Dude. You can leave your cap on!

Callum texted me a couple of days ago saying Denny had commented that he thought it was time for him or Alex to tag onto a post “with an update on the doings of Mizz Izzie!” I asked him what “doings” he’d be including and he said he wanted to mention Izzie’s new “caps wall” among other things. I told him I had a “caps” post mostly ready-to go and I’d post it today. We all keep really busy, so David and I are anxious to hear Cal’s report on the “doings” over at their place.

Hey, it’s Callum. I’ve been thinking about this since Denny asked for an update on Izzie. Ummm. What to say about Izzie? Well, she’s a joy… and if I could use just one word to describe her, it’d be “excited.” She’s excited about her new life, her room, her friends, her “brothers” (Dub and Travon), her clothes, going to day care, learning to read, learning Spanish and skyping with her grandparents. She’s a bundle of energy and keeps Alex and me hopping, trying to keep up with her. She loves wearing ball caps and has been bugging us for a “caps wall” in her room (like Dub’s). Last week, we gave in and Alex, Ben and Dub turned one wall of her room into a “caps wall.” Her grandparents have been sending her a couple of caps every week and her collection is growing rapidly. Alex does her hair in a pigtail so it works with her caps.
While my parents were here, my Mum kept insisting that we should have Izzie evaluated by a child psychologist. Her point was “if she’s going to have issues about her mother and her death, she needs to talk through them now – not when she’s a teenager or adult.” So, Alex and I (somewhat reluctantly) agreed to arrange it. Long story short, she had three sessions with a psychologist and the conclusion was that Izzie is a “normal, well-adjusted, happy little girl.” She said they talked about her mother and Izzie told her “She’s in Heaven, and it’s o.k. because she’s with Dub’s daddy and he has the biggest smile of anyone there.” Since we’ve never told her that, we can only assume she and Dub may have talked about it? Anyway, that’s done… we’re pleased, Izzie is “normal” and my Mum is happy. Ta da. Everyone’s a winner.
Izzie has brought Alex and me a happiness we could never have imagined. We love having her her with us… and we love it when she spends the night over at Kylie’s house so her dads can run around naked, scream, yell and suck ‘n fuck all over the house 🙂

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  • Jingle

    I don’t think there are enough superlatives in the Dictionary to sufficiently describe how truly wonderful this off-the-charts amazing post is!!!!!

    From one jaw-dropping image to the next, you’ve collected some of the best images ever to grace URD!!!!!

    Bound by the common element, this OUTSTANDING post certainly gives a whole new meaning to the expression, “Cap and Trade”!!!!! 🙂

    And for me, you saved the best of the best for last!! Fuzzy furry hunky humpy #48 is everything I could ask for!! Ruggedly handsome, nice body, pierced nipples, some bling, some ink, and a beautiful strong just the right size cock and lovely balls!! Add to that he clearly has a wicked sense of humour and sexual adventure!! Can you really ask for more than that?!?!

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  • FredinMotul

    YIKES MEN! Great post. Thanks !

  • ray

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  • bw

    Today is my Saturday in the office, so this post deserves proper time – but I will say this – you know you are gay when you think a hairy butt and furry crack is about the best thing ever – see NOs. 14 and 47 for proof.

    • Jingle

      My dear friend/brother/lover… I always thought the sure sign you’re gay is if you know all the words to “Send In The Clowns!! 😄 haha

      Oh, and babe, #14 and #47 are the same dude!! Check out the meaty choad just begging to be nibbled on; and the high on the wall, sideways sliding window!! 😉

  • Denny

    #15 has a kindness about him – with a propensity to get wild & dirty under the sheets. Bring it Baby!
    Also loving #37 & #45. Hot datum!

    All you daddies in the Northland Dozen – I don’t know how you EVER have time to post Anything-but I love it when you do! Thank you!
    Beto! So happy to hear from you! Big hugs to you! XOXO

  • Roberto

    Special thanks to Ben for yet another bloody outrageously indecently insanely fucklicious pic of my eternal favorite!! Of course you know I’m talking about that oneiric form in flesh, bone and fur in #33 named Anthoni Hardie! I’ve been praising the guy for almost three years and don’t feel like stopping, so let me know when you get tired of it. 😛

    Hey, Denny, we definitely agree on #15: he can get as close as he wants! And I’m also crazy about #45! He, #12 and #23 are hung skinny bearded cuties! Now it’s time for #25 to get naked…

    #2 is not naked H2T as Brad loves them, but he’s sure beautiful from H2T! Sculptural design on his tool, but tight guys may have a hard time taking it.

    #3 needs some help to get completely relaxed on his couch.

    Love every uncovered part of #5 and #32!

    Bring #16 back as many times as you want! Can be my pick any day!! And #26 must have been my Unrulyboi as well! Dream dudes!

    WOOF, kewl furry Beauty #22!! Too sexy for his shorts!

    #27 seems ready to justify his intense look!

    Have you noticed that many guys do like #29, i.e., show off their pits while taking a selfie? I think I’ll call it ‘pit selfie’ — and obviously I love it!

    Jingle, I was betting on a number of TJMs for you — #6, #10, #13, #19, #30 —, but oh hell I find #48 stunning, so I couldn’t agree more with your choice!

    It’s a real waste if no one is around in #38…

    #44’s pose is just sheer joy for my eyes — and cock!

    Fantastic post!! And Denny, Jingle, Ray, thanks a lot for your kind words!! 🙂
    Big hugs to y’all,

  • Denny

    Callum! Hey, Man! Thanks for taking the time!!

    Whenever I click onto URD, thoughts of you, Alex and little Izzie are not far from my mind. ALL of the “Northland Twelve” are not far from my mind!! Your group of gay dads and your lucky young kids, to me, is an almost unheard of – and very happy – phenomenon! I’m sure none of you daddies ever thought in a million years that you would have the kind of happiness that little ones bring to your lives.

    Izzie sounds like such a sweetheart! And she has TWO “brothers”! And friends at day care and such a busy busy life!! With lots and lots of baseball caps!

    The sessions with a psychologist served a couple of good purposes: first, putting to rest any fears your Mum may have had AND – finding out what a good influence Dub is for Izzie, by giving her all the reason she needed to think happy thoughts of her own mother. Just like Dub was too young to remember much about Donnie, and just remembers him with the biggest smile there could be, Izzie probably doesn’t remember much more either and can remember the same thing about her Mum.

    Oh, and I’m glad to hear Izzie sometimes has sleepovers with Kylie so you and Alex can run naked through the streets – lolol Maybe even empty out the sock drawer and the underwear drawer and have another one of your free-for-alls like when you first moved in to your new place!

    It’s really good to hear from you, Callum. All the best, always, to you and Alex!

  • Jingle

    Some GREAT new videos over on the Tumblr side!!

    I sure hope “Distracted Driver” pulled over, and properly calmed his hot-to-trot bitch down!! 😜

  • B Danberg

    Enjoy your posts always!! Always wondered if any of the posts have ever been of any of yourselves?

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, babe. Glad you enjoy our posts. Except for a few anonymous pics of Ben’s hairy legs, pits and feet, we don’t post pics of ourselves – or any of our “family” here in the Northland. Can’t. Too risky with Ben teaching and Keon and Rick doing foster parenting and so forth. In a perfect world, we would. But it ain’t – and we can’t 🙂

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