Dude. Welcome to the first ever “Unrulydude bananarama”!

13 comments to Dude. Welcome to the first ever “Unrulydude bananarama”!

  • Jingle

    What a hoot!! Sexy, naughty and FUN!! 🙂

    I’d like a big bunch of #31 and #37 please!!

    You gotta tell us what the inspiration for this great post was??…

  • Bill S

    I think #43 is very erotic —- and I am trying to judge from an obscure background whether or not he’s in a gay bar. I think he is and he’s part of the show. No matter, he’s very good at being bad!!! (-;

    David & Ben, it’s good to be silly once in awhile!!! Fun post. (-:


  • Denny

    #36 is innovative to the max!!

    I think I’d like to meet this guy and prowl around in his imagination.

    The sex would certainly be novel!!

  • Roberto

    What a surprise!!! I don’t know where this idea came from, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the outcome!! 🙂 Brad will probably remember the hot banana scene from Bjorn’s Carnival in Rio… 😉

    I totally agree with Jingle and Bill that the whole post is so much FUN, but to me the funniest and most creative pic is #4!! And it’s also a BEYL pic!! Just amazing!!

    Thinking of #4, are we getting a message from rocking hot #21? 😛

    We know what all the unrulybois with a banana up in their asses really need, but I guess #7/32, #12 and #20 are particularly eager for that! And my banana is particularly eager for #45’s ass!!

    I share Bill’s enthusiasm for #43, but I guess I find #10, #36, #39 and #40 the most erotic pics in the post!!

    The dudes are so hot… I’m totally attracted to bearded #11, but I want him to get more unruly… And #13 is such a damn hot teaser… But in the end I’ll make super cute, shaved-head #38 my Dude of the Day!!

    Provocative, fun, totally delicious post!! Thank you, boys!!

  • Larry

    I would rather have the real thing or a good dildo up my ass, but in a pinch anything long and round will do.

    Of course I like the young smooth ones: # 15, # 18, # 25, # 28, # 30, # 7/32 and # 42, but I am glad Beto left # 13 for me. I love those hairy legs.

  • ray

    Frutta esotica, frutta erotica! (Exotic fruit is erotic fruit!)
    Going to the supermarket now, in the midst of a hail shower.


    • Roberto

      Ray, I didn’t know that Italian saying — thank you for sharing! 🙂

      I hope that going out in the midst of hail showers is not a habit of yours! 😉

      Hugs and take care,

  • Brad

    Fun doesn’t even begin to describe this set for me! It is additional proof of why bananas are my favorite fruit… 😉 (Beto, I do recall that scene and wonder if there are pics from it on the web? I am sure if they exist, you will find them… 🙂 )

    Selecting a favorite is really difficult because there are fun pics and ones with my type of men. Therefore, I have two top picks today. I agree with Beto about #4…it is my fun photo. My hands-down guy favorite is #37! He’s hiding his package, but that’s okay, I do love bananas! 😉

    Here are my other notables: 3, 11, 12, 15, 18, 20, and 31.

    A wonderful and fun collection of pics, David and Ben!

    • Roberto

      Brad, I knew you’d love Jingle’s hairy lads #31 and #37 and they caught my eye as well! The former has such a cute face and I love his beard, and your hands-down favorite is just too much of a temptation to resist, right? 😉

      As I mentioned in my comment, #11 is one of my favorites too, but in such a fun and erotic post I wanted him to be more enthusiastic, hehe. And how fucking tasty #18’s banana look? 😉

      You know what? No one mentioned #1 and he looks crazy hot, so I’ll invite him to join #38 and me! 🙂

      I’ll look up on the web for pics from that scene…


    • Roberto

      (A correction to my comment above: looks instead of *look. I hate my mistakes.)

      Well, the banana play is not featured in these pics, but here are the studs (safe site, it’s only linked to Bjorn’s main site): http://hostedgalleries.kristenbjorn.com/web/model/promo/promocontent-gallery-clipid-105-affiliate-number-%202210076.html

      If you search for ‘Carnaval’/’Carnival’, ‘Bjorn’ and ‘peek’ on Google, you should find a page with the full video (first result for me).


  • bw

    I’ll never look at the half banana I have every morning with my nasty high fiber cereal quite the same again.

  • Tim from MO

    Ahh, those bananas. Ahh, the memories ?
    These are the best looking bunch of bananas I’ve seen in a long, long time! ?

    A funny story from work several years ago:
    A guy on my production line came back from his lunch break, looked past me and went wide-eyed. Of course, I had to turn and look to see what caused him to do that. On the production line next to ours, a guy was sitting on his work bench, relaxed, leaning back against the piece of furniture he’d been upholstering. He had both feet up resting on his tool table next to his work bench, legs spread. His girlfriend at the time was in between his spread legs, with her arms on his thighs. She was holding a banana in one hand right on his bulge, peeling it with her other hand and looking up smiling at him….then she went down on it like she was blowing him, lol!
    The guys all called her ‘pincushion’ back then because so many of them had ‘stuck’ her…

    I enjoyed your fun banana post. It’s such a versatile fruit!

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