Dude. Whachagonnadoboutit?

You know how it is. I mean, you think you’ll just hop in the shower for a quick de-funk… and up pops your favorite shower toy. So, whachagonnadoboutit? Seriously, what ARE you gonna do about it? (If David’s home it isn’t a problem…but if he’s not…”whachagonnadoboutit?” 🙂

Hey, guys. It’s Cal. I really screwed this up. I’d asked Ben if he could do a post I could “tag-on” to and he did this one – and when I wrote the tag, I somehow managed to post it without my comments. I’m glad David and Ben understand WordPress, I’m pretty sure I never will.
Anyway, wanted to let you know Chance got his bandages off yesterday. He was really happy about it and was able to shower yesterday evening (for the first time since his surgery). The Doctor said he’s healing “remarkably well” and there’s every reason to believe the implant can be turned on in three or four weeks. Then, the work will begin. Roberta has been studying about learning to hear with cochlear implants and has put together a daily program for him. It’ll consist of saying a word and showing it to him in writing and signing it at the same time. She’s also working with Dub, Bella, Alex and me so we can use the same method. We told the Doctor about it and he said it sounds “Perfect.” He won’t have the implant turned on until after Christmas – and it’ll be a long process – but he’s a bright kid and has lots of resources – so we’re betting he’ll be hearing before too long.
We’re all super excited about Christmas at the lake. Alex has been making weekly trips to Table Rock to supervise construction of Ty and Damien’s new cabin – and he works on decorating our cabin for Christmas every time he goes down there. Knowing my hubby, I’m sure it’ll be awesome! xoxo Cal and Alex

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  • ray

    I think I would try and shower with a friend…Nice post, I’m in a hurry now to go out and will look at all later! Thanks!

  • Denny

    It was in the bathtub, in my mid teens, where I discovered the joys of choking the chicken.
    I saved my dick for last. Soaped that baby up and started rubbin’. I HAD to be sure I got it REAL clean.
    The more I rubbed, the harder it got, and I wasn’t about to stop.
    Then I felt like I was gonna explode, like I had to take the worst piss in the world. I didn’t care. I was in the bathtub. Then out it came – great gobs of what the hell is that!!??
    Then it started to burn like a motherfucker. The soap and that stuff on the tip of my dick made it feel like it was on FIRE.
    I washed the soap off and rinsed out the tub and ran cold water over my piss hole and damn the damn damn – it was STILL burning.
    I got out of the tub, dried off, put on my PJs and went downstairs to the living room where my folks and my 3 brothers were watching TV. Did you ever have to pretend you were having a good time watching TV while your teen age dick feels like somebody just rammed a match stick up your pee hole???

    Anyway, I lived to tell about it. The pain went away and I only remembered the good stuff. Jackin’ off in the tub became a routine, but I ALWAYS made sure there was no soap anywhere near my dick.

    This post is just one hottie after another. I’m a nice guy, I’m gonna share a little bit, so I’m only gonna pick one of them.

    I’ll take #1, #8, #10, #15, #18, #23, #27, #32, #33, #39, #41, and #45.

    So there. I picked only 1 of them. Per Row. Couldn’t help myself.

    • Denny

      Callum!! When I made my comments above, your update was not there. Let me just say I am VERY happy to hear of the good news about Chance. It must be a huge relief each time you hear from his doctors that everything is progressing so very well!! Roberta is a real godsend in assembling a program for Chance and all of you, to support your son in what may be an arduous and perhaps frustrating endeavor. I can’t help thinking what a great support Dub will be for Chance should the learning curve be steeper than expected. I swear, if you were to put Chance and Dub in a room for a week, Chance would emerge reciting the Preamble to the Constitution!! Best of luck to all of you and please keep us updated!!

      With your husband on the job, I know Ty and Damien’s cabin is going to be a palace!! I’ve been wondering how things have been coming along there.

      And with Alex doing the Christmas decorating at your cabin, the kids are going to be blown away. Come to think of it – so will the adults!!

      Thanks for the update, Cal. You are the BEST!!!

  • bw

    Maybe I am the exception, but I was never a shower jacker – I did, of course, soap it up and get things going, but I always like to see, smell and occasionally taste my cum instead of having it disappear down the drain. But I would join any of these lads in the shower and help them out.
    I am very interested in the process of adjusting to cochlear implants – thanks for sharing this information and I Hope you won’t mind letting us know how it’s going. I think Chance will do remarkably well – he has the advantages of youth, brains and an awesome support system to get him through the adjustment period.
    Meanwhile, I need to get my ass in gear and spend a ton of $ on Amazon – Christmas is approaching at an alarming rate.

  • Stuardo

    I think someone pasted the face of Adam Rodriguez (CSI: Miami) onto the body of number 2. Unless that really is him?

    • bw

      I think you are right – don’t stare at it, just quickly look, and you will see the skin tones are off a bit and the head just isn’t quite right. It’s a pretty good job of photo shopping though.

  • FredinMotul

    Excellent Update on Chance, Callum. Thanks for it. That is a crack team you guys have up there, and I am imagining that before 2020 gets to far gone, Chance will be hearing and learning new things he never thought possible. All thanks to you guys. You all should be very proud. Thanks for keeping us in the know! Excellent post. Showers were always fun, and still are. Lovely young men to keep us all warm and clean.

  • ray

    Cal, thanks for the update!

  • Bill S

    Thanks for the update on the implants. I think Chance will catch on to the sound-sign-word relationship really fast, Dub will be sure of that! And Alex and the gang will all be speaking Spanish too… WOW.

    I’ve got a massaging showerhead attachment. I call “him, George!” (-;


  • Denny

    Thinking of you Jingle Babydoll, and your boy Fritz, waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

    Hugs, 😙

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