Dude. Who IS that masked man?

Here’s an interesting thing about our kids. They wear their masks to school every day – not because anyone told them they had to – but because they know there’s a pandemic going on. Dub said “If one of us got it somehow, we wouldn’t want to spread it.”
So, the kids and I take our temps at school every morning and wear our masks all day.
I wish everyone was as smart as our kids.

Note to Denny. David, Dub and I watched the first Ken Jennings Jeopardy last night and we thought he “knocked it out of the park.” A superb job. Nicely done!
Do you know of a place to write – maybe the Jeopardy producers or network bigs – so we can tell them how impressed we are with Ken – and how totally opposed we are to Katie Couric?

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  • Denny

    Hey David Dub & Ben – As you can tell from my comment in the previous post, we -ALL 4 of US – are in total agreement on Ken Jennings.

    My only info contact is Andy Saunders at his web site: thejeopardy!fan.com

    He insists he has no contacts with J! bigwigs & I don’t know where he gets his inside info. You can comment on his site – “maybe” Jeopardy staff reads them – or not.

    Sorry I can’t be more helpful. 😕


    • Bill S

      Wait! Dub said it would be a woman. I think Katie Couric might be good, if she is given a chance. No one can replace Alex. We may have “guest hosts” for quite a while.

      This way Dub is right and Ken Jennings is right! (-:

      Ben, I wish everyone was as smart as your kids too!!! What a wonderful world this would be!!!


  • Alexander

    Ben David and Dub,

    Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune are filmed at the Sony Pictures studio in Culver City.
    The executive producer for both was Harry Friedman. He retired in November 2020.

    Sony Pictures Studios
    10202 West Washington Boulevard
    Culver City, CA 90232

    Words cannot express disgust I feel that Katie Couric will be a temporary host.
    Give em a buzz. I’m sure they will tell you where to write.


    • Denny

      Hey Alexander – I know Ben, David and Dub will be happy with this added information.

      I just wanted to further add – the new executive producer of Jeopardy is Mike Richards.


    • Larry

      another choice is to e-mail the show directly.If you go to Jeopardy.com amd scrolll down to the very bottom you will find an index. The last item is “Contact us:. C;ick on that and a form comes up. You have to pick a subject matter and one of he choices is “feedback”. Tht should get read.

      I agree Ken Jennings is doing a great job, showing some personalty and as far as I am concerned should get the job. He will only get better as tie goes along

  • Jingle

    I knew it was only a matter of time before you’d address this issue!! 🙂

    Pic #26 is a hoot!! 😄 Our English friend seems a bit confused about where his mask should be worn!! ☺ haha

  • Roberto


    Or hung skinny cutie #1/48 – freaking perfect start and finish! H2T views with his alluring hairy parts nicely on display.

    I was also very quick to spot cute, thick-dicked #18 and buttlicious #44, who turns out to be yet another hung skinny fella here.

    For the sake of brevity, I won’t go on, but I can add that the more I look around the more ‘entertained’ I find myself. What a bunch of bloody sexy and deliciously naughty amateurs!

    Another fantastic collection of men in masks, Ben, thanks!

  • Denny

    Just read that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is scheduled to be a Jeopardy guest host. You can probably Google it.

    I wouldn’t be too upset about Katie Couric. These guest hosts will be going on the rest of this season. Whomever is selected as permanent host won’t begin until Sep 27th 2021 when the next season begins.

    • Bill S

      I just heard on the local news that the news about Aaron was “leaked” by Aaron himself… on a radio show he accidentally mentioned it and later said, “I probably shouldn’t have said THAT.” Woops! LOL


  • FredinMotul

    Awesome post men! Thanks. I would defiantly use that Telephone Number to Sony. I have in the past and found them very helpful. Thanks again for this clever post and very glad to hear how safety conscious you all are being. Wearing a mask for the safety of others and yourselves should never have been made political. Science is clear. Masks save lives. Thank you for promoting their use in this cleverly done way.

  • Bobby b

    2020 Masked🥳Murthafuckerz

  • Tim from MO

    Cool Post with a current topic! Great selection of Unrulydude’s!
    Dub is mature beyond his years. Such a level-headed young man.

    I’m off work for 6-12 weeks recuperating from Shoulder Surgery on Monday 1-11; had a torn Labrum in my left shoulder. Shoulder has bothered me for a number of years but really escalated to a point of constant pain this past fall. So this should get me back to a pain free place once it’s all healed up from the surgery.

    I jokingly told my brother prior to surgery that I wasn’t too happy about having my left arm in a sling for 6 weeks post surgery, because I masturbate with my left hand. He told me switching to my right hand would feel like someone else would be doing it for me….LOL.

    • Roberto

      Wishing you a swift recovery, Tim, and I’m sure your right hand won’t let you down. 🙂 Besides that, they say doing things with your non-dominant hand boosts your brain power, so those training sessions will be like super pleasant and healthy. 😉

      Hugs and all the best,

    • Alexander


      Have a great and extraordinary recovery.
      Physical therapy will be painful, but give it your best.
      You may recover an 18-year old left arm!


    • Denny

      H-e-y Tim!!! It is so good to hear from you! I’ve been thinking of you lately, hoping you were well and I’m happy to know you are on your way back to 100% well.
      Your bro is right man – switching hands to choke the chicken IS like having someone else yank you. Of course you can always stick it between the mattress and the box spring. 😉

      Be Well, my friend. XOXOXO

    • Tim. Sorry about the shoulder. Pretty much sucks. I had an (almost) similar experience when they put in my defibrillator. Couldn’t drive.. couldn’t raise my arm… couldn’t even dress myself because I might have pulled out one of the leads to my heart.. The difference is that my limitations only lasted for about 4 weeks – not 6-12. Thinking about you and trying to envision you beating off with your right hand. Probably feel really different but the result could still be really good. Wish we were there to help! xoxo David

      • Tim from MO

        Thank you David!
        Being right handed, I naturally started in my early teens masturbating with my right hand. It wasn’t until in my early 30’s that I noticed my erect cock had changed from being straight, to a right curve. I figured it had something to do with using my right hand, so I switched to using my left hand to see if it would straighten it back out. Took some getting use to, but after nearly a year sure enough, it was back straight as an arrow. I just stayed with my left hand since then. Interesting enough, my cock hasn’t developed a left curve with the constant use of my left hand like it did with my right hand. Maybe in my youthful vigor I had a firmer grip with my right hand? Lol
        So, switching back to my right hand for a while won’t be completely different…more like getting re-acquainted with an old friend…

    • bw

      When I broke my right hand years ago, I had a fiberglass cast up to my elbow – and your brother is right – doing it with my left hand was totally backwards and felt like someone else doing it for me. But it worked out fine!

  • Larry

    Tim: get well soon. Not having a hand to use for many things is a pain in the behind.

    As for this fabulous post, it took me two days to go through it. i was about to comment when I realized it was time to fo watch jeopardy.

    # 1 stopped me in my tracks with his smooth chest, hairy legs and big uncut cock. Then I discovered lots of well hung, smooth chested guys delighted to show it off.

    My question is about # 15. He is sitting on a plane with his pants off and his hard cock up in the air. It isn’t a selfie as both hands are visible, so who took the picture? A friendly flight attendant? Are they sitting on the ground? What is that in the window?

    My fave is ginger # 38. I love red heads and he is so well hung.

    • Roberto

      Larry, it’s awesome to hear from you in the new year. 🙂

      #1 is also one of my favorites, and you can enjoy more of him in #48.

      As for #15, I assume a friend is helping him in this unruly moment (are they in a private jet?). And yes, it looks like the plane is sitting on the ground.

      I picked a ginger in the first mask post (from September 27, 2020), but I guess you wouldn’t fancy his ink. 😉


    • Tim from MO

      Thank you Larry! XO

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