldn’t want you to think that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed the Hoodie and the Scruff & Bone posts!! 🙂 They’re both fucking FANTASTIC!!

    Thanks so much!! With affection and appreciation, as always!! John 🙂

  • Denny

    David and Ben, Bill S, Ray, bw and Jingle –

    Thank you for your kind thoughts and words! You, and ALL the CCC are the best.

    bw, to answer your question, we know that Tess will do well with our 17 lb dog, because the lady who is fostering Tess has a dog about the same size as our Mica. If she is ever to be around cats, we will definitely test her first.

    And Jingle, yes, Dave is going to the same orthopedic surgeon who did his left knee replacement. This guy is good so we have no worries.

    I will let you know how the surgery goes. After that, when Dave comes home, I know from previous experience, I will be his little slave boy – lol He won’t be able to do much of anything for a while. I don’t mind. That’s kind of what love is all about!


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