Dude yoga?

The dude in the first pic is demonstrating the Dwi Pada Viparita (backbend) yoga pose. The rest of the boys are apparently attempting the same thing. Either that, or they’re just horny little fuckers showin’ off 🙂

4 comments to Dude yoga?

  • Bill S

    They are definitely showing off….

    I LIKE BOYS who show off – ya know! (-:

    #13 looks IMPOSSIBLE. I mean YIKES!!! –but not fake or Photoshop, just

    Hey Buff, SHOW ME SHOW OFF BOYS! Anytime

    and I will LIKE IT!

    Thanx! XOXO

  • Jingle

    Oh my… The thought occurs to me that if a dude can bend over backwards that far, he should be able to bend forward and suck himself!! Now that, I’d like to see!! haha

    Bill, I certainly share your reaction to #13!!

    I’d happily suck either of the dudes in #4!!

    Like #28 & #42!!

    Hey Buff, how are you feeling?? Love ya, bud!!

  • Peter

    I have to agree on 13, but he’s very fuckable. This post is a disturbing as it it arousing, good job!
    Peter in Indy

  • unrulyadmin

    You know what? This just might be one of my fav posts ever. Just sayin’.

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